Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Rolling Start!

Taking in to account what I heard on the grapevine (youtube) That this time of years is suppose to be very fruitful for Pick ups, I can never make my mind up weather this is true or not in Hull, yes there is lots of stuff out there by the end of January its not all what you would call top billing for pick ups.

So Many PC games, In Scope, This is what I was talking about lots of stuff here but nothing really high in resale, But on a deal 2 for £1 so I mite as well pick some up for that price so I had a Look and got a few that looked good.

Dimensity and Space Seige are worth £3-£4 quid, The rest are 75p jobs in CEX, But 3 quid for 6 games I fancy playing again its all good, It a Hard choice with PC games, At the Very least this one made a little easier because all the games out where pre Steam accounts and all that jazz, So I can could on them all working.

Back in the charity shop I saw all the PS1 games in lots still left on the shelf for 50p each so I picked a few more out for ebay fodder, These will sell for £1.50 to £3 each so its a good shout for 50p to get that feedback up.

Bards tale for £1, Been playing this on Android so picked it up again, And mini Ninjas on PC witch surprisingly Doesnt have any cash or trade in it at CEX, The ps3 and 360 have £5 and £3, But they only sell the PC game for 75p Damn.

 Finally a true bargain, Divinity 2 Dragon Quest Saga, Two games in one on this disc, Been after this for a while, Cex have it for £10, Cash convertors was selling it For £6 so I picked it up hope this will fill the RPG game up tell Xbox one sorts its act out and gets some games out for it.
Yet more PC games
Two Worlds and Mega drive clasic collection Volume 1, 2 for £1 again, I wanted Two worlds and the mega drive game was just because it was 2 for 1, Its just 5 roms on a disc for all its worth. comix zone and golden axe tho you could do worst.
Yet more PC game Action This time I snap up Torchlight, I already have this game installed on my laptop Its a Diablo clone a really sweet one, Really think this game is awesome so to own it in the box For £1.25 its a deal.

Finally Had something to pool all my CEX Credit together for.

As far as all this nintendo Messing up with the WII-U goes I kinda don't care What way it goes, On the one side The Wii-u is a great machine and its not like nintendo don't make enough money on 3ds to just totally abandon the Wii-U, On the other side its goes the same way as the Dreamcast making any top title out for Wii-U more sort after like New super Luigi U, And with Most of Nintendo regular line up already putting in a shift on Wii-u there is already Zelda,Mario,pikmin,Donkey kong, Its like they have ticked the box on Games people always want on any other nintendo console, Did anyone ever buy a Nintendo after the N64 era For the 3rd party games?

Its Not Like the GameCube Set the world on Fire going up against The Xbox and PS2 at the time not having GTA been one of the main pissers, But still a good machine to pick things up for snagging these Donkey konga bongos for £2.50 in CEX.

Another Nintendo Accessories  that comes in handy Is This Wii classic controller, Found at market £3, This is the newer model with the hand Grips, and pretty cool that it comes in black to match my Wii-u.

But as far as Awesome Accessories goes Sega wins the day with this next find

The Arcade Racer official analog Steeling wheel for the Sega Saturn, This did need cleaning up really bad, It was covered in dust and crap and was getting rained on at the time I found it at Market, This Cost £1, For that price It was worth buying to See if it worked I would of paid upto £5.

Luckily I am well equipped to tested This out, Surprisingly I do not owned a copy of Sega Rally on Saturn wtf? How do you own 2 Sega Saturn's and Not ended up with a copy of Sega rally, Anyways Outrun Virtua Racing and Daytona USA will do the Trick.

Get in this thing totally works what a total bargain, There is a lot of games that are unplayable without this Wheel, F1 challenge and Hang on Gp 95, So its a must for any saturn owner, Going to hit ebay and pick up some more cheap racing games for this.

So glad I found the saturn wheel, Thinking I mite of lost my mind picking up P.C games like they where AES carts, Sometimes when there loads of games in front of you the tendency to get carried away is always there. But that's OK your going to pick up so crap now and again that's what CEX is there for Thrifters Recycle bin.



Saturday, 18 January 2014

My name is Gav and I'm your Thrifting man. Yes, I am.

It always surprises how quickly your luck can turn around hunting for video games out in the wild, What seems like a quite day out and about can suddenly turn it to a monumental days Thrifting.

Started of the day before my big massive thrift, I picked up a few things locally, Bagging Desert Strike and Jungle Strike complete in the box in really good con for 50p each, These games are good shooters frustrating as all hell but still quality.
And for £1.50 in the same charity shop this PS1 multi-tap Still in the original box with all the raping still inside like it had never been used, Of course now days you can link as many controllers as you like to PS3 for playing PS1, but this looks so cool how could pass it up.

The Next Day it was way into a days hunting Think I wasn't going to find anything then I hit upon the mother lode of PS1 games, There was loads there I picked out the best of the bunch 50p each so I just give them £5 and let them keep the change, Here's the rundown

Croc 2
Digimon World
Spiderman 2
Crash Bash

Some To play, Some for nostalgia, But mostly the resale, Digimon world be top billing on that front. There was miles more I left in the shop for 50p each had to pass up on any PS1 that's not sports.

After That I win big again with Day of the Tentacle/Sam and max hit the road for IBM and Windows Great game High resale, And Fallout collections not so Rare but still a fantastic bunch of games Fallout fallout 2 and fallout Tactics.

Next up in Cash converters I find Dead Angle for sega master system, Nothing mind blowing but random master system games don't turn up every day so snap them up when you can.

Then topped that off with this sweet logitech m185 wireless mouse, Retails for about £12-15 pound, For £2.50, I have used this today its a really quality solid wheel mouse with one of them USB with the slim profile nice.

Sid Meier's Pirates Limited Edition DVD Collector's Box set In really good shape, The T-shirt Is still sealed up and the game and map look like new, For £2.50 what a great deal.

Two Sealed up copy's of Worms Blast, Its a Bust-a-move clone these also included worms pinball on Disc a miles better game then worms blast I am going to keep one for worms pinball and then eBay the sealed one.

£1.99 for Golden eye in Cash generator, I can't Argue with that I would buy this for £1.99 everyday of the week a classic game always worth revisiting just for the multi-player alone.

Taz wanted isn't worth anything just picked it up to play again and still £2 trade in battlefront 2, Both 49p each so not bad always in the market for some trade fodder.

Trade fodder that comes in handy for when Cex get games like this in magna carta 2 on 360 another RPG going up in value, That I will put to one side with the rest of the RPGs I have been hording.

The next gen is a bit sparse, One game both PS4 and Xbone owners can jump into is Assassins Creed IV, Story wise who cares but 20min in you can clear off and pirate about, Think overboard PS1 but Next gen graphics, that you can tell are a better the 360 and PS3.
Command and Conquer Red Alert for 50p, There really has been loads of PS1 kicking about I think people must be reaching right to the back of the cupboards for that after xmas clear out.

More Trade Fodder with Rachet and clank 3 49p, And R-Type Final the lowest priced of the R-type Games but still worth 49p to have ago.

Deus Ex complete for windows this was only 35p in cash convertors for both Deus ex games its pretty sweet 35p its awesome, Then I realized there was a whole box of PC games behind me that where Reduced to 35p.

So I picked the box dry taking anything ok to So-So on the Trade prices, So Why by 15 crap pc games For £5.25, 35p each? If the shop is selling them that cheap surely there is nothing in them for anyone Else.

Why spend more then you need too, All the Rareish Games are in CEX and any why you can bag then Cheap leaves you room for profile, Reselling on Ebay, That and why paid £15 quid for a game when you can spend £5.25 its Thrifty to the core.

Nothing mind blowing to spend this on there today I will wait it out and check the website to see if anything rare turns up, The stand out game of all of the stuff I found was Digimon World It sold for a record breaking £23.50, Tell next time Thrift on!



Monday, 6 January 2014

Adventures in the Tat Trade

First thrift of the new year and before going out I find myself checking out some of the stuff I found before xmas.

Like these two Amiga Posters in the box of amiga games I found at market, One of them a promotional leaflet and the other a epic full size Leatherneck poster boasting The 4 player mode of the game.

Giving Lure of the temptress a play the other day it's a really fantastic point and click for the amiga, So glad I have the mouse for the old A600. Before starting the game up it has some old school DRM copy protection.

It Gives you two pictures to match up with the same photos in the games instruction booklet, Then you Type in the page numbers for the code then you can start the game.

This must of been a pain back in the day if you didn't have the book or a copy, But I would take this sort of DRM over any of the stuff today, If you have the game with the book you should be able to play it, Instead of all this Steam registration lark, Making Second hand games coasters, bring this back!

Picked up Resident Evil Degeneration I always watch this thinking this could be one of the games for a story its better then most of the games have had to offer of late, There was a old Java game tie in that came out about the time mite have to dig out an old phone to give it ago.

Hexen for Ps1 for £1.50, Great deal playing loads of amiga stuff put me in the mood for a some old school fps action, So this was a right score the resales not bad on this about £10 for the ps1 copy.

Fighting Force 99p from cash converters, Great Game it started off in its early development as Streets of Rage 4 but the deal with sega fell through so It was release with some name changes as fight force playing it you can really tell.

Couple of PS2 games £1.50 each, on the money, Dragons lair 3D and The classic Gauntlet Dark Legacy, Makes me wonder why the Gauntlet series has lots steam not been a release since Seven sorrow on ps2 in 2005 shame great games.

Flight of the Amazon Queen, Never played this one, £1.20 from Charity shop, Place it on eBay and had loads of interest over seas, Tested it out with Dosbox its another classic point and click games for IBM pc and compatibles.

A game I have played its Pinball Illustions Again on IBM pc on 3.5 floppy's This is the precursor to True pinball one of my Favorite games of all time this verion features 3 of the 4 tables out of True pinball, The company who made this now makes battlefield. 

And Pirates! gold on CD rom for IBM, There seems to be a bit of a resurgence for old big boxes, I recall working at gamestation some of the staff used to bin the big boxes and just put the game out in the jewl case so there definitely are rarer sight in the cardboard.

Dragon quest monster joker for DS, Lose Cart 99p strong franchise so no brainer to pick this up for less the a quid. 

Final Fantasy Tactics for £1.99 The final Fantasy Tactics series used to be a good gambit for some high Resale like the ps1 version that been back then when that came out Tactics games on console where a rare sight now Tactics spin offs are every where.

And last up Monster hunter Tri for £1.99, Think this is going in the wii u for a go, Should look awesome up-scalded slightly not really played that much monster hunter since the frist PSP one so nice to jump back in and see whats, What.

My mate dave's PSP had seen better days the analogue stick not working so he bunged me a some of his psp collection he can't play Sweet!

So not a bad start to the year hopefully when where in full swing I 
will find some more systems of the top of my head a Sega Multi-mega and a Amiga CD32 are at the top of the wish list.