Saturday, 27 July 2013

Thrifting only happens when theres games

Taking in the epic thunder storm the other night, Incidentally It wasn't Raining when this was going on, Fleetwood mac offically full of shit.

First up on the pick up, Once again up on Sunday for market finding this sweet Dragon branded 3rd party SNES controller with turbo settings, I think after a bit of a clean up I will keep this its awesome, and Snowboard kids on N64 that's worth £10 ebay,  £3 for the game and the pad so result.
For £1 I picked up monster hunter 2 freedem, Missing the cover but for £1 it was worthy of recusing, There was loads of Game cubes that day as well but every one seem to think £10-20 is about right on price, Maybe with a Game boy player add on.

Something inherently more cool then a overpriced beat up GameCube is this original Game Boy with 5 games I payed £5 for total bargain really shocked how good the version of road rash is on GB and the rest of the games are the ushall suspects Super mario land Tesserae, And something that you Find with every Game boy ever, The rudimentary Two Copy's of tetris.

Then soon after finding the Game boy, I found The printer and camera for £3 each, Its always fun finding one of these gameboy cameras, A bit like when you find a memory card to see what Game saves are left on there it offers an insight into the person who own this before you.

It Started of Innocent enough, What seemed to be loads of pictures of westlife Joe from friends, and Garth gates.
I even found an old print off in the printer box of some guy filling his boots in a cafe, looking pretty happy about it.

Towards the back of the GB Cameras memory, Things started getting a bit weird, For some reason there is always pictures of some middle age women in her knickers on these things, And I have had a fair few GB cameras in the passed, Needless to say I couldn't show you the ones after this.. woah!

Ip man On DVD for £1 its two discs with loads of extras, Anyone who has not seen ip man and is into marshal arts movies It really is a must see, having an interst in Wing chun This film has some really good exsample of it that and the prodical son are really good wing chun style kung fu movies.
£2 cash £4 trade it is also the king of iron thrift!.

Marvel ultimate alliance, worth big buck on 360 about £22, on PS2 its more like £10 but still great.
 99p for FFX-2 its got about £4 in it on ebay, keeps the feed back going up. and this one was in really nice con.
Gun grave £1.99 you don't see this very often but the price isn't very reflective on the rarity. about £5 on a good day.
Spyro Fusion and a sponge bob game for GBA, Kids games on GBA area save bet as long as its nothing to rubbish 99p is a good price on individual carts.

I had an audio book on tape as a child called the haunting of toby jubb, By dennis wheatley, Only one torrent for this audio book online with no seeded, Found a guy who puts them on to CD for reasonable price.
 Resident evil 4 is always a good seller somewhere in £5 - £7 I got this FFX and Champions of north on a deal 3 for £2.50.
FFX... It seems no matter how many copy's you take of the streets they grow back somehow.

Capcom vs snk 2, Not bad not up there with marvel vs capcom 2 or 3rd strike but still a nice fighter game for £1.99
Champions of norrath, From the school of baldaur''s gate dark alliance runs on the same engine and pretty rare for all accounts about £10.


Friday, 19 July 2013

Summer of Snes

Damn been a total heatwave all over the U.K for about two weeks now and hull hit 32c the other day it was hotter then rio.

Gaming on a whole is pretty much an indoor activity, But like most kitchens and spare rooms in the UK there's usually one of them old TV/DVD combo's kicking about on them stands that swivel all the way round.

Rocking a small PSone to get your out door gaming on pretty sweet.

Prolifically checking all the shops that have retro is a rule to live buy if you wanted to fine the good stuff, A prime example of this happened the other day checked out the same shop on the way to my mates house and then on the way back home the next day, The first day they had nothing worth buying, Then the following day that had loads of PS2 games for 75p each there was a fair few worth getting I picked up.

Down hill domination
Deaedly skies

 Altered beast

 GTA sa

Crash banicoot 2

 GTA san andreas still holding £3 trade in CEX, The rest of them where all over 75p on the trade so gives the trade pile a boost.
 And Crash bandicoot 2 not in the original box just in a standard CD jewel case, That's a good point, That there is always games hidden in the CD's definitely worth skimming the CD's in charity shops you never know.
And the last 75p game I got that day was Marvel vs capcom 2, The box was full of really good titles worth playing but this was by far the best from a resale stand point and a gaming prospective.

Traded in all the PS2 I found at CEX apart from marvel vs capcom 2, was gunning for shadow hearts but ended up with too games instead final fantasy crystal chronicles and jade cocoon 2.

Random item of the week goes to this sealed up copy of the street fighter movie sound track, No one wanted to listen to this? not even a bit of Ice cube?

This white original game boy advance cost me £8.75, It was going to be £9 put people don't seem to have the patience to wait for me to rack my pockets for change and end up letting me of money? Tesco's the other day they let me of 99p.. 99p you could buy,

 Loco Roco on psp a hidden gem with the charm of vib ribbon and the game play of beautiful katamari or Ape academy 2 for psp with its same console split screen function? The GBA came with crash n trance I will be using it to bundle a few Gameboy games I have left unsold.

This Sega Master system was in a barnardos charity shop priced up at £39.99 no games one pad all the cords, eBay its going to cost you £20-25 with no games but most do come with a few common games, I will keep an eye on this hopefully someone will look it up online when it doesn't sell.

Cash generator is always a good shout for getting things under the CEX price, Finding Lego Star wars complete saga For £7, so with £12 trade that's £5 you don't have to spend in real money for something rare, You could try your look on ebay but the going rate for more current games on ebay is usually the CEX trade price anyways, So its alway good to reinvest some games in to finding something rarer for ebay.

So with Lego Stars wars some old P.C games few 50p Credit notes and some fluff out my pockets I managed To get enough Trade for Complete copy of Shadow Hearts, They even Re-surfed it for me and it has the 16 page mini guide get in.

Going towards spicing up the GBA lot I will be listing on ebay picked up Mario and yoshi just to give people a flash of red and blue get the whole Nintendo vibe going.
Motor mash? Yeah I will hold my hands up with this one never heard of it, The ocean logo on the front gives away its a pretty early release for ps1 it was £1 its worth about £4 so not bad but worth more as a curiosity then anything else.
Assassins Creed for £2 more like £4-6 in cex/cash congen so not bad last time I had it there was £3 trade in it its gone down to £1.60 so this will probably be the last time I pick this game up so this will ended up in my box of Purgatory where tunnel b1 lives.

Now as for the likely hood of me finding Duplicate consoles It turns out Hull  is choc full of Super Nintendo's, because I found another one. 

Even more amazing is that for £15 I find this Snes in Very similar condition as the last one
No Yellowing and This model had the dust cap still on the AV out, Before I saw this I didn't know they had a cover for this port? And Mario All stars to top it off, next week a 3D0 and CDI.

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Catch the mist, catch the myth Catch the mystery, catch the thrift.

The summer heat making the hunt for retro video games even sweeter with some nice weather for a change. After picking the city dry this last month I was expecting the finds to be a bit more lack luster then the run of retro consoles I found.

PS1 Oh no more lemmings 49p, 
Coded arms 99p, 
classic Lemmings and a 1st person shooter for psp.

Undead knights £1.99 On Ebay about £10 mark, And this sweet Return of the jedi Tin for £2.99.

Found This copy of official PlayStation magazine from April 2003 Its a strange read reminding you of the fact that the PS1 really did kick around for ages after the PS2 and games still coming out all the way up to 2005

Nice play on words, Looking to the back of this magazine you will Find the A-Z of ps1 games, It gives you eBay prices and this was the genesis of how I started to Get info on the value of these games, Official ps1 and PlayStation power had a-z's like this a must for the days without the Internet.

Sid Meier's golf £1, Turns out its pretty sort after, and season 1 of family guy for £1 how could you pass on that.

I traded GTA liberty  city stories, and Got digital devil saga 2 and Rogue Galaxy at CEX.


Random item of the week goes to these blow up pair of legs WTF?

 Resident evil outbreak for £1.99 and bubble bobble/rainbow island £1.99 no resale on this just fancy playing it again, A really tidy silent hill 2 £2.99 and thief 1&2 for £1.99.

Somethings that is always hard pressed to find in Hull is Things in cardboard boxes, Big box pc stuff seems to last, Stuff like sonic and knuckles in the box and mostly all snes games are scares, To the left you can see Encarta 2000 and 99 the internet on a disc lol.

So Finding a Snes game in the box is pretty fricking miraculous in the first place, but it been one I have been ask to find is Astronomically unfeasible, That game is zombies it is a £35 buy it now Behemoth of a game and boxed in hull for 50p is insane and after finding that snes a few weeks ago with boxed games, 
I ended up finding another one off the short list I am left gob smacked.

Pretty pleased with myself with only a few shops left to do on my run, I pick up This for 50p to try out on my laptop to see if it runs, Thinking I am about to Rap this thrift up since I just pissed away 50p on Dark messiah. Then in the last shop I see this.

£10 for a Sega Game Gear with the TV Tuner, Of course the tv tuner doesn't work anymore because the analogue signal has been turned off, But I always wanted that thing as a kid, nice historical piece, The power cable, Carry case, 4 games paper boy, Sonic chaos, Columns and Land of illusion. The screen is perfect too no clouding or blur like lots of these things ended up like and a really nice selection of games with this and a great price.