Friday, 22 February 2013


Its has being quite a few weeks in Video game news and releases lets run down whats been going on.

Aliens colonial marines came out and With that The whole of the Internet showed there disappointment by moaning about it, Is It just me or do people expect way to much from video games now days, Granted I am from a school of people who played rise of the robots on mega drive using emotional gymnastics to convince our self that the 3 seconds of full motion video and life like graphics was worth the torment of actually playing the game
As far as I am concerned if a game gos as far as making full 3D recreations of sets from the movie universe its based on and can get the sound of a pulse rifle right, Then it must be worth playing, and then trading it in for dead space 3 and playing that, and then selling dead space for £30, all in all getting to play 2 current games and only spending £7.99, Isn't the pre-owned market great or what.

Here is a Bunch of crowney's that don't think the pre-owned market is great at all and plan to destroy it, Sony and there revealed PS4, An 8gb of ram mega console, that will be and is already obsolete compared to any respectable modern day P.C build, They did say it will still be a disc based System, Throw in the Rumored Disc tagging, So now not only do you have to put up with online codes, Limited installs, They mark each disc to one console, Every one is going to have a lot of coasters in the future, one more thing worthy of note from Sony's unveiling early in the week, They have knocked backwards compatibility on the head, So buying all your old games of the PSN shop will be a blast, squeezing every last penny out of your new console fund so when you do finally get your hand on a PS4 you will have to buy Asphalt 8 because its the cheapest out of all the launch titles, because sony have sapped all your money away with all sorts of peripherals, you'll end up buying a second controller for £100 only to relies non of the games have  
couch co op, So you'll end up mindlessly thumbing though all the settings on the flashy twat-dazzling new touch pad tell you are slowly driven insane...

Yeah so I will look forward to buying one of these in 3 years time pre-owned.

Resident Evil 1.5 Had a some what playable release this week, due to some guy trying to make money off the leaked copy of this semi complete project, so the guy's trying to bring a fully playable version released what they have done so far to stop people making money of this non profit project. All you need to play this is a P.S one emulator and the game. Really is awesome to see what Resident evil 2 could of ended up like links to the ISO of Resident evil 1.5 here.

Lots of stuff about this week on the thrift, Lots of seemingly good deals, than upon closer inspection, more Coasters

Civ 5 is £4 trade £3, But CEX sell it for £12 so £2.99 to buy is still a great deal, But the pisser is you can't Trade civ 5 i unless its sealed up, The reason for this is its linked to a steam account as soon as you install it so games like this in charity shops are just Drinks Coasters. really want to play a Civ game now too.

Had to pass up on these two, Star wars battlefront 2 is a good seller but the disc was to beat up, and Final Fantasy X-2, Well if something is covered in brown shit don't buy it, Top tip!

Well Looks like I mite get to play some Civ after all.
Civilization: Revolution, £3.99 Elder scrolls III morrowind £1.99 (P.C), and capcom classics vol 1 and 2. £1 each

The is mass effect 3 at the top that was £9.99 about £3 under the going rate, not quite thrifty but hay.

Best find of the day and £5 profile in there if i want to sell it for the cash at CEX.
The copy of morrowind was really tidy as well, Not sure its worth the money the xbox version is but its a nice looking item all the map and guff is still in the box just hope I can Get the 2002 looking Gamestation sticker off it.


Monday, 18 February 2013

The Rare Transfer XI: Ah...I'll buy it at a high price.

Considering DLC when choosing to buy New or pre-owned is a real deal breaker Some times its just not worth the extra cash just for a extra weapon or some other guff, The online codes they put in new games make this a harder choice buying pre-owned and then to find out they want £7.99 for the online pass.

Chances are if a game is new out, some one has got it on a console deal and cash it in straight away so the code will be unused, like this copy of dead space on the left, on the filp side a lot of shop just throw the codes away, bit tight might as well leave them in the box just in case.

Just one pick up from the wild this week, Star wars Knights of the old republic for £2, Works on 360 and a great game.

 Checking out the CEX website a couple of nights ago and the rare games in the hull store was off the chart.

Some real heavy hitters, An opportunity that couldn't be missed so I called upon my 360 crap pile for some Trade.

I have sat on these games for a while, The seasonal price chances that happen in cex means the Cash and Trade on these games has being up and down all year and peaked the other day, Stuff like Child of eden and Kameo have gone down as low as £1.20 trade and 90p cash, now both back up to a healthy £3 trade £2 cash, The thinking behind this is the stock level is so low after xmas that they need to encourage people to trade in, Always keep and eye on CEX prices its is a clear indication of the Market, Its like the Thrifters stock exchange.

 £29.30 Trade, and they didn't knock anything of for scratched disc, Must have all being ok con, I grabbed all the rare stuff of the shelf before trading in wasn't going to take the chance some one would nab them before me so now I had to take my pick, I checked ebay the night before doing this so I had a good Idea on the value and had chosen accordingly.

Mana Khemia: Alchemist of Al-revis, Phantom Brave, and Odin Sphere!

The best of the bunch but not by much still left some Great and rare games on the shelf in cex, well maybe next time I am out and about I can find some stuff with good trade in them to drum up another Rare Transfer, The thing with stuff like this there's not a lot of people in Hull willing to pay a high price on last gen video games here's hoping the rest of them stay in there tell I return.

Right then, now I am going to pick up Odin sphere again and look at it in disbelieve, Just to think a few months back I was just about getting away with emulating this game on my laptop, Thinking of the silm chance I would ever get of owning it, Seems to always happen on Thrift Bytes mention something and you end up finding it.

Thursday, 14 February 2013

thrifter afield

When the city of Hull and anywhere that can be reached in walking distance of the the city is thin on the ground for video games, The price of a return bus ticket to next town over mite be a worth while investment.

The nearest town to Hull with a good amount of charity shops is Beverley, If you live in one of the big city's there a good chance all the small towns and villages around you will be great for thrifting, typically having lots of charity shops.

 As well as the ones mark out on google maps there is loads more hidden down the side streets, So its a gamble spending the £5.70 getting there, Checking how many Viable  shops are there first is always a good way to check its going to be a worth while trip.

A good selection of stuff this was in a oxfam books the usually just books but there had a load of games in the back.
 Loads of comic books again sure there will be some money in aleast a few of them need to get round to looking into that, this would be great for people in to comics look for some back issues.

Nothing mind blowing, but still pretty good can see the potential in this run in the future just luck whats on the shelf when you get yourself down there.

Command and conquer £1
Doom 3 resurrection of evil (Works on 360) £1
Burnout reavenge 50p
Civ 3 complete £1

Some ebay fodder in doom and C&C and burnout can go on the trade pile for cex £1.40 trade on that, and CIV 3 just to play.

The last thing I found that day was Unreal 3 £2 not bad Was playing it on my laptop online Still a bbuzzing online for this game and loads of mods and fan content, Ended up playing on a level of Halo CE with the unreal set up was awesome great game shame it looks like shit on my laptop.

Then back in Hull found Resident evil 4 for £1 in a cash converters near mint disc, I saw this in the GAME that used to be gamestation for £7.99 so straight up bargain and still gos for about £5 on ebay. much more on gamecube even tho the PS2 version has extra content.

So nothing stand out RARE but heres something that is becoming more common to find out in the wild.....

Sarah in a bear hat part 2: lol