Saturday, 27 April 2013

Thrift. Thrift Never Changes


In modern gaming one thing that seems to have progressed with the added advancements of tecnology is the total immersion games have to offer, Seen in the picture above, Euro Truck simulator 2 really does come close to making the player so engrossed in the game that you can almost forget your not sat in the cabin drivng to hull, Being able to tune the trucks radio into real internet radio stations was a particularly nice touch. And a level of immersion in a truck driving game seen prior only in games the like of elder scrolls.

That's our first game this week Skyrim PS3, Paying £10 for this game coming in about £6-8 cheaper then the retail price, Maybe a small about of profile in this on ebay, I picked this up to play again, thinking of getting the DLC for it and giving that a try.

Next we have Oddworld £1 and day of the tentacle 50p, Day of the tentacle seem to be one of them Items people list for loads on ebay so no one really know how much its worth, And a duel shock 2 £1 update on the pads, Dual shock 2 are down to £4 cash in CEX, furthermore my local CEX have started to make you booked controllers in for a test, so be aware you have to wait 20 mins to sell pads now bummer, on the plus side they mite be more lenient to any cosmetic damage.

A Like new copy of baldur's Gate DA 2, £3 from grainger games?
Nope more like 99p from cash converters

 Final fantasy XII 99p sylvester and tweety £1 Baldurs gate DA £1
Star wars KOTOR £1 and Endless ocean £1.99.  

Shellshock on PS1, Never played this one, always picked it up and looked at the box back in the day but never had ago, and for £1 its worth giving it a whirl.
If you love Final fantasy X and you live in a place where you can not find a copy then come to hull. At this point copy's of FFX would not look out of place next to the bread in tesco's.
 Checking out some old stuff the other day and found a whole bunch of Credit notes inside some game boxes so had loads of credit to spend in CEX picked up crash 5 on xbox can go for more the £15 on a good day.

Unlike Galerians on PS1, Galerians: ash is a rare site, for some reason cex only pricing this up at £2.

Silent Hill 4 the room, The wait payed of and I can finally use this copy of the room to complete the silent hill collection.

I See this all the time now, Really well Read copy's of fifty shades, Only £1.20, That's a Great price, Discounted due to most of the pages being stuck together.

Astro boy 99p good seller and battle stations midway, The guy in blockbuster was telling me about this game and had nothing but good things to say about it, then I saw it in the wild for £3, CEX sell it for £7

This is what I was picking up in blockbuster, You have to twist there arm to get the buy one get one free deal now, got all these for £6.

£1.50 for some singstar mic's work on PS2 and PS3 So great resale on them.

And Finally I used up the last of my credit notes on Xenosaga 2, Its hard pressed to find a nice copy of this, With the box been cardboard, This one had a few scuffs but all in all quite good compared to some I have seen.

Star Ocean First departure and Second Evolution £9.99 each so £20 for both, Super rare, First departure is about £15-18 and second evolution about £28-30 so well worth paying a bit more.



Thursday, 11 April 2013

Rise from your grave... Power up

Man its been a busy few weeks For pick ups, At the start of April last year Hull was dry as a bone for Quality deals on video game stuff, But this year has delivered An abundance of awesome games and interesting items lets dive right in.

The Sims 3 fast lane stuff (sealed) for £2 Cex cash £3 Trade £5 and GTA IV P.C for £4 GTA IV cex cash 7 trade £10.

ABE'S EXODDUS for £1 black label so increased value there and complete with book and control leaflet.


 Resident Evil Survivor
Again complete with the box and book and all the great shape £1

Fable The lost chapters for £2 the normal Fable 1 always sells on ebay for £4-£6 and the lost chapters More £8-£10 so great find and its 360 compatable.

Night caster 2! for £2 this game is worth about £12 The price doesn't really reflect how rare it is a lot less common then the Ebay price dictates, I remember trying to find this one the day of release and no one had it in stock.

ICO £3.99
Not yet bested the time i found the cardboard sleeve version with all the art cards for 99p but this hardcase copy is really tidy and still worth £10 pound give or take since the HD collection came out on PS3. 

Psychonauts £1.99
No brainier on this one, Everyone at some point in there life needs a copy of Psychonauts, It sells well all the time £6-£8


FINAL FANTASY X for £1.99 

So After finding all that stuff I was pretty fired up to play some games and was going to have a go split screen on CODMW3.

 Only to find out the batteries pack thing, on the second controller was broken, This is a common problem with 360 pads the metal that completes the circuit breaks or comes out, Easy way to sell Plug and play kits i guess, Making the batteries pack that comes with the pad really shitty. 
Well no worries, If you really want to get your game on all you need is some tinfoil,tape and two AA batteries and some tissue. tape the batteries together and tape the tinfoil to the top of the batteries and then jam it in place with the tissue like so.

As long as both ends are touch the coils the pad with come on then just a bit of tape across the back of the pad so they don't fall out, That lasted me a full nights COD and was still working the next day, I would turn the vibrate function off if you try this the pad shaking works the batteries out of place.

And now we return to the second wave of pick ups.

Classic Doctor who The caves of Androzatn.
£2 they sell most the classic Dr whos for £5 each so £2 is a deal.

Talladega nights on bluray.
The First bluray I have bought as well as the first one I have seen in a charity shop not price up at £5. £1.29 for this and hey its not a bad movie £1.80 cash £2 trade I am going to run in CEX like a spider monkey.  
Heard nothing but good things about this book, Though I would read it before seeing the film there bring out that's based off this book. 
Pokemon Pearl £2
As a rule any of the main pokemon RPG under £5 buy it boxed unboxed doesn't matter people still want them, Pokemon yellow on game boy still sells for £15 unboxed. 

Battalion wars on game cube for £1.99, This is a hidden gem on the cube and worth the £10-12 pounds it goes for. 
This Thing is awesome, Its the ATgames portable megadrive 20 in one, yeah its got 20 megadrive games built in the likes of  
Golden axe, Altered beast, Sonic and knuckles, sonic pinball, Crackdown.
This cost £4.99 in Cash converters total bargain the screen is about the size of a Game boy mirco the unit its self is just a bit bigger then that, Its back light, had phone jack and AV out so you can hook it up to your TV runs on AAA batteries.

Last up is CODMW3 for £3.99

They only give £2 trade and £4 for this in CEX, But they do still sell it For £10, this was in cash generator there was two copy's one said £15.99 and the one I bought price at £3.99
The game was in great con and after playing this game all night on split screen at my mates gaff I was stoked, Shit I haven't Got Xbox live GOLD, Inside the box was a 2 Day code of Xbox live that had not been used, Total bonus £4 the cost for instant COD, Lets face it two days is more then enough time to Get over it. and play something better.