Monday, 16 September 2013

Grand Thrift Online

In the poem Essential Beauty, Philip Larkin explores the subject of advertising in the early 60s, Describing The billboards littered around the City of Hull.

"In frames as large as rooms that face all ways
And block the ends of streets with giant loaves,
Screen graves with custard, cover slums with praise
Of motor-oil and cuts of salmon, shine
Perpetually these sharply-pictured groves
Of how life should be. High above the gutter
A silver knife sinks into golden butter"

Drawing upon the stark contrast of the high life the Adverts where portraying, As they hang in some of the most deprived areas in the city. Makes me wonder what he would make of all the GTA 5 posters on billboards that hang all around the city now, And the Irony that this game will pretty much Recreate that scenario virtually.

Larkin dying in 1985 So I would take it that he wasn't a big Gamer, Never having a chance to see the medium of video games develop from a nerdy bedroom pass time to a main stream high concept art form, In conclusion the buzz around this game awaiting its release has captivated every different type of gamer from Retro Gamers, COD heads and fifa nuts, It looks like these posters will pass into history as Classic as anything that has come before in Video game advertising, aesthetically miles apart from adverts for Heinz beans or loafs of bread, But contained within the product is an allegory of the point larkin was trying to make. 
lets hope the Game is as good as it looks and lives up to the hype these billboards helped create.

So out on the thrift again I see this Amstrad GX4000 boxed up really nice con with two games and to controllers all the cables, Struggling to justify the £30 price tag I check ebay on the fly with some free Wifi that I could pick up in the shop, 4 listings at £19.99, £49.99, £64.99, and £99.99 all buy it now, If this had of been just a little bit cheaper The problem with these things is it was an 8bit console release in the age of the 16bit wars, No one wanted them and any good games are very rare and expensive, That puts people off collecting for them and the lack of a defined resale price £30 seems more like what its worth not what you would buy one for, sinking all that money into this just to have it sitting unsold or not been played on, when that money could be working for you on a better item.

Like this White psp for £24.99 with an 8gb Memory stick pro duo, Rare to find one of these with a decent size memory card,  but with a card of this size it leave the door open for hacking, emulators, and the added bonus of re-downloading the PS1 classics I have bought for ps3 to play on the move.

two DS games of £1 each The ABC murders and 42 all time classics, At £1 each these tiles are worth picking up

Having just picked up a PSP, A half decent game to play on it would be great, I have eyed this copy of Tactics ogre for about a year always thinking £7 was a bit to much, But having a psp to play it and stock piling rare rpg at the moment this finally tick enough boxes to pick it up.
£1.99 for Mega games 2, I would pay that just to leave the game on the game select menu to hear that awesome music, the fact that it includes Streets of rage, Golden Axe and Revenge of the shinobi.

Another copy of Jurassic park operation genesis, At the cheapest price yet only 50p for this sort after version of the game see this on ps2 a lot as well but the xbox verion as yet to turn up in the wild yet, I guess theme park with dinosaurs is a total winner.

And my mission to rid the city of hull of all copy's of crash bandicoot 5 rolls on, With this copy for £1, and yes its still £3 cash and £4 trade.

Taking the thrift online, I have be having some moderate success on Cash converters and Cash generators websites, Bagging Trinity Universe for £9.99 about £3-6 cheaper then anyways Else and all the places that have it in stock been no where near me so online wins out and one more RPG for the pile
Again on the Cash converters website, Picking up something to play on this time £4.99 for killer instinct on SNES, I fine game and a fair price for cart only.

On Cash Generators website for £3.99 phantasy star collection for GBA including 1,2,3 in the series, The two websites have loads of good retro some of it very rare and the price shows it but then sometimes you can get a right deal.

Not just the pawnshop websites you can find great deals on some occasions on ebay you can find and bargin from time to time, like this job lot my girlfriend spotted the other day.

Zelda Ocarina of time, Zelda majora's mask,Super Mario 64,Starwars pod racer, armorines, Turok seed of evil, 
Quake 2(boxed) and Resident Evil 2 (boxed)

All of that stuff for £45 pound pretty great deal for all the lose carts but taking into account that Resident evil 2 on N64 can sell for £50-£80 depending on condition, Its totally fricking sweet!

Coming right back down to the mainstay of the thrift, We have good old baldurs gate dark alliance, this game must be fighting it out with fable for 3rd place of most commonly found on thrift bytes behind FFX and crash 5.

Star wars Republic commando on xbox, this on works on 360 and is about £10 worth of games so for £1.99 its a pretty easy call on picking it up.

Seems like every ones getting in on the Thrift for video games this week, At my parents house the other day and my mother was asking me for some karaoke action for her Wii, Just so happen I had seen this boogie super star game in dove house so she sent me to get it for her.

Then my mate Cut me a deal on this Snes with 16 games for £20, The snes is classic beat up yellow con, But the amount of games he give me with it made it totally worth it!

buy one get one free so 99p for two games, This been the 3rd copy of Crash 5 I saw out this week, One I passed on because the inlay was all cut up and the disc was for want of a better word totally fucked, This one was tidy and so was Simpsons hit and run for free.

Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII For £3, Pick this up to have a go with I played it back when it was first out but can't remember it that well, I remember it been better  dirge of cerberus anyways and £3 is a good price retail this is more like £7-10
And a couple of 360 games £1.99 each Halo Wars and Dragon age origins, I Picked Dragon age up back when it was brand new, Now its rocking up in charity shops for £1.99 The thrift shift in full swing, This is good I was so sick of seening PS2 and xbox Games woohoo!

The standard Tat shelf is starting to look more like this with 360 and Wii been more common and then you will always have some old PC stuff kicking about PS3 not really showing up as much as the other two formats but its only a matter of time.

And last up Pokemon Ranger unboxed for £2, T'ssh that was quite a Thrift so much stuff to get on ebay/play/trade, What was I even thinking buy anything to play this week, right am of to chomp at the bit and hold out for blockbuster to open at midnight for GTA 5 till next time Thrift on!






Monday, 9 September 2013

Thrifty tatics

Some great deal on games this time out, Over the course of a few weeks I found all this stuff, Been a bit dry in the wild most of what I found was software, And Tell tale signs are starts to show that the games you can make an easy profit on are switching from PS2 to PS3 slowly as the Next Gen is ushered in.

99p each for NFS mostwanted back edition and NFS carbon collectors edition, Really tidy condition, Got these from PDSA I bundle the two games together and got £6 plus postage, any thing standard game plus is a safe bet collectors editions bonus disc etc.

Ghost busters 49p from cash generator, This verion of the game is  different to the PS3/360 versions, It is a port of the Wii version just without the crappy Wii remote control scheme, bonus.


£3 gets me a tidy cube pad and a Nintendo AV cable that works with SNES/N64/CUBE, Got that because my boss ask me for one to get his N64 on, and cube pads are still £4 cash £7 trade in cex, keeping this one to use on my wii because 3rd party Gamecube pads are always real nasty looking and uncomfortable. 

Red dead revolver for Xbox for 99p, It was in really good con and it works on 360 so why not any of the xbox games that have backwards compatibility going for them are a good shout.

Had a bit of a haggle in Cash converters, I like it when the staff ask you how much you would pay for something, there willing to let you strike a deal with them, Anyways £13 for these 4 games getting Dragon warrior monsters in there its a OK deal.

Warhammer dawn of war and winter assault expansion for £1.99, A Strong franchise a nice looking box set in good con this ticked all the boxes found in dove house.

In a different Dove house, All I saw was the Capcom logo poking out from underneath some ps2 sports game, For a moment I though I mite have my hand on a megaman or breath of fire, But hey 99p for Resident evil 3 I buy paid that any day of the week.

Moonwalker for IBM p.c, I saw this last year down newland ave, But I passed up on it, Since last year my knowledge of old P.C stuffs come a long way so seeing it again for 99p I pick it up.

Nothing really random or strange out there this time so here is some random building on my route to holderness road.

And It was well worth going down that ended of town to, Had loads of new stuff about, Rafa Nadal tennis for 99p, Really this is a bit of a turkey I check it and its only sell it in CEX for £2, But when you see a boxed DS for a quid the thinking it its bound to be worth more the that.

Raging blades for £1, This is bordering on the uncommon almost rare its worth about £8 Its one of them games where people Think it worth miles more then it is, like 7 blades.

All 3 broken Sword games on a modern DVD ROM that will work on windows 7 with no hassle, for £1.99 That's a no brainier.
Command and conquer Renegade for 99p, My mates just started collecting all the command and conquer games so I am going to donate this to his collection.
Lego batman on windows for £1.99, The barnardos this was in had lego indiana jones on P.C as well as this one but it was really beat up and this one was the best out of the two even then this one had a few marks on the disc the other one was a coaster for sure.
A Nice complete and tidy copy of GTA san andreas for 99p came with the map too, Thes £2 cash and £3 trade at cex still going for this but I slapped this one on ebay to see if it can get a bit more.
Cursed mountain on Wii for £1.99, You don't really see many Original horror games on wii so when you see one this cheap I ended up picking it up out of curiosity save me the trouble of burning a ISO.
Tak 2 99p its a save bet with game cube games if there not sports titles then its a winner with them all working on wii and if there as cheap as 99p then that's awesome.

Lollipop Chainsaw for £2.99 in cash Convertors, Cex gives cash of £5 and trade £7 they sell it for £10 That's pretty good going for a game that's still relatively new.

It is a really good time to be looking at PS3 and 360 games, Coming to the end of the consoles Lifespan, Once Xbox one and PS4 comes out, This is when the games for the older systems are cheaper and the games that are set to be rare are still available to buy from retail shops, PS3 and 360 will still be supported for years yet but all the sort after RPGs and the likes will slowly become more hard to find drive up the price so its a good idea to pick them up now while you still can.

I used some store credit I drummed up at CEX to get Ni No kuni and Agarest Generations of war zero,White knight Chronicles 2 was in cash converters for £3.99! £7 cash and £10 trade, Cex sell it for £15 at the moment, and eBay wants at least £20, These are the types of games that are going to end up skyrocketing in price and are worth stockpiling Plus it Gives me chance to play them as they grow in value.