Friday, 28 February 2014

Thrift Discovery

Where having some fun thrifting round hull, Enjoying a full round trip of all my local haunts the other day the best thing been the first time in ages I have gone out for pleasure rather then business since having a steady job, Video game hunting has turned back into a hobby and any items I find for resale comes as a bonus not a necessity, lets check out what was on offer.

Knights Contract on PS3, One thing of note on the Thrift this time out is I picked up more PS3 games then any other format, £3.50 for Knight contract, There is still 50p cash left in it at CEX and Ebay you could get the retail of about £8 this one looks set to rise in price.
Trinity Souls of zill o'll for £3.50 same story with this one CEX sell it for £8 never have it in stock, I mentioned this game in my list of PS3 games that will go up in value so I will stash this for a while and see what happens on ebay.
Fable Lost Chapters For £2 sealed up, Of course the anniversary edition on 360 mite dint the Resale on this item but at £2 sealed up brand new who can argue, Bargin. 


X blaze, My mate and I used to joke when we where doing a deal with each other we would always say I will throw in X blaze to sweetness the trade, I found the PS3 version brand new sealed up with the Strategy Guide for £3.50.

Came with this sweet X blaze poster, Shame the game is'nt better its an average Hack and slash affair with the Camera permanently fix on the main protagonists butt cleavage.

Sometimes I will pick up a cheap VHS tape for something Easy to slam on, Same can be said for UMD movies, This was a good call because my house was getting some Wiring redone and the power was off for an hour so a charged up PSP with Friday to watch helped me out.
Simon the Sorcerer double pack had the bonus of the other two spin off games on the disc so 4 games in total and always sells on ebay so its a good shout for some easy feedback and goes for decent money if your paying less then £2 for it. 
Simpson's Game all the money in this game Ran out a few years back I paid a £1 for it because it was a request I had, I will always look out for things people ask me for because 9 times out of 10 in the same week it will turn up.
£1 for Operation Flashpoint Dragon Rising, This sells in most retail for £3-£4 so there is little Resale, But passing a 360 game up for £1 that isn't fifa, Worth a £1 to try it out.
Everybody's golf World tour for £1.50 slowly PS3 turning up more often at cheaper prices This is still £4 cash £6 Trade in Cex so £1.50 is Greart, And its a nice change of Pass with a cartoony golf game I have been playing this one and it ain't half bad.

This was in a local Charity shop, Its all them gamecube games that got Price up at £12.50, This happens from time to time, One Volunteer gets carried away with the pricing, Then another Volunteer takes the price it has on it at face value and then locks it away like Charity shop Treasure, Non of these games are going any where in a hurry.

Get in Final Fantasy X! I have been looking near and far... Yeah there are just about getting thin on the Ground now the old FFX its like a over fished Game the thing is if you leave it long enough they do seem to reproduce and bring the numbers back in lol.
Few Games in Empty PS1 cases Crusader no remorse and Marvel Ultimate Alliacne, Discs on there own are hit and miss some discs can go well over £10 these with have a Few quid in them and coming with a few spare PS1 Cases sweetness the deal I can always do with Spares. 
Specking of Games that still have Resale on Just the disc alone, Breath of fire III in dove house for £1, With box and back cover, Even missing the front cover and book Its a Great Find this game has only every turned up once in the wild for me few years before I started Thrift Bytes, £1 is a great price for what it is and easy for me to Keep the disc Just to play the thing Its just to rarer site now days to let this one go on ebay.
Something else I notice always happens in charity shops, Big box PC games always end up in and amongst the Jigsaw puzzles and boards games due to the shop not having space or them not knowing what they are.
I paid the Cash price for Metal Gear Solid The Twin Snakes, Bit of a pisser Because I had some Stuff I could of Traded in at home but I wasn't going to chance this getting bought before I could get back to CEX, I have wanted this game for years top end on ebay £45-£50 so its Still a good deal and the stuff I had to Trade can go on something else out of the GameCube stuff in CEX there had loads of great games on Cube in there Twin snakes was top billing Metal gear solid with improved Graphics this should of been included in the Legacy HD collection not Just the chuffing PSN code for the PS1 original.


Sunday, 16 February 2014

Gleaming the Cube

Thinking this maybe the last time I have all week to go thrifting regularly as I would like I was hoping it would go out with a bang, I mean I can still hunt for video games but not on the scale I have been since I left my last job and starting this new one so here it is the last big Thrift lets take a look.

First up is £10 for this gamecube with two pads and memory card, I have paid less for a cube in the passed, Cash convertors/Genatator type places charing £25 going rate its a fair price for Carboot.

After Cleaning it up, It came on and everything works, It gives that shelf at the bottom some nice continuity having it next to the NES SNES and N64, also giving me a chance to rock them donkey konga bongos.
The Game is pretty fun to play and it has real music the first song was supergrass, Its not the greatest outing for donkey kong I will have to track down Jungle beat that's a full platformer that uses the bongos to control him mite give this accessories a bit more longevity.

Same day at market I found this IBM pc game for £1, AD & D Eye of the beholder 2 complete I couldn't find one on ebay so no Idea on the resale of this item but it does look the part with the awesome box art.
Couple of Games I found on ebay for under £5 The Ottifants and Eternal champions Going to rock Eternal Champs with that six button arcade stick I have, Every time I pick up a game I know has a better version on Mega CD it make me want to give in and pay the £50 ebay price for the Mega CD.

 Had some CEX Credit to burn so I picked up some Game Cube games to play on the New system I picked up, Mario kart Double dash, I would play this one over the wii version it seems miles less random who comes in first place.
After looking this up the other week when I saw it for £12.50 in a charity shop I decided £5 is a right deal and picked it up Soul Calibur 2 with link as the bonus characters the best out of heihachi and Spawn.
£3.99 in cash converters rounds up all the game cube stuff I could get my hands on Rebl strike, It has rouge squadron 2 co op full game on the disc so it is worth having and one of the better starwars games for console.

I picked up Zero for wii last time so when I saw CEX had Resident Evil in I used the rest of the Credit I had for Trading in Tomb Raider Xbone, This has got to be up there has one of the best its a close call bewteen this and Resi DC/DS.

So if your rocking these gamecube ports on Wii Your not going to want to play them with the Wii remote so I pick up a classic controller, The black one had the grips but both do the job.

 The Back of my TV is getting a bit crowed, So to play my Wii games I have hooked the Wii U to the HDMI in of the Xbox one, The USA use this for TV functionality, That isn't really supported over here but hey having the option to snap between xbone and Wii u is great, Take a good look that's the nearest the Xbox one will get to having backwards compatibility.

IBM pc Rebel assault for £1 in Dove house, No matter what the resale on something like this is I will always pick up old big boxes there only going to get rarer and they look so damn cool, hopfully I will come across and old IBM pc out in the wild, Play them on the Real Deal without dosbox.

Metal Gear Solid 3 subsistence in cash convertors for £1, The price on this game is up and down since the HD realease but £1 is a total deal what ever the resale is, £1!
£10 at carboot got me a N64 controller a Rumble pack Supermario 64, Gaunlet legend, Turok Rage Wars and F-Zero X, Sweet to find these I had Just order some AV cables for the N64 and Wanted some more games for it.

Finally Found a GBA sp Charger, I bundle the last one I had with a DS I sold on Ebay not Relizing that was my only GBA plug, Give the GBA SP credit tho that was half a year ago and it still have a charge now and I have used it to test loads of game on it,

50p for This Tomy Turbo Car game, I had one of these when I was a kid and 50p is a seal these sell on ebay for around the £30 mark in good con. 

I was Joking last time about owning all the Different Versions of Street Racer, It turns out I own the SNES version already in the box and just forgot about it so £5 ebay job got me the mega drive one, Only the Amiga version to go!

Mega Massive box of Misc retro Stuff! Yeah at market again and Found a box full of awesomeness the guy wanted £20, I pulled out £16 and change and the deal was done, So what was in the box? A crap ton of C64 games A few Spectrum games a C64 tape deck and power cord a cheater joy stick and gun for C64 a C64 user manual and a Atari 2600 jr black with a 7800 joystick and centipede and pac-man on 2600 and some random wires.

Well that's my Sunday Afternoon taken Care of a big box of C64 games to go through, The Atari jr black (ireland) is one of the last ones they made in 92 in Ireland Its not common round these parts with the cables about £40 worth of console, Missing the power cable so It can wait for now, Lets dig into some of these C64 games.

No Real Trouble with tuning in the C64, The only system that gets a half decent picture tuned straight into a modern LCD tv, There was loads of game in the box hears Just a few I tried starting with International karate total classic.

Lots of Sega Ports in the box So I check them out, Afterburner not been the best I couldn't Really make out what was going on it seemed half playable if you spent the time to get used to the controllers.
So many games to tried out some of them not loading or glitchy but even back in the day games on tape where temperamental, Mostly ones with more then one game on the Tape like the one in the picture to the left looks like i will never know what little puff and wizard willy was like?

Escape from Singe's Castle, Part 2 of Dragons Lair on C64? nothing like the laser disc game lots of consoles and computers at the time had not quite dragons lair, dragons lair games for them.

Then There was the port of Golden Axe That apart from having a slow pace hardly any scrolling and only one button has the feel of the gameplay spot on and the music sounds epic coming out of the Cid Chip on the C64 impressed they got this much out of the C64.

As i finish Writing this I am still loading some C64 games up I will covers any of interest and hope to get a plug for the atari, But what a awesome run of finds great few weeks thrifting and hopefully many more to come.  

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Thrift Processing!

A variable mix of Retro awesomeness Awaits us this time round lets Dive in and take a look at what was on offer.

Super Mario Sunshine and Soul Calibur 2 On gamecube, Both in a red cross Charity shop, £10 for Mario, Anything with Mario on is going to be over price £10 is quite Fair, Then On Soul Caliber 2 they had £12.50? CEX sells this for £5,  Passed on Both.

 I did Pick up a Copy of Sims 2 (DVD Rom) for £1, This is always good to pick up for a £1, Cex give £3 cash £4 trade, I was heading that way later on so I Traded this in on the same Day I picked it up.

Something kinda of shitty about Donating things that don't work, Skyrim for 99p Its steam registered so Its useless to anyone after one person has used the disc, At the very least Free map but that's about all the disc is a Drinks Coaster.

Winning Big with this Grandstand BMX Flyer LCD Electronic Game From 1983, Boxed up For £3 at Market/Carboot, I knew for sure it was worth more then £3 quid and even it it didn't work it was still cool to put it in the games room on Display so £3 I will take it home.
Turns out it does work and I checked on Ebay and the only one on there in the box in the same con as this one I watched tell it ended and it finished at £70 holy shit balls!

Couple of Dos games 2 for £1 in scope, Dominus and Ad & d worth about £3 on a good day and Dark sun Wake of the Ravager that's about a £8 game on a good day so £1 for both is a great deal.

Feeling a bit nostalgia when I saw Fade to Black for £1 so I picked it up, Little did I know I already own a copy of this game, I would like to see a black label copy of this tho I only ever seem to see the Platinum version, That happens a lot, Picking up the same game have lots of ps1 its hard to keep track of them.

49p each for Overboard! Sheep Dog n wolf and Street Racer, I was only talking about Street Racer last time and all the Different Version, So Now I have it on Saturn and PS1, Snes Megadrive next week then.
Finally Got to CEX with some tat to trade in with and that copy of sims 2 in the mix and Pick up these, Street fighter alpha anthology and BOF dragon quarter, Not a bad couple of games.

Last Bronx Finally Turned up, Good Job I nearly put Tunnel B1 in the Saturn but then I started coughing blood and stopped my self, It had a sweet inlay for some upcoming Saturn games in it awesome stuff!

I have had about £6 on a Reward card for GAME for ages and never found Anything worth getting even with the money off still over priced, Then I was taking a short cut through there the other day and saw this, Disgaea 3 Absence of Justice, Thats going in the RPG Stash!

Some store Credit got me Resi 0 that I will be playing on wii U that does make wii games look nicer going through the HDMI.
Then a whole bunch of Tat for £3.38, G police 2, Colin Mcrae, Outrun,midways arcade treasures 3, Gantlet,187 ride of die,metal slug 4, beyond good and evil, disney exsteme skate,Urbz, and GT 4. all 39p and 19p mite aswell.

So a Rare thing happened to me the other day, I finally Found a normal proper job with a Respectable company, This Giving me Financial stability for the foreseeable future, So I added a PS4 to collection and Now I have all 3 consoles at the start of the current gen so as it stand at the moment whats the Deal?

I am inclined to go with the one I am having the most fun with, Hands down the Wii U is the winner and all because of Super Mario 3D worlds, Made even better with some local co-op yeah people still play games in the same room as each other and nintendo are the only company that seemed to get that, So while every one else is playing Tomb raider 2013 again, If your a wii u owner evil laugh now.

2nd place is the Xbox one just for having Dead rising 3 and Killer instinct two games that piss me off just as much as I enjoy playing them, Killer instinct drip feeding you the game, We have only just got spinal and there is still no arcade mode yet WTF? and Dead rising has its moments but there is a level of frustration in there two, The 4od app gives you Achievements because people would Rather watch benifit street then play Ryse?

So why is the one with the best Hardware last up in my opinon? Because of Killzone Shadow fall, The most boarding annoying peace of shit first person shooter I have ever played, If this was a PS2 game you would of turned it off after ten minutes what a load of crap, Ok there's Resogun I haven't played yet and Outlast a really good port of the P.C game But Killzone is such a piss poor effort I can't See past it.

Of Course it is not going to stay like this as more games come out, Xbox one users are getting shafted by Microsoft with Elder scrolls online you still needed gold but on PS4 you don't need P.S plus, And Playstation users getting stuff for Free but Nintendo and Microsoft don't give free stuff away? Why? Well Microsoft did start giving away games that where £2.50 in CEX for 360 Like we where all suppose to be amazed, And looking at the Up and coming Release Dates for Games, A Choice between Infamous: Second Son and TitianFall Compared to The Games that 360 and PS3 are getting  South Park: The Stick of Truth South, Tales of Symphonia HD Collection, Fable Anniversary etc,  You mite as well stick it out with the last Gen for a while.

Anyways that enough with all that new Stuff, I am in the mood for some blast processing.

Found at market this Mark 1 Sega Mega drive for £5, I would of low balled them about £2 or £3 but the people where with a charity so its a fair cop.

Came with Fifa 97 but missing the power cable, This was the perfect time to Rotate the collection lots of people do this spend some time with one console and making sure its all working and the best it came be, Then move on to the next one, Sorted the Saturn out last week so getting a mega drive up and running sounds like a plan, So we need a 9v DC adaptor to power the megadrive, Normally a maplin or ebay job, But I have 3 boxes of spare parts and Retro crap and it was a safe bet they would be a plug in there so I rooted them out and found one.

 So once again we do the Dance of the RF, Trying to get it to Tune in to the TV, I have loads of Sega RFs the MK - 3088 the most common, How well they work varies on how old and worn they are and what TV your trying it with.
Then there is the MK 3092 mostly seen with master systems both will work fine on an old TV but a modern LCD you have slim to no chance, The RF that comes with the mark 2 Megadrive only works with that model and I don't have one of them so these two will have to do.

 No joy at all with the MK-3092, And 1 out of 3 of the MK-3088 Just about working both through the TV and an Old VCR, Strange that the Video Recorder did not pick up a better picture, Damn, I think in this modern era RF is just a pain in the ass unless you have a PC adaptor for them So AV cables all the way to ebay!

£2.35 on ebay and came the next day get in, These work with all Mega drive and Master system so its a total deal, Why it has to be a different connection I don't know The NES and the Amiga just have the yellow and white pins on both sides, Let hook this bad boy up.

That's More like it, So glad to have a mark 1 Megadrive pimped out, The sound is better on this model as well as ascetically just looking boss, Now its all up and running I was browsing Ebay for some More Games only having about 15 games for the system.

Not Really finding anything most games not sports cart only all kicking round the £5 mark and anything half decent going up from there, Then I was out today and found this in Cash convertors.

£59.99 For all these games, At First glad I was thinking who they kidding, but when I saw what was there and did the maths that works out at £2.14 each, And considering what titles where there its a Great Deal and lots of Resale to get a Rebate on the £60 price tag.

On Ebay Batman in the box about £20, Xenon 2 in the box about £10, Toe jam and Earl about £20, Street Fighter 2 Champions Edition about £10, So the Cost has already been covered by these 4 games making the rest of them essentially Free!

James pond 1, World of Illusion Ariel little mermaid, Zero Wing, Mega games 6, Corporation, Mirco Machines 2 Turbo, Ecco 2, Ecco, Menacer 6 games, Jurassic park X2, Sonic 1 X2, Soinc spinball, Olympic gold, Alex Kidd The Enchanted castle, Aladdin, Zoop, RBI baseball 4, Lotus Turbo Challenge, Robocod, and Sonic and knuckles.

That's a Lot of mega drive action to be getting on with before I even think of Reselling some of these I am going to kick back and play me some MD Sweeet!!! tell next time Thrift on!