Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Supreme Victory

Lots To talk about this week, On the cusp of it being a lack luster time on the thrift Turns out to be A high octane thrift-a-Rama.

White knight Chronicles, In cash generator For £3.99. Shot straight to the nearest ATM to get the cash out to buy it. Upon returning to the shop someone had bought it Damn, Then the next day the same copy shows up in CEX so I used store credit.

Taking a chance on this been the 360 version of Tony hawks American Wasteland, For 99p kinda worth the gamble.
As you can seen on the right, It turned out to be the Xbox 1... Xbox one.. original Xbox version, Fail but hay sometimes that how game chasing goes.

Load of sing star games for 49p each, When I checked them on CEX they wasn't up to much, 70p - £1.20 trade each so I traded them in straight away and got The copy of Final Fantasy for psp seen on the left.
Now there is two diffenret copys of final fantasy 1 on PSP.
There is the standard Pal version worth £6 cleary the one CEX Thought they had in stock with the White front cover, Then theirs the 20th anniversary worth around £20, I knew there was something different about this copy and pulling back the CEX sticker It confirmed it get it!

The Bards Tale For 49p Seeing alot of this game of late, And captain America and the avengers for £3 this is classic if slightly broken arcade action its pretty hardcore and well suited to the Six button acrade stick am using with my Mega drive.

The random Item of the week goes to this Old ass camera, Bet this thing was high end back when it was new it looks awesome.

Lemmings remake for £1 and Bruce Lee Quest of the dragon for 49p

Final Fantasy III for £2 and God of war Ghost of Sparta, £4.99 30% off but yeah the scanned the 50% code.. again Woohoo!
Good old Crash 5 for £1 and Animal Crossing Lets go to the city on Wii For £3
All these from Wednesday Market for £5 for the lot Super Mario Land 2 Donkey Kong Country and Pokemon Sliver.

 Few PS3 Pick ups Hunted for £2.49 and GTA IV liberty city stories £5.99 That's £8 cash £12 trade and CEX sell for £18.

I bought a mystery game again, This was inside a GBA game Case I couldn't get open in the shop, 50p turned out to be Disney Princess, Sweet! I mean o well for 50p it worth finding out what it was... eh hum.

The OUYA has its Retail Release this week, Its an Android based Console with a Tegra 3 Cpu and 1gb ram, 
At first glance its pretty much any games you have running on your phone at the moment in 1080p on your T.V with a game pad. 
Look a little harder and you discover its an Emulation power house anything up to n64, as well as side loading APK Files from the USB, It definity fills a gap in the market and is good to see Android been put forward as a gaming platform and using a real game pad.

Star wars Rogue Leader, Lego stars, and jedi knight £1 each and Sonic and Chu Chu Rocket £2
A while back I got caught slipping I saw Jurassic park Operation genesis on P.C in a Dove house for £2.99 It was pretty beat up and a passed on it not knowing its like a £30 game, So I redeemed my Self today finding it for £1 in scope what a find.

The last thing I found out on the thrift was not from a shop, I was doing my normal rounds in Cottingham in the local pre-owned game shop, My ear phones fell out at the same time the guy behind me was getting turned down on some stuff he was trying to sell, All I heard was "Mega drive" then the guy walked out the shop with a massive bag of Retro, I chased him down and ask him what It was he was trying to sell.

Turns out he wanted £60 for all this stuff I didn't have the cash so I tuck down his number, I wasn't sure what he had at the time, I ring him up when I got back home and we settle on £50 and he even dropped it off for me.

Tetris & Dr mario boxed: £20 (ebay)
Street racer boxed: £10 (ebay)
Stunt Racer boxed: £12 (ebay)
Spectre Boxed: £5 (ebay)
Nigel Mansell's World Championship: £8 (ebay)
Super Star wars boxed: £15 (ebay)
Super Return of the Jedi boxed: £10 (ebay)
Super street figher 2 Turbo Tin: £15 (ebay)
Smash tennis cart only: £6 (ebay)

Super Nintendo console: £20-£30 (ebay)

Sega mega Drive 2 console: £15-20 (ebay)

The Snes console its self is in totally mint con, No yellowing at all and the mega drive just sweetens the deal, What a great thrift and the epic console run Kontinues.



Thursday, 13 June 2013

Window shopping

On the back of all the great retro consoles I have found recently and in general the high quality of all the items I have manged to
Procured over the pass month or so, I was in no real rush to replenish my current Ebay stock. So I was taking a more laid back and slow approach to thrifting about town, Taking in some paths and walk ways off the beaten track for a change, Turns out this little cut thought gets me to the shops faster then the path I usually take.
The Photo above is The window of a shop in Hull called Chinese Laundry. Its a vintage clothing boutique, The thing about this shop window that always caught my eye is the box of the 1978 prinztronic tournament IV pong machine, The amount of times I walk passed that shop window looking at that box speculating of my likelihood of ever finding something that old and retro hunting around the city I live.

Well I don't have to speculate any more because I found the exact Same one. Boxed in sailors society charity shop for £10. At first I thought it was missing the power cable for it, But it turns out These where powered off C batteries and very rarely where any of the pong machines sold with a plug. I found this out because some one had left the original receipt for it in the boxed.

As you can see on the 23/11/1978 The machine cost £16.95 plus 90p for 6 batteries. adjusted for inflation this equates to £86.72 in today's money. 

The store in question can be seen in the photo above, To the far left you can see Dixons half in shot, This is Silver street circa 1970 just passed whitefriargate. Its like the origin of most of the Retro I acquire has a story to tell, This prinztronic tournament IV left behind enough evidence To fine where it originated from, And offers an insight in to a time not so long ago for lots of people and a history lesson for myself When the Atari 2600 and Fairchild channel F would be considered high spec and Pong was King.

Jumping back to the more recent passed now with a rundown of other pick up I found that day kicking off with starwars battlefront 2 a very popular title, Always worth picking up for £3 or less I paid £1 for this tidy copy.
Dead or alive for £1, Not the rarest game in the world but at this point as long as its not a sports game or some really crappy Midas budget title then its a save bet. Plus Its a cracking fighting game and a pioneer in boob physics technology.

Grand theft  auto san andreas strategy guide for £1 This had a load of GTA maps for the games inside the pages always good to have some spare video game maps kicking around so you can make the games complete.
A copy of The house of the dead 3 on Xbox, That I can finally bundle with the only light gun that I am aware of coming out for xbox that green madcatz one that came with my xbox one... I mean Xbox 1... Original xbox, Great name for a console not confusing at all.

Most of the stuff I found this time was in places I haven't frequented for a while, prolificness does pay off mostly all the time but having a set route does miss out the odd patch of shops here and there glad I did a sweeper run of the ones I usually miss out So next time I would like a Philps CD-I, a FM towns Marty and a Super Nintendo all boxed. Slightly ambitious but just a few weeks ago I would of said the same about an Amiga 600 and Commodore 64.



Tuesday, 11 June 2013

E3 Amigos

E3 is going on right now and tons of info is coming out about a whole host of new games and the next gen,The most pressing of current info is the Xbox one and PS4. Xbox one already confirming there position on Used games DRM and online connection as well as spying on you with the knect, So what did they have to make us look passed all this B.S and the $499.99 price tag.

You dirty Rat bastards Microsoft, I love killer instinct, And gamers are fickle, At this point Its like the console manufactures are holding this games prisoner waiting for you to rush and make bale for them and then pay the court fees, all while having a steady internet connection, Then when your poor and hungry and find out the game you baled out with your hard earn cash is guiltily of sucking you cant trade it in or sell it, Dirty and nostalgic why wasn't this killer instinct out on 360? I was about to swallow some hard creamy mircocock then this morning sony had something to say.

Woah! wait a minute I think Sony just single handed stop the next big video game market crash, Saved the Pre-owned games stores and made it seem like they listened to what gamers, Customer want, Play games offline,Trade share and keep the games you buy, Its a fine hour for Sony also coming in at a $100 lower then the Xbox one $399.99. I think best of all is Sony has realized We all don't live in the Sun kissed California lifestyle Microsoft thinks we do where we all have ready and stable internet and we use games that have been out a week as coasters after playing them. Now if some one can rehire David hayter as the voice of snake I will be happy.   

We start off with another one of them amazing coincidences, It happens more and more, I talk about a game with someone or someone ask me to find a specific  game and in the same day I end up finding it. here it is Talmit's adventure complete really nice con £2.
Few more items I picked up Puggsy £1, Paperboy £3 and a book for 25p Forgotten realms Pool of radiance, A book loosely connected to the various video game incarnations by the same name for NES and in the late 90s on P.C.

I was particularly keen on finding the Mega drive games this week, Being rocking this Atgames Megadrive to test out my Cartridges and inadvertently got suckered back in to playing some classics for the system again, Not as exciting as discovering a Retro console I have no first hand Experience with but defiantly drenched in nostagia.

This brought about my annual "Get the nes to work" venture, In narrowing the fault down to the 72 pin connector hopefully just been dirty, After a good clean up and reassembly my effect failed and it is on bricks, still searching for a top loader to replace it.
Few pick ups from block buster since the store is not closing down now they have started getting a few bits of retro back in, Star battlefront 2 PSP, 
Wrath unleashed and King of fighters 01/02 all 50% of the marked price, Well star wars was 30% but they scanned the 50% again, Sweet!

Burn Fighter Deluxe for £2 at market, Its a fun little shooter, Making use of the beat up GBA SP from Last week to test it.

Now By this point we can all gather I like a bargain, And most recently I have really been coming up trumps on finding hardware at rock bottom prices, I can however say that the following Item I found represents Astronomical value for money, Two entire British pounds bought me this.

A commodore Amiga A600 with Power adapter, Mouse,
Quick shot pro Joystick and a Mega Drive Fighting stick MD that is worth around the £20 mark, Let alone the £30-45 you could command for the Amiga. This is great for resale better still I have always wanted to play some of the exclusive titles for Amiga the likes of zool2 and shadow of the beast 3, And it give me a chance to test some of the Amiga games I have had kicking round waiting for eBay because I couldn't test them.

Likes these two copy's of hero Quest, Both complete and glad to say both working.

And this Crazy RPG Dkakkhen Where it seem as soon as I start the game all my party get eaten by a dragon.

The game above is BAT II worth £35 on ebay, £2 to find out this is in good working order worth every penny.

Blade warrior is last up, Tested out and has a really visually striking style and a more hands on type of game play to so I can make sure the joy sticks work.

Graphics something like, Lost in shadow or limbo, It was only then I realized the Amiga had composite connections on the back Red yellow and white pins, So I Return the RF I borrowed off the C64 and hooked it up to the side AV on the TV.

That's a million times better display then a RF tuned into a VCR. Can only imagine what I am likely to find on the thrift this week I haven't even be out this week yet!