Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Anything You Want, You Got It

Has it Really been Two Years for Thrift bytes already? Not that It really makes that much Different to me, I have Traded resoled and bought a seemingly endless amount of games since the Megadrive/Snes era, Yet While I have catalogued my antics online over this pass two years It has expanded my activities somewhat.

This picture is from an early post 2011 About My gaming set up, For people into games its an interesting topic it always intrigues me to how other people have there shit, Like eyeballing someones old saves on a second hand memory card, Its a keyhole view into someone Else's gaming habits.

Jump to Present day and As you can see from the photo above My collection is off the hock compared to what it used to be, Two years worth of video game hunting all on display, That the thing with Games collecting In order to get the most games and consoles you need games to kick it all off in the first place, Games are the Life blood of the Thrift. 
Like when I was a Kid I would Find a game in a charity shop or pawn shop Take it to game-station for the Trade and get miles more stuff out of it and that in turn would be Used to Swap and barter with my Mates, Then back to game-station.
Its the same principle I use today Only with being an adult 
(I use the term loosely) 
I make Money on the stuff I don't want to keep on Ebay, Its Just Path of the course I need money more then Games Ive got to Eat and you can't Eat games, Well you can Trade them in at asda for Food I have done that a few Times cuts out the middleman (CEX)
Plus I find Going Into Normal Retail Shops a right Come down When All you want to do is buy Retro awesomeness, The feeling of bracing myself for that big find before I go in the shop and coming out with something awesome, its a pretty full on buzz, total pay off after a full week of looking at crap like Prey and At the movies (360) when you find That obscure P.C game that's worth £35 or better still That PS1 game you where talking about the night before and wanted to play.
So If you want to build up a good collection on the cheap you have to Buy smart, Trade and hustle and resell. So essentially all the Retro Systems and games I have manage to obtain over the passed Two Years of Thrifting where born out of One Copy of final Fantasy X been Sold to CEX For £4 Its totally worth it.

So back to the Pick ups this time Round, We have a nice Tidy copy of Fallout 3 for Windows charity shop find £1 Paid.
Cex £1.30 cash £2 trade, This will do nicely for the Trade pile.
£1 for Dragon Age Ultimate The Trade is the same on this £2 but they sell it for more so about £5-6 on eBay for this one.
The Battle for Middle Earth on P.C, This is one of them hidden PC games that have cash in them about £12 on a good day the Sequel goes for more then that two, £1.

£2 for Knight of the old 2 on PC, It was Price up at £1 but the women was Adamant she charges £1 per Disc, Momentarily I was going to Try and explain to her how stupid that is, Instead I settled on £2 with her, £1 per Disc? At Least phantasmagoria would be on the money.

Bit of Command and Conquer Retaliation For £1, This used to be a lot more Rare But has levels out about £8 tops still good game good Price.

Grabbed by the ghoulies for £2 this game seems to be popping up all over the shop, So does a lot of original Xbox Every shop I have been in this week had at the least a copy of Enclave and Blood omen 2 on xbox 1... yeah you know what I mean.

Make your Kids super cool with this Stylish ATARI Lunch Box available at Scope, This looks more likely to be the 2004 Atari then the old school one.

Some Half Decent PSP games in Cash Generator £2 each Cex Still selling most of these for £10 apart from Daxter that's sells For £5 good Trade on them not so good cash, So Ebay will be the place for these to try and squeeze the Retail price out of them.

Just before I found These Classic Dr Who DVD I was Talking on the Phone to my Mate Carl We was on about the lost episodes that have been found in the news this week, Crazy this happens all the time I talk about something and then the item or something related turns up here's a run down on CEX value.

The Mind Robber               £3 Trade £2 Cash
Day Of the Daleks              £6 Trade £4 Cash
Tomb of the Cybermen      £5 Trade £3 Cash
The Dominatiors                £6 Trade £4 Cash
The Mutants                       £6 Trade £4 Cash
The Krotons                       £4 Trade £2 Cash
The War Games                 £6 Trade £4 Cash

The women in PDSA Rounded them off to £10 as well Sweet! the was two left I passed on Spearheads from space only £1 trade £1.60 cash and The Green Death £4 trade in it but the disc was really beat up. Might waited it out and put them on ebay or Cash Trade at cex ether way am up on this venture. 
Bum ba dum bum ba dum bum ba dum bum bum bada wooo aaa wooo all the way to CEX lol.

And Finally Block Buster... Yes there still there, Had a Great Deal on I was only going in for a wireless 360 adaptor when I notice it was 70% anything 10.99 or less, So any thing that was £10.99 was £3.29 and £5.99  was £1.79, So for once Block buster was slightly cheaper the CEX and Cash Con/Gen, The games I picked all have a £1 more cash and A Few Quid more Trade in them but mostly picked them up to play, Right I am off to have a crack at eruption on Van Halen Guitar Hero Till next Time Thrift on!