Friday, 29 March 2013

Thrift factor

The world needs wannabes yeah, That's The X-factor auditions que  right in my way on route to game.
Felt like brodie in mallrats when all them people are in the way of the comic book shop.
"just because a guy plays games he can't start some shit?"

Speaking of queuing up like mindless zombies, 
Walking dead: survival instincts came out last week.

 If you do end up playing this game better get used to that view, The biggest thing wrong with this game is the grapling zombies if one grabs you its starts a half QTE thing, where you have to pull the analogue stick on the its head and press R2, But by the time the first two zombies grab you there ends up been a que for them all to bite your face, Some things where done right, The cross bow is cool once you get it, (near the end) and scavenging for supplies would have been cool if they give you more room to store items, and its very short too, For walking dead fans I would stick to the telltale games walking dead games far better then this mess.

Had a bunch of Credit notes, Run off from always trading in at CEX so Picked up some Ebay fodder,
Silent hull 2,Psychonants,shadow hearts from the new world,

And fable from cash generator for 69p 

All complete, On the subject of complete one of the benefits of regularly picking up the same items is knowing about what should be there to make a game truly complete.

 Like this sweet sticker that comes with silent hill 2: 2 disc special edition, Its something that is always missing from this item, If anyone see this with the box and book they think its complete not knowing this sticker came with the item in the first place, Now you know.

Always see some crazy items on the thrift, Some Quality Puns on the front of this Page 3D jigsaw,  And yes the people in the shop was looking at me like I was a right perv lol.

Got Bloodmoon again going to pair that up with morrowind, Arx Fatalis on P.C? never seen that in the wild before had the xbox version a few times its not a bad game to its like elder scrolls looks like we had a RPG fan donating to P.D.S.A.

I put CEX in The way back machine For a laugh this is December 2006, They used to pay £215 cash for a wii, Damn!


Tuesday, 19 March 2013

The Tri thrift: 20 rupees not too shabby hey

Ryo's off Thrifting, Must know when the shops get a new batch of donations, which is something I have been trying to get down for a while, when do all the charity shops get stocked up with new donations?

The nearest intel to this effect I have managed to muster is that birtish heart foundation get theres on a Tuesday, But there all different days for banardos, scope and all the others. 
I suppose I could go ask them, But I like hanging round outside the shop like I am taking spy photo's instead... what can I say i have a lot of time on my hands.

First up, its been a bit dry this week so I have being letting the pick ups mount up, Great prices on these finds

Tekken 5 49p, Sega Classic collection £49p, 
And Dream fall limited Ed for £1.49,

It seems like any P.C game with a good load of stuff with it and a nice looking book will sell, that dream fall being very tidy.
 Jonah lomu rugby for 30p
Now as a rule mostly all sports games all left well alone, but strangely this one sometimes goes for between £3-£6 then sometimes ends up selling for pence, bit of a gamble, but not really 30p, allthought i could of bought a chomp and some space raiders

 Few more P.C pick ups 

Spellforce 50p Got this to have a go on looks like a warcraft 3 type of game so will give it a bash.
Simon the sorcerer, and Simon the sorcerer 3D £1 each, Think i will bundle them two together, I had seen Simon the sorcerer the other day for £2 nearly picked it up then, Can remember it been reviewed on Cybernet once, glad i held out and found both of them for the same price.

Wanted to play this, and for 50p get in, But no leave this one alone, Its one of them where you have to mess about with Dos box and all that jazz found a link to this game direct play, You just need a google account to download it Click here for the link

 Next up we have the CPU stomping Crysis one, back in the day this bad boy would of put the most grunt worth of P.C though its paces mite install in on my laptop and see how it fairs, Probably push the 965 express chipset family crap that I have onboard to its very limt.

For £1 its worth finding out.

This next Item I payed the Gold price of £20! In a charity shop £20 will buy you many things, today it got me this.

A zelda Tri force GBA-SP, with 8 games, came in a carry case but missing the Plug.

But yeah I have a spare SP plug thanks to blockbuster giving me one When I bought a normal GBA that takes batteries, cheers. 
So Normal GBAsp go for around £15 now, This one is £20-30 on Ebay, Plus Zelda minshcap been in the mix £6-£12, a tidy profit on just the console and the zelda games, Plus all the other games for Ebay fodder. Then there is the fact that it looked to damn cool to not buy it, shiny Tri force GBA.

Madagascar,Finding nemo,Sherk 2,TY,
Scooby doo cyber chase,Simpsons road rage. 

So Considering it was almost the end to whats been a great run of stuff over the last month or so, its managed to keep on going, next week will be the real test, right then I am of to melt my shit laptop with crysis.