Tuesday, 26 November 2013

A city of culture, a city of love.

Great News for the City I Live in the other day, Hull won the City of culture 2017 bid, Get in, Its about time Hull was shed in a more positive light and this has always been something this blog was shooting for to show how monumentally spectacular this city can be to people who visit or live here and to celebrate this achievement where going to have a few more pictures of Hull in bewteen the pick ups this week.

Super Mario Bros. On NES for £3, I picked up that boxed NES, So all the way round market I was thinking NES Game, and when I was about to give up and go home I Saw this on the way out.

Another Market Find This plug and play Namco Acrade stick thing, Its Pretty sweet £2.50 for Rally X, Dig Dug, Bosconian, Galaxian, and Pac-Man All in there Arcade presentaion
Check out Ebay to see if i could get a few more NES games Digger T rock for under £4 quid and Isolated Warrior for £4.95 in the box with the book, Now £5 for a so so nes cart is about right but boxed with book it seems a sweet deal I don't think I have had a boxed NES game before.

Finding a bit of Retro in Cash converters with Out Run 99p and Kirby's Block ball for £1.99

And some Trade at Cex Got me San Andreas On Xbox It was the only thing in there that day with any resale value but when you only traded £5 worth of crap for it I don't mind.

My Health Coach on DS for £1 this Has no money in it I just Fancy having a go with the pedometer that it came with so I can see some DS charts on my daily moochings.

Jurassic Park Rampage Edition, I love the First Jurassic Park Game on mega drive, This one is more a straight up Action then the first game but still pretty decent £1 for a boxed Mega drive game now is really good if its not Sports of Sonic 1.

Crash Bash £1 and Dino Crisis 2 Go on! its been a while since I found some Decent PS1 titles and these to are up there both complete with books and black label on both Sweet!

Cash converters for Hit and Run and The Simpsons Game £1 Each on these not some much for Trade but Ebay still likes to pay about £4-5 on the both so not bad for some easy feedback.

A Sealed up copy of Dune on PC, For £1 this Game is comedy gold due to some messed up characters animations and dialogue.

San Andreas on Playstation 2 for £1 Had GTA 3 inside the box as well Swee... Not really.

And no Thrift Would be complete of late without a Copy of Star wars battlefront 2 this time on PC with the book and serial number in good con.

So the Next Gen is Kicking off this week, Our lass has to wait tell The 23rd of December to get her Xbone because the Pre orders are back up, I ask her why she went with Xbox one? Her Answer was I want to play Dead Rising 3 and Killer instinct.

And That's Really the point We have two Ugly black boxes with 8gb of ram new on sale with hardly any Games to play on them, They are both way to similar without More Exclusive titles to define there product. It gives me time to Save up and wait it out on PS4 to get some more games out because Forza 5 and killer instinct is enough to win me over, But what of right now for something Next Gen That has anything worth playing on it?

The Wii U, At the moment the only Next Gen Console with a Stella Line up of Exclusives titles to choose from, From the Newly Released Super Mario 3D worlds that is getting 10/10 reviews all over the web to all the 1st party titles available for the system the likes of Pikmin 3, Wind waker HD, New Super mario Bros. wii U, Super Luigi, And the system its sell having a host of impressive features, I don't know about you but I always sit down with the pad to a console and can't find the remote, The wii u's control pad functions as a TV remote Sweet!

The Duel Screen set up works really well To, The amount of times I am Rocking Mario on the Game pad while watching Youtube on my TV, You can take the game pad all over the house and it will still stay connected. and some HTML 5 games work with the pads buttons on the Internet so you can used it to play stuff you find online.
The MIIverse is another nice feature its like facebook but for your Nintendo games and friend and the fact you can Used Wiimotes as extra controllers off the bat is fantastic the CO-OP mode in the Mario bros game is Fantastic using the wiimotes, All in all the Wii U is made of win and still has the Classic Nintendo innervation behind it, You know your playing a Nintendo console even if you are playing some old shit 3rd party port from 2011 you know its Nintendo because of the console and your getting a proper multi player experiences as well as not screwing you out of backwards compatibility wth all wii games working and up-scaled, Xbone and PS4 seems like the only differences in the two consoles is where the analogue stick are placed.

And Finally By the time I am Writing this All the blockbusters in Hull will be shutdown and closed forever, This may come as a shock to some, Because it seemed like the analby road Block busters Near me Was the only store keeping the rest of the company afloat, Anyways the internet killed it and that's just fine I was only ever in there for retro stuff That they stopped carrying towards the end of there lifespan, there replacing my local block buster with an Iceland so at the very least I can get a Sunny D for a £1 on my way to the charity shops up passed there.

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Now you're Thrifting with power

Totally thrift overload this time out, Due to the most worthy of investments, A East Yorkshire Weekly bus ticket that I have used to Reach all 4 corners of the city and then some hitting some places that under normal circumstance Wouldn't be worth trekking for just a few shops but with bus ticket in hand I could sweep up them shops off the beaten track.

Kicking off with this Sega mega drive TV plug and play for £2 from car boot, This had only 4 games on the rom, Sonic 2, The ooze Echo the dolphin and gain ground, for an easy and portable sonic 2 its not have bad I like the Mega drive mark 2 styling.
3/4 Classical acoustic Guitar in pretty good shape with what looks like fairly new strings for £4.50, Any Musical instrument for Under £5 is got to be a deal ones like the one seen here retail cheapest about £35, Perfect for Strumming out Some CCR.

£2 in a British red cross shop for this USB 3rd party PlayStation 3 controller, Always good to have a controller with a cable on for them times you find all your wireless ones flat.

Scoring big with these two Games Battle for middle earth and Battle for middle earth 2 £1.50 each from Scope, both great games the first one goes for about £10 and the second £20 on ebay, I saw these games again in an oxfam the same day they where Price up at £9.99 and £24.99 Just go to show how sort after they are even the charity shops want the buy it now price for them.

Donald duck quack attack on PS1 for 99p, At this point I almost feel compelled to rescue any half decent non sports ps1 game as they become more and more uncommon.
Planetary Taxi, Its an old Mac Education CD rom I remember one of the computers in school had this installed on it so 50p for a bit of nostalgia its all good.
£2.49 each for Mass effect 2 and Sin of a solar Empire, Bit pricey for what they are, Aside I wanted the Research Tree Poster out of Sins, And Mass effect 2 To try on my shit laptop then eBay fodder because nothing works on my shit laptop.

Paid 50p over the odds for Warhawk on PS3, Sometimes I get blindsided out and about if you spent all morning looking at DVD and PS2 sport titles seen a PS3 game gives you a fault since victory got caught slipping Damn.
£1.50 for F1 2010 I have heard good things about the F1 games codemaster know what there doing with racing games and I can't seem to find a decent price on Forza horizon yet so this will fill the gap.
Still rocking FFVII one handed, Check Cloud out cashing in at CEX.

Blood will Tell for 99p one of the PS2's hidden gems, came complete and really tidy disc from Cash converters not that its super rare but its getting harder and harder to find them not so common ps2 titles.
Still Life on Xbox By the same people behind the syberia series I had heard this is pretty awesome £2.50 from random non name tat shop.
Back in Cash converters for a bit of Star Wars Republic commando for 99p Its works on 360 and people want it so yeah pick that up every time.
Deadly skies for Xbox Super rare... Just kidding this is worth next to nothing on the resale 99p for me to have a blast on it, Back in the day there was a period of time I only had Halo and Deadly skies to play on so This got played to death back in the day time for a revisiting.

Some more Star Wars goodness with Battlefront 2 for 99p, You can Squeeze about £6 out of this on eBay on a good day, Its the Xbox one people really want, Still £2 trade so your doubling up at 99p 


Ape Escape 2 for 99p, Added bonus inside the box was the disc to Ape Escape 1 Sweet!

Old Favorite Final Fantasy X, I think this Mite be The Copy I keep hold off, After years of making me That easy £4 in CEX and still managing it on ebay most weeks this will be the copy I put into my collection, So if I don't Find a copy after this one its fate.

GTA San Andreas for £1, Cex still giving £2 cash £3 trade on this game, Guess there's always someone who wants a copy of San Andreas out there.
Bunch of Coasters, £1 each for Total War 2 Shogun and the fall of the samurai expansion There mite be a chance no on has steamed linked this shiz up yet but slim one at that haven't tried them yet to see, Not like my laptops up to it.
Civilization IV Complete for 99p Now that's a sweet deal Better still it had the Research Tree poster in the box, So I get a hold lot of game and a cool poster for my game room.
Lord of the rings War of the Ring for 99p Not as Sort after as the battle for middle earth series but still worth picking up for less then a pound its not bad too its like Warcraft 3.
£1 For Final Fantasy XII Not quite ready to call this my final copy, Still £2 cash £3 Trade still on this.

Pick up a spare Nav Controller For PS3, All that one handed ps1 action Takes it told on the battery so having one fully changed on stand by is a good call and for £3.99 what a steal someone need to tell the world these have more then one function.

Got some Credit at CEX and pick up a copy of Haunting Ground, CEX is like the only place I see this game now, Who is trading this in for the £2?

At Car-boot I Found A few Mega drive Games A Complete copy of Micro Machines 2 Turbo Tournament Edition, Its got that multi tap on the cart and you could have two players on one pad. 

Been looking for one of these things for ages now, Its a honey bee mega drive adapter that lets You play Japanese cart on a pal megadrive without having to take the case off or chip away the two bits of plastic that stop them fitting the slot.
Crue ball for £1, How can you not like a pinball game with music from Mötley Crüe, not a bad pinball game, Its this sort of game that paved the way for other rock pinball tie ins like Kiss pinball and pokemon pinball.
Atari plug and play for £2 at car-boot, This is a strange thing some of the games are spot on but others seem off, This is due to it been a NES based emulation of Atari software still worth a go.
Taito Legends 1 for 99p this is a cracking compilation got some great games on it rainbow island new Zealand story some choice stuff and a free memory card in the box get in.
Hey do you like star wars battlefront 2? Shaping up to be the next Final Fantasy X just not as valuable if only these where the xbox version.


The first Turtles on ps2 not a bad crack this one and 99p its worth picking up
Like FFX I think I am going to keep hold of this copy of Crash banicoot 5 Like a totem to the Thrifty gods.
Star wars Battlefront 1 for 39p just like number two this still has £2 trade in it so doubling up on a trade a CEX only spending half the money for something worth while.
Gameboy SP with charger and Scooby doo 2 for £10 in cash converters the screens in really good shape as well I hate it when you get one that has a dead pixel right where you need to look.
Crash nitro Kart for £1 and Star wars battleFront 2.. Whats that all about is it trade battlefront in week or something? well its going to be a funny old trade in at CEX when every game I am trade is Fricking Battlefront 2.
Dreamcast controller for £1.99 total bargain I only need one more for some 4 player action now.
Taito Legend 2 on xbox in really good con I think some games are different on the xbox to the ps2 version so for £1 I am ok owning both copy's.

Here's a deal that can't be missed £25 for a brand new copy of Tales of Xillia Day one edition CEX still want £30 for the standard Edition pre-owned and as with all the Tales Games they have a habit of shooting up in price after the original run.

And Finally this Boxed NES with two controllers Track and Field 2 and the box with the inserts The NES its self its in great con I bought it off my next door neighbor Isn't that the way you walk all over town all day for 2 copy's of star wars battlefront 2 then when you get home someone knock on your door with a boxed NES wtf?