Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Ten thousand hours felt like ten thousand Games

Video game hunting hasn't been this plenty full since about 2010 before I was writing thrift bytes, 2013 will go down as one of the best years I have had for the amount of stuff that has turned up.

Just as where saying goodbye to a phenomenal year for the thrifting, I take one last stroll out to a very spars bear bones Sunday Market.

And Land myself with the box Full of Amiga Games, I grabbed the box and ask the guy what he wanted for them, I said I would buy them all, He said £5, I snapped it up, I had Checked over monkey Island just before I ask him and that was all there, So even if the rest where empty boxes it would of been worth £5.

So Lets Check out what was in the box, and have a run down, Great thing finding all these Amiga game not really got many for my Amiga A600  I found this year at the same market for £2.

Monkey Island 2 LeChucks revenge, A prime Example of Witty writing and solid point and click game play, Resale is high on this game and Its only going to go up with Lucas arts been closed earlier this year.

I have Play Roberta Williams king quest games, But I have never played a Space Quest game Sierra's Sci fi counterpart to the Kings Quest series, In the box complete again Resale is high, but so is the desire to keep it.

Lure of the temptress is another point and click game, The first to use the Virtual Theatre engine The same Engine Used on such games as Beneath a steel Sky and Broken Sword 1 and 2, Giving Lucas arts Scumm Engine a run for its money.

The French Mistress, Sounds like virtual Whore sim, Turns out its a Educational Game To teach French to kids, So no 16bit knockers here, booo.

Original Populous From 1989, Back when E.A wasn't Quite so evil, In the Shapes and yellow tag Era of E.A, Surprised When I put the Disk in the Amiga That some guys it suits Didn't smash though the window put me to the ground and check if there was a green light on my router before I played it.

Another E.A product, Print 2, Its a Graphics package for making Charts and Certificates and the like, Haven't the printer for Amiga to try it guess that will be on the Thrift 2014 wish list

Winter Games, by EPYX legendary company that made so many classics for the 8bit home computers and where still going strong on the Amiga, This game is stander fair all you would expected from a Sports sim.
Some sort of Anti Virus box for Amiga there was no disk in it,  Its crazy how we forget Disk swapping and lending still had a viral threat before the internet, And Amiga's had modems and online access later in there lifespan.

I did End up with a new peace of Hardware for The Amiga With this master sound, Its a adaptor for a 3.5 jack input so you can record CD samples to the Amiga Comes with the software too, Sweet!

Leatherneck, This is a top down shooter, Looks a bit like Rambo or ikari warriors, Not bad game and four player support.

 More music editing software, This would of been the music 2000 of the amiga I guess, Something I think a Amiga 1000 2000 would be able to get more out of, Only having the consolised 600.
European Challenge Kick Off 3, Of course there was going to be some sports titles mixed up in the box this has a free book inside on the season 93 so a bit more then the standard fifa 94 has to offer in terms of nostalgia.

England Championship Special another bog standard football Game, With some nice old school Art work on the box.
And Last up, The game of the hour for me, Menace by DMA Design, This is a Side scrolling Shooter, The thing that make it so bad ass is the music is awesome mood setting Chip tune.

So all you Grand Theft Auto fans out that take heed this was the humble beginnings of that franchise DMA Design changed there name to Rockstar in the mid 90s.

Hellgate london for 99p it seems the multiplayer will not be playable but 99p for a go its aright.

Streets of Sim City for 50p This game is awesome, How would you like to Drive round your Cities on Sim City 2000 in cars out of twisted metal? buggy as hell with rubbish controls but so fun you will over look it.
The Last Remnant on PC, This could Turn out to be a coaster it did skip over some sort of steam reregistration but it wasn't worded the same as it usually is so I give 99p to British heart foundation to find out havn't tested it yet will keep you posted. 

99p for Monkey Island 4, Can of the black sheep of the series, Still find it very playable and finding number 2 made me want to pick up some more monkey island games and this was in cash convertors.

Dragon Quest Monster joker for DS for 99p unboxed but out square and rpg is worth 99p.

Classic diablo 2, Always want to play this game again after playing number 3 on ps3 it just made me want to go back to this and on the disc in a tidy con 99p is ok with me.

Dreamcast games! yes it is a very rare sight to find any Dreamcast games in the box in Hull now so any of them for 50p each is great, Just a bonus that two of these are playable that been Quake 3 and worms world party.

So there you have it the last thrift of 2013 what a great year for Finds, All the best to you and yours and all that jazz and I will see you all in the new year for another epic 365 days of video game hunting. 

Saturday, 28 December 2013

Christmas Limbo

Thrifting comes to a bit of a stand still at this time of year nearly all shops that have retro in them are shut over the holiday's I did get out just before on the 23rd lets see what I picked up on the last thrift before Christmas.

This year has been unprecedented for finding retro systems and this master system 2 in the box with 2 games and controller caps it off nicely for £10 from market.

2013 has been a great year finding lots of consoles, Megadrive,Snes,Nes,C64,Amiga,Pong consoles, and just as the years nearly out I find one more 8 bit machine that is totally awesome.

Still had the leaflet for all the games out for Sega master system, It great when they have these posters still in the box when you find them, Makes for some sweet retro art work to slap on your games room wall pride of place next to the similar NES one I found.

Bust a move 3 DX, No mind blowing resale in this, Picking it up to play, Sometimes when buying games If you try to haggle with People they get all pissed off? You work in a Tat shop and you get mad when people try and cut a deal WTF?

Sheep, Dog 'N' Wolf, Great game for PS1 49p is a great price.

Another Sweet find in a British heart foundation for £1.99 for Monster Hunter in really good con, About a £10 game on a good day.

So I go to work Making some room for the master system and to see what I am going to tune it into with it only having RF, I wasn't Getting any Joy tuning it to the VCR so I try going Direct into my Modern LCD.

This had a mad knock on effect, Instead of the Analogue tuner picking up the game Signal, The Master system was Acting Like a Powered UHF Freeview Ariel, It ended up picking up all the channels, I wouldn't mine the Ariel I have is rubbish this did a better job.

Finally sorted it and got it working on a old CRT, Worth thing about if you find yourself without a TV signal just plug a old console into the RF.

Fighters Megamix For Sega Saturn Out in the wild? for 99p? Saturn games don't really turn up in hull when they do its always Vitura fighter and sports games.
Picked Up Aztec Adventure For £2 There is a Great shop in hull called sparks that had lots of retro at reasonable prices, Whenever I find a new Retro console I know its a safe bet this shop will have at the very least a few loose carts I can pick up for it.

Tokobot Plus, This is a good example of Game that looks the part and ticks all the it looks rare boxes but only £3-5 at a push I piced it up because it was 49p and not a sport game.

Duke Nukem Give this one a wipe over before I tried it out, Looked a bit grubby but after a Clean it works great Duke Nukem is a total nostalgia trip for me so It is well worth £1.

So Gran turismo 6 coming out on PS3 at the same time as the Next Gen is getting up and running the question is easy, Is it better then Forza 5?

The Answer is an unequivocal yes, Forza 5 isn't even better then Forza 3, and 4, Don't Get me wrong the presentation on Forza 5 is spot on and the Graphics although not a giant leap forward are the best for a racing game so far, So why is GT6 better?

Tha gameplay is so much better in Gran Turismo 6, In forza I was offend Board and frustrated with the way the cars handle and that pooled with the bear bones feel of the whole game, The same track over and over again, paired with GT6 where every race seems to be a joy to play, and the variety of cars and tracks much more, Even comparing the two games graphically of course forza has much higher textures, But you can't help but be impressed by GT6's attention to detail squeezing every last drop of juice out of the last generation.

In summary If you want something pretty to look at then jump on the next gen, But if you are after a Flagship experience with lots of content then the games coming out on the last gen will have way more longevity.

So Christmas I got a Tesco Hudl, For the longest time Shops and stores have try to get a piece of the Android tablet market, Following the Kindles popularity, But the thing with all the cheap entry level tablets is that that pants and don't run anything.

The Hudl How ever is Great for £119 or £60 in you have club card points, Is advertised as Quadcore 1.5ghz underselling it, its is in fact 1.6ghz, With 1gam of ram on Jellybean, 
Once all the Tesco crap is uninstalled you are left with a tablet that's performance is some where between Samsung Galaxy 3 and 4, There seem to be nothing currently on the Play store this can't run and the Emulation possibility are endless a Fantastic device and totally worth the price even if your paying cash.

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Thriftmas Time, Don't Let the Game End.

Festive scenes captured in hull hours before the city was flooded by the incoming storm surge tide, Lots of homes where flooded that day, In the media it always seems that news on Hull is always thin on the ground, Even with the attention of the city of culture bid a few weeks ago nothing seemed to chance, And the BBC not really reporting from here but covering other cites north and south of this region. 
Is TV just an outdated media? Is its a old fashioned concept to go for the remote for an update? I Think it mite be with Facebook been a more tailored means to find out what was happening locally, People using Facebook to slap up a video of Hessle road flooding is miles better and informed offering then the BBC can dish out.

So The Thrift starts back up after a bit of a hiatus and the first lot of picks are 
Silent hill origins £2.99
Ultimate ghosts n goblins £5.99
Crash nitro kart 99p

These where all in cash converters, There was a fair amount of PSP in there that was worth having but the pricing was all over the place, common titles with £4.99 on them and then Silent hill for £2.99, I pick the best of the bunch, Paying more then I would of likes for Ghosts n goblins but a game I have been on the look out and one not likely to turn back up for a while.

I often get credit note back from big trade ins for the odd amounts like £1.30 or 40p So I save them up and the other day they added up to me getting Persona 3 portable from there, And they 
last for nearly a 1000 years the date on all cex credit notes is 3013? lol

Going though my storage boxes the other day I pulled out a crap ton of PS1 games, All theses I picked up years before thrift bytes, Lots of them where games that where so-so and common a few years ago but now you would struggle to find most of these titles. The Delcine in second hand PS1 has made me glad I kept hold of, 
a lot of these Pick ups been the last time I saw them in the wild. 

Gone of the days you would go into game-station or a 5 for £10 job or just walking into a British heart foundation and come out with black label Final fantasy 7,8,9 for £1.99 each, Really good PSX games where everywhere at one point about 2005-2011Thrifting was PS1 game hunting.
The Reason The PS1 had such a long tale in its life span has a few factors giving rise to the availability of Pre owned PS1 games.
The thing is that the PlayStation back catalog is massive 2,418 and was easy to get chipped to play copy's. So every one was Trading up there Originals giving the shops plenty of choice in games that are still kicking a round in the charity shops now with 15 year old game-station stickers still in place.
Its like the wii is today a console with similar trace, There is about 1,222 games out for it, Its easy to mod and play copy's so these always loads of Wii games kicking about and the console sells for about £24.99 or cheaper. Worth keeping an eye on wii games since the next gen is now the current gen. 
PS2 at the moment is way out ahead with 3,870 games, What ever you find out in the wild on any other format will be propped up on the shelf next to a PS1 game there still a few kicking around even now.

Like This black label Spyro 2 gateway to glimmer for 49p at cash converters, The guy in shop knows I like a bit of retro and showed me some other stuff he had in the back this was with that stuff. Nice to see someone going that extra mile to get a customer a deal.

And Croc Legends of the gobos £1 in age uk, Complete and in really good con.

Christmas time in Cottingham with all the lights on, Hoping there is some Thrifty Presents to discover in the shops.

Well they know what I like to see, Battlefront 1 and 2 or 99p each, Now the value of these two games is in decline but bunching both of them together on ebay you can still make a few quid on them and feed the feedback.
99p for Prince of persia Trilogy this game has been surpassed by the HD collection on PS3, But 99p for 3 games in a nice chunky PS2 box is still a great deal.
And yes a Original xbox version of Crash 5 £1, Still some out there, No CEX job for this one, Ebay all the way for the Gamecube and Xbox versions Still £2 and £3 trade on the ps2, They sell the xbox one for £8 and only give you 40p cash or £1.60 trade so eBay all the way.

Blockbuster all closed down and shut, Looks like the one out of south park that everyone thinks is haunted, The last look at this place before it turns into an Iceland, Cant see Pick ups from Iceland be as interesting, O well there is always Internet Piracy and old VHS tapes if you want to watch something.

Epic stash of Original game boy games in Cash converters, 

Super Mario land 1 and 2, Ms pacman, WWF superstars and disney's pinocchio.

99p is a Great price for any half decent gameboy game lots of them on there own on ebay go for around the £5 mark so 99p each is sweet.

And Finally the eBay account I have Used to sell all the games on Thrift bytes was looking to fall short of 500 feedback this year, so I have been selling more games a week to make it 500 before the year was out, and I finally made it today 500 games sold!