Wednesday, 31 December 2014

For those about to thrift, We salute you

Wrapping up what has being a great years thrfting I take one last trip out after work on new years eve to see if I can drum up some thrifting dregs, Not all the shops are open on New years eve but enough to justify one last thrift of 2014.
Kicking of with Batman Dark tomorrow for Original xbox for £1.99 in barnados, Not as common as the other batman games on xbox and I have never played this one.
Eagle one on ps1 for 99p in British heart foundations this turn out to have the content for the Eagle one and v-rally double pack so I ended up with a bonus game inside, Sweet.
Red Sonja for £1.99, Ideally £1 is more the price on bluray, Charity shops seem to get carried away with them and price them high, The bottom dollar on them in pawn shops £3-5 so £1.99 is ok as long as its worth while title.
Jedi knight 2 for £1.99, On the money at that a great game and one of my favourite bits of the extended universe following the story of Kyle katarn, Going to replay this one.

 Randomly there was an xbox original in Cash converters, They don't really turn up in there very often so 50p for Terminators 3 rise of the machines, why not, I cant remember if this was rubbish or not, Looks like I will find out.
My Girl friends bonus Christmas present turned up the other day, Out to lunch on SNES, She had a hard time remembering this game, When she described it I thought she meant burger time when she said you was a chef and you got the food, Anyways a quick google and I found out what it was and had a look on ebay the Cart was £9.99 buy it now, But I saw it boxed for £15 so for the extra £5 I mite as well get it boxed for her and its not a bad game... Fat Gav... WTF?

The best find all day, In Cash converters for 29p I found Nuclear strike and Return fire, Nuclear strike is so-so but Return fire about £15 worth of game but a game I have always had my eye out for, Its a port of the 3DO Version and a welcome addition to my Ps1 collection.
The cable for the PSP I bought last time turned up, I have always wanted to have this on the go the worst thing about PSP games is the small screen doesn't do them justice, So here goes lets see if this thing works.

SWEEET! This is awesome, this totally makes me want to buy shit UMD movies and PSP games again, plus with the console been self contained I am more likely to play on this then a PS2, Totally awesome! I will pick up some more psp in the new year to try out.

Remember if you want to get this down you need a PSP silm 2000/3000, The old fat ones don't have AV out. 
Ok So that pretty much does it for thrifting in 2014 and what a year it was until next year Thrift on!


Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Oh the weather outside is frightful, But the Thrift is so delightful

So I wanted to put the Duel shock 4 to the test on some retro stuff, So I Fired up ZSNES and plug the PS4 pad in the USB to my old laptop, Of course it is never going to be that easy there is a few things your going to need first, If you haven't alright, You need to install the Xbox 360 pad drivers Once That's done you need to install a programme called DS4 This will use the 360 Driver to connect your PS4 to the PC, Then its just a case of configuring the pad to a emulator and your always playing retro classics on this modern controller.
I must admit Ive been having a blast with the PS4 pad used with emulation, Its got every thing you need and then some, Its on par with the 360 controller as far as a emulation solution is concerned, But if you plan on emulating PS1,PS2 this would be the better choice with the lay out matching Sonys previous controllers. All in all one of the best Pads for retro, The Xbox one controller drivers Are also available, I have had chance to tried it with them not coming with a cable off the bat, So maybe when I can pick up a plug and play kit cheap I will give it a goes, Needless to say the Xbox one loses points for the extra spend Booo Microsoft, Booo.
Having a bit of a sort out the other night I finally had enough plugs free to plug the megadrive MegaCD, And still have room for the heater and TV laptop, So I picked up a few ebay games for it Dragon Fury and Cool spot £2.99 each £1 postage.

Cool spot was a Genesis Cart, That the majority of them work in PAL mega drives, But turns out Cool spot has a lock out chip, That the Ebay seller had not mentioned in the listing bad form!
I could of give the seller shit but for the sake of £2.99, Plus I Remember I have one of these Atgames Megadrive that can swich from PAL to NTSC, I totally forgot I had this thing you can use all your own assories and cables so its pretty sweet.
So a Quick cable and controller swap and I was able to play cool spot no problem with my 555xpcAsciiware Mega Drive Arcade stick, Groovy.
Another Ebay purchase Ex-Mutants for Genesis this game works fine on a pal Mega drive only £2.99 for the cart and its not a bad game based on a comic book of the same name.

Let see what the last cheeky thrift before Christmas had in store, Starting off with some PS1 games for £1.99 each Rayman Rush Destruction Derby and Colony wars, All complete and in good order from scope.
Then in british heart foundation GTA 1 and Tomorrow never dies for 99p each, GTA is quite good because its black label and has the map inside and bond I played back in the day so It has some nostalgia value.
Coulple of NOFX cd's The greatest hit and the anti bush jive, One of my favourite punk bands and for 99p each had to turn them down and will stick them in the mega CD and blast them out all hipster and ting.
99p for the Age of empires collections in banardos, CEX still sell this for £8, Trade £3 cash £2, So there will be close to the CEX price to be had on ebay or just trade fodder. Not that its not good its just already install on my PC.
From Age of empires to Dynasty warriors 5 Empires for £1.99 in Dove house, Only sells for £3 in CEX, So getting it a Pound cheaper and money going to charity bring in that win win scenario that Thrift bytes likes to invoke on a weekly basses.
In Age concern a whole bunch of Xena Box sets for £2 each, I watch this show when it was originally aired,Sword fighting scantily clad women and lesbian subtext made up for a bunch of cheesy acting and ropey CGI and worth more then £2 easy.
So I have being picking up more PS1 then ushall would recently, I have sold, Traded and Rebought countless PS1 games over the Years, Subsequently I have ended up with a strange mixed of games comprising of some So-So titles and some total tat, As well as some total classics and a few rare titles as well, So I have convinced myself to collect for the system no real rules on what I am going to pick up just anything I don't already have and not to many shitty sports games, The goal is to fill this 5 tier black shelf just because I think it would look awesome full of PS1, Long way to go but its starting to look fuller.
Got my Christmas present a few days early, Super smash bros for Wii U, looking forward to diving into this, I played brawl on wii but at the time I only had a Wiimote and nunchuck that made it a bit of a mess to play, Compared to the time I spent with Smash bros melee on GameCube with the excellent game cube controller, I have plenty of controller options for this version so I may recapture the magic of melee in this newer incarnation.
I was planning to go out and squeeze the last drops of pre-Xmas Thrift, But when I woke up the thrift came to me, My next door neighbours kids are all getting new tables for Christmas so they where clearing out some handheld stuff So I paid them reasonable prices for some good stuff, GBAsp red with 4 games, A PSP 3000 slim with UMD and 1GB memory Card and Jax and Daxter lost frontier, and Deep labyrinth on DS all for £35.

Having a bunch of PSP stuff I have bought over the years still on my PSN account I was glad to have a PSP back, This made even sweeter that I finally have the model that does AV out to a TV So we may see a few more Shitty UMD films Next year.

Glad I finally upgraded the SP I have for tested game boy games The old one I have has seen better days, So a nice red one with crash, Spyro and Simpsons, Hell yeah, And to top it off we have a Mystery game, No label cart what could it be?
Its Crash nitro kart, Not to shabby, All in all a pretty epic Christmas thrift, Wishing you all a merry thriftmass and as always until next time Thrift on!




Monday, 15 December 2014

He's finding some Thrift And checking it twice

Christmas Has its place in video games, There is a snow level in pretty much every game ever, Even Games that have no Tangible link to Christmas can conquer up memories of the season, Getting some new Games at Christmas been prime nostalgia bate, I will combine the two and dived into the lower recesses of my brain to recall the top five Most christmasy bits in video games.

What can you say about die hard Trilogy, when this game was first released It offered big value for PlayStation 1 owners Including a top down shooter, A rail shooter with light gun support and a Driving game, The first two films the games are based are are set at Christmas, The first Die hard game on the disc has Classic lines like "ho ho ho I have a machine" But its the second game on the disc that holds the christmasy appeal with plenty of snow and Christmas trees.

James pond 2 Robocod ticks all the boxes when it comes to Christmas as well as a lot of nostalgia piled on top, I remember always going back to this game to play round Christmas taking it easy until the invincibility cheat wore off and you had to go back to collect the items at the begin of the game in this combo 
- Cake, Hammer, Earth, Apple, Tap. 
Three Chapters of Bully PS2/360/Wii Are played out in the winter months so there is plenty going on, Another game I went back to a few times near Christmas because that entire game just ended up reminding me of that time of year, because when this game gets round to December it definitely gets it right on the money for looks and tone.
As similar jive happens in shenmue because the game happens over the course of a few years depending how long you take to play the game Christmas soon rolls around, Seeing the streets of dobuita with snow and father Christmas knocking about.
Christmas Nights is a strange beast on the Saturn its only really a demo disc with only two playable levels, The strange thing about this disc is its linked to the system clock so depending on the time of year it is set too, Different stuff and themes happen, The best on Christmas, It is packed full of secrets and bonuses that make it more worth while playing, In the UK you would likely gotten your hands on the disc free with a copy of Sega Saturn Magazine.

So on to the thrift and first up we have Casper on PS1, A game everyone seemed to have for there PlayStation doesn't turn up in the wild that often £1, Made all the sweeter with the original Electronics boutique £19.99 sticker still on the front from 97.
Red ninja End of Honor for £1, This game never reviewed well when it came out and for £1 I wanted to see if it was any good, it been Tranji Studios' only published title.
Swinging by that's entertainment for a spot of virtual thrifting with some good finds silent hill 3, Crash nirto kart, Tekken4, And another Japanese game, Armoured core 2, The Pal version is barley worth owning but something pretty cool about J-ntsc covers and 
£1.99 each can't go wrong.

In a dove house and I fine this thing, Its a freeview receiver for PC for £4, Freeview is always a bone of contention for me I have no roof mounted Ariel so I always have to plug one of them UHF powers Ariel's in then the whole screen is take up by the TV.
Plus the reception is piss poor where I live, The only Time I every got all the Channels was a side effect of trying to Tuning in a master system in last year. I don't really watch TV because of this I just use Iplayer and the like to catch up on stuff, That said it would be nice to have to option if I watch to switch my Brain off or the Internet goes down, So a bit of a piss about and final finding the Drivers for windows 7 and placing the Ariel in the right spot its setup and works great.
Picks up every channel and doesn't go all fucked up like the powered TV Ariel's seem to do, And with it being on the computer I can make the window as big or small as I like saving me Desktop space for other stuff, sweet.
In my favourite shop ever Sparks and cut a deal with the guy for 2 arcade sticks, Alisia Dragoon in the box and Mega games 3 loose cart, Great deal for everything here looking forward to playing some stuff with the PS1 Stick.

In cash Generator and The lion King for Sega GENESIS, Pretty awesome that the box is still together, To be fair the box art is better then the pal box and it been a cardboard one its worth rescuing priced up at £2.99 ended up ringing up at 59p.
Another copy of The battle for middle earth in British red cross for £4, The last copy I had sold for £16 So plenty of room left for profit at that price and the moneys going to a good cause so win win all round.
Disgaea 1 for £5.99 This game sells in CEX for £15 and is always up and down on ebay for the going rate, but £5.99 is cheap for what it is so I will place it on my rare reserve pile for a bit and wait for the right time to sell it on.
Half life 2 for the original xbox, Of course there is better versions of this game, PC,360,PS3, But its the best of what the xbox had to offer and for £1 for a complete copy its alright, There is some slowdown when things get busy but 700mhz and 64mb well cut the xbox some slack.
Four ps1 games fo £1 each, Tekken 2,AK smashcourt tennis, THPS4, and Crash Bandicoot, All in a charity shop I was only in a few days before hand.
Just goes to show if you think its alright being covered still pop in as offen as possable you never know
finally Some stuff from last entertainment, Still life, Silent hull 2 and 3 and ring of red that previously wasn't worth buying but the price has gone up to around £6 so £1.99 each is a good deal, Inside silent hill 2 was this MVC receipt from 2003 I lived in that shop back in the day when people still bought music and dvds, Those where the days spending £15.99 on a Vhs That only had 3 episodes on, Hang on come to think about it that sucked no wonder every ones a video pirate now, Call it a rebate, OK until next time merry Thriftmas.