Sunday, 25 August 2013

I'm still thrifting, baby And I don't wanna miss a game

I must take the same picture about the same time every year of the sun blazing over The k.C stadium, This time it been particularly spectacular.

A sad day for Gaming hunters in Hull, The main British heart foundation in the town centre shut down the other day. Had many of good finds from this store over the years, Off the top of my head such games as Grandia, Breath of fire 3 and about 25 copy's of Final fantasy X.

Rapping up my ebay last week and sorting my postage out and I nearly shit a chicken when I realised I had sold a game to non other then Guru Larry.
Larry does reviews, Top tens, all sorts of mixed content, and used to star on the Game Network on Sky well worth checking out.

First up we Have good old Fable the lost chapters 49p, Works on 360 £5-8 in it, and Obscure for xbox, I was sure this works on 360 turns out its not on the list, Still not to bad only 49p.

99p for  Rayman but most importantly Rayman black label The Platinum edition is ok for building up some feed back and maybe making a few pence, As with any PS1 Game the black label always commands extra pounds.

Tekken 4 for a whooping 39p, In CEX lots of the PS2 Games are down to £1.20 cash and £2.00 trade so its really hard to muster up some cash or trade on them now, If all the games where half as good and half as cheap in cash convertors I would clean them out and cash in.

This on the other hand was a bit overprice for what it is, £1.99 for joust and Defender, Of course the games are well worth it, Just the format, Game boy games are more like £1 each unboxed.


Two Big box PC games D&D birthright For windows 95 and DOS 5.0 and Dead Reckoning for Windows 95, Both for 75p at that kind of money I couldn't turn them down regardless of the resale value turns out its pretty good going the only listing I could find been £34.99 and £40.00 buy it now.

More black labels on PS1, Rayman 2, Tai fu, and Spyro the Dragon.

Well the bluray collection is coming along, Only the second time I have seen Blurays in a charity shop not prices at £5 each, These where all £1.99 each so I am down 60p on the resale side of things, Looks to me like I may be down a farther 6 hours of my life after I watch them all, Well maybe shitty movies can be significantly more enjoyable with a slight higher resolution we shall see.

Colin mcrae dirt for 50p after forza and gran turismo, I would say Dirt is a good contender for 3rd place its a fantastic racing game and for a 2006 release it the spec it requires are still relativity high its still a really good looking game.

Beyond good and evil for £1 and Two copy's of Simpsons hit and run for 49p each both from cash generator. 

Star wars battlefront 2 for 49p still a great seller on PS2. And Sing Star Disney for £1.

Riding Spirits 2 and God of War for £1 each.

Was doing a bit of research on some rare PS2 the other night and found out that the 1st harry potter on PS2 is rare and had a limited pal release, You see it all the time on ps1, Then I found this Spanish copy in cash converters the very next day for 99p.

99p For this lucas arts pack day of the tentacle/Sam and max hit the road, Lots of old school lucas arts stuff has gone right up in price of late, This can go for £15-20.

This thing is awesome bagged this for £1 Its a ps2 to ps3 converter so you can use your PlayStation 2 pads on ps3, And its totally awesome!

£1 each for these Game-boy games, Worms, Primal rage, Urban strike, Game boy gallery 5 in 1 and crazy castle 4.

Teddy Boy haven't got a clue about this game lose cart £1.


£1 for this black ops ps3 controller, It has buttons on the back and LED lights on the analog sticks sweet!

And a boxed Dreamcast £20 with Two Games Ducatiworld and Virtua striker 2, A Visual memory card, Rumble Pack and controller with all the hook ups. £20 is a bit close to the low end for my liking but I wanted the Games and the rumble pack for my own personal dreamcast collection, And the fact that anyone can just burn every game ever for dreamcast to a CD-R now you can easily get £25-£30 out of just the console. Right then back to Saints row IV.




Saturday, 17 August 2013

Tune in, turn on, thrift out

A plethora of Great deals and Interesting items to have a look thought this week, As for the picture above I would strongly recommend donating your cycle instead of throwing it in the river hull, Some one could of used a thrift bike.

Kicking things of nicely with the first console find of the day, A Nintendo game cube boxed for £5 For the first time a reasonable price on a game cube and not just the unrealisable £20ish pound people seem to want to demand for them, not realising that these machines are about as common as a PS1.

More places trying to get rid of all the old sport games. £1 each in cash generator and only 25p each in cash converters

Resident evil outbreak for £1.99 this will always sell for about £5, and war of the monsters £1.99 pretty rare limited print.

C&C Red alert 99p and the same with bio shock for 99p you can never lose.

And yet again 99p for pitfall 3D and 25p each for sheep robocod lemmings 3D and Rox 25p sweet!

Random item goes to this BBC radio trails reel witch contains Never mind the buzzcocks
Horizon, and Crocodile shoes by jimmy nail WTF?

Great prices on these two items unboxed New super Mario bros £3.99 and £6 for doom 3 BFG.

Munch's oddysee Megaman zero, battle network 4 blue moon £2.99 each and 99p for an Atari joystick.
Bizarre Pad with tracker ball and connections for xbox ps2 and usb? C&C, starshot,F1 and virtual pool for N64 99p each

Dragons lair 3D for 99p and Hulk, Killer 7,Ratchet and clank 2 for 75p each.

Cooking mama for £1 and ghost busters for £3.99.

All of witch where purchase in pawnshops charity shops or carboot.

Been haggling loads recently trying to cut the best deals around manage to get these two Gioteck ps3 controllers (R.R.P £30 each)
For £25 and pokemon sapphire thrown in for free.

After going to see the Conjuring I felt like making myself cack my pants farther with Haunted hull and The hell-bound heart what hellrasier is based on, The haunted Hull book Read like Thrift bytes, I think its all the random picture and sketchy writing maybe its a Hull trope.

Kicking it round Sunday market taking a break from the thrift to take in these magnificent birds, One of them was giving me the eye.

Finally seen The old dinosaurs magazines I used the collect as a kid I would of picked one of these folders up, But they where all later issues, and Every one stopped buying this after the T-rex Skeleton was complete by about issues 50.

At market the following wensday and picked up this epic Yamaha PSR-290, Wanted to learn an instrument for a while now and Haggling the guy down from £40 to £20 was pretty good goings, And add bonus crack down on mega drive and 1080 snowboarding for N64 Result!

Again at market I managed to hustle This DS down to £13 thinking it was just with the one game carnival games £4 trade £2 cash, When I opened the game case there was an R4 card in there, Great to have But Getting rid of R4 cards is harder to do now eBay doesn't let you list them.

So all the carboot action I have been taking in of late has really been paying dividends And I urge anyone to go check out there local carboot sale/market you really are missing out if you don't go have a look.

And Just As I am about to rap up my spending for the week I walk into a random run of the mill Tat shop and ask if the had any video game stuff the guy pulls out this n64 I offer him £10 He takes £15 Most of the games that came with it more then covering my outgoing on this item, big win.

N64 console, Pokemon stadium,Mario kart,F-zero X,
Shadow of the empire,Fifa 99,V rally,Virtual pool.

With a haul this big there's bound to be some trade run off Getting shot of a few things at cex for Clock tower 3.

50p each for these two sonic games bound to bring in some feed back at lease selling for £3 each.

And My mate ask me to sell these for him SOS is so so on the rare front but Raw danger should go for some big bucks Will be intesring to see how these pan out.

And last but by no mean least we have shenmue 2 for xbox using my Credit to get this, Completely gob smacked to see this in CEX, Just to think someone Has Taken 90p cash or £3 trade for it, Who would do that, So after the last copy I got of this not been in the best shape I will be keeping this one as it is in mint con what a game and what a thrift.