Sunday, 23 December 2012

Merry Thriftmas

Well cheers Cash converters 10% of my next purchase I will be sure to use that next time I buy something for £1.99 to redeem my massive festive savings.

Speaking of massive festive savings the orange box for £4.99 what a deal wanted to get this back for a while, plus this game is up and down in cash and trade value all the time in CEX at one point this year they where selling it for £18 trade £11 cash £9 now its only £5 cash £6 they sell for £10, I will hang on to this just in case it go's back up.

Found GTA San Andreas for P.C this time, At the moment this version is top billing on the Trade and Cash front, £4 cash £5 trade on the P.C it is currently in my Disc drive having a blast on it on my  laptop ticking me over tell GTA V.

I decided to take the Trade on the 3 copy's of crash bandicoot 5 I got on the 3 for £5 ended up with £9 trade and I had a pile of Credit notes from other traded In's so I had £24 in total. I was after Uncharted 3 and something for eBay 

Was looking all over for something and ended up back at the game cube games they seemed to be load more Mario karts I was having a  closer look when I found one with the Zelda collectors disc sticker still on the front of the box, I got uncharted 3 on the way back to the checkout and ask if the zelda disc was still with it, It was and in mint con with the box for Mario kart and the book for the zelda disc.
What a bonus the zelda disc is about £15 on eBay and Mario £10 - £12 on a good day so a total bonus.

Thursday, 20 December 2012

The Rare Reserve

I have decided this year to take a break from eBay at Christmas, The reason being is that well for one thing nobody wanted to bid so all you get is people messaging you asking if they can buy it now, Two the immanent ball ache of postage
"will it be here for Christmas" 
yeah the package that I am posting on Xmas eve will magically appear under your tree, 
and the rest of the people wanted games shipped to the moon and people that choose to bypass Google and message me on eBay with the blatantly obvious question "Will this DS game work in my Game gear?" so yeah fuck that noise.

What I am doing this year is focusing on Xmas limbo the time between Xmas and new year, All the present have being given out every one has had there cash in the cards and the nostalgia of the season kicks in and everyone hits ebay looking for something cool and retro, I do it myself remembering that game I got that year, So its a good time to peddle your wears on eBay without getting caught up in all the Xmas guff, So all the games I have found recently have being stockpiled, I like the call it my 

Rare Reserve

With a mix of luck and in store credit I have managed to get together a good selection of games I will be adding to this later in the week lots to trade in.

Crash bani-Counted

So crash banicoot 5 is the second most found and sold game on thrift bytes, Just behind Final Fantasy X, earlier in the year a new store opened and I got 3 copy's for £5. Links below to bring you up to speed on Crash 5.   Last time  In General

So in the same shop the other day and what seemed like the same old PS2 stuff they have had in there since they opened that I have alright picked dry, Having some time to kill I had one last look at them all and found the same deal again 3 copy's of crash 5, 2 platinum one black label.

Twice finding the same deal, crazy, The price had gone down on Crash 5 since then only £2 cash £3 trade still about £5 on eBay so 3 for £5 still a right deal.

50p.c games

The picture above is my walk to the city centre and work, All the grass was frozen over and looked a bit Skyrim.
Thankfully when I turned round there wasn't an entourage of wildlife following me to work.

50p on PC games this week, Being a bit more careful with p.c games, I used to stay well clear of p.c stuff but more and more they seem to be getting desirable again. anything using steam is a no no like CODMW2 I found for £1 the other week it had already being registered to a steam account. Of course you could get a crack or mess about, but if you buying the disc just to slap in and play, you mite as well just not bother and download it.

Command and Conquer 4, Zombie driver, MGS2s, DEVASTATION.

All of them have about £2 trade on them in CEX apart from devastation 10p trade and cash for the 3 out of 4 is good and give me something for the trade pile.

Monday, 10 December 2012

Tribute to sir Patrick Moore - The Games Master

Total legend has left us.

Sir Patrick Moore


The Games Master

4-03-1923 To 9-12-2012

Plus the uncountable contribution sir Patrick Moore did for amateur astronomy and broadcasting in general.
The sky at night ran from the 24 of April 1957 up until his death, making it the longest-running program with the same presenter in television history. making It seem some what trivial that a bunch of twenty somethings should only really remember him as the Games master, I see it more as a testament to the Talent and character of a man who captivated the nation from gamers and astronomers a like. I have written about this before there is a early entire to my blog where Patrick Moore gets a mention, mite be worth a read in light of current events. link below.

Friday, 7 December 2012

the rare transfer IX: Christmas credit

Let it been know I hate Stuff! I am the harbinger of all of this crap but if its stuff on the trade pile or stuff that hasn't sold on eBay or I am just sick of looking at it I have to get shot of it, This is partly why I love doing the rare transfer at CEX Just taking in totally tat and coming out with something worth while and better still worth more money on eBay then any of the stuff I have traded in combined.

lets see how much credit they give me for that pile of tat.

After them lobbing transformers back at me 
(wrong disc was the Micheal bay transformers) 
and a few £1 knock of for scratched disc I ended up with £17.90 now then I have being looking on the website and there was nothing   notable on there of late, but I still managed to find a deal.

Mario kart double dash and monster hunter!!! that's awesome good resale on both of them and I will total have a go on Mario cart before I sell It.

Of course I will be playing Mario Kart on a Wii that has being kitted out with a gamecube memory card and controller, this in turn got me thinking does anyone use a Wii for Wii games anymore? with the Wii U being backwards compatible I think your more likely to play a Wii game on that thing then the original Wii, Its like that console is better at being everything else but what it is really meant for e.g

List of things your more likely to do on a Wii before playing a Wii game.

Click on the home brew channel.

Watch something on I player.

Check how fat you are.

Look on the Internet.

Piss about making rude Mii's.

Play a Game Cube game.

Emulated a console from the 90's

Put a DVD in to see what happens.

Get up and move the sensor bar.

Realize The battery's are dead in both your remotes.

Find out you need motion plus and turn it off.

and after all that you can finally get round to playing Wii sports sat down using the minimum of movement to make the game function.

Thursday, 6 December 2012

Thrift and Relative Dimension in Space

I hit the thrift hard the other day pretty go going I ended up with loads of stuff and a few bulk buys.

The first thing I came across was Space marine for £6.99 and call of duty MW3 for £9.99 almost pick up the PS3 to play but I ended up passing on them still better price then most retail shops on MW3 still around the £15 mark everywhere else .

Then I saw a crapton of Akira on UMD they where 50p each so I picked up 10 copy's 50p each is always a winner at that price they where all sealed too.

By the time I was heading home my bag was full to the brim, The best of all was all the classic Doctor who I found in one shop £1 each some of them have good trade and cash value the rest can be used as eBay fodder.

and then the games I found that day too

Final fantasy XII, downhill domination  astro boy, sims castaway,transformers,heart of darkness,

and a got a GBA with Sonic advance 2 and yu gi oh world wide

What a haul for one days thrifting Think i will kick back and watch some classic doctor who before I sell them. Sometimes it really does go your way game hunting, I always see it as a scale of awesomeness some days

"it was suppose to be so easy"

then other times its like 

"Just waking up in the morning gotta thank God 
I don't know but today seems kinda odd 
No barking from the dogs, no smog "

The scale of awesomeness!

Sunday, 2 December 2012

Do not take me for some conjuror of cheap thrift

So really good stuff coming my way, my buddy Carl was getting shot of his Xbox 360 and gave me some games the other day some quality stuff, So I let him have the silent hill collection from last week with him being a hardcore silent hill fan.

the stuff in all that lot I picked up is as followed

Prince of Persia trilogy
(this was priced up at £4 but when I got to the counter the guy marked it down to £2 just because, Kudos to Cash generator)

San Andreas 99p God of war £1 CODmw2 £1 Altered beast £1

 Box N64 game! OK I didn't pick it up with it being a knockout kings 2000 as rubbish sports title this will be gathering dust for a while yet but hey games the come in Cardboard boxes are a rare sight where I go video game hunting.

Damn Rogue galaxy and Lucifer's call sat next to each other on the shelf £9.99 each that's an OK price for a collector but leaving little room for resale.

Traded in for this yesterday Lord of the rings War in the north, I was looking something to accompany me eagerly awaiting the Release of the hobbit on December the 12 and this seemed like the perfect counterpart, To my shock and awe when I was looking in to this game I found out it was made by Snowblind studios the people behind the fantastic baldur's gate dark alliance one of my very favorite Hack and slash RPG's of all time so to find out that Snowblind have made a similar game with the aesthetic of the Lord of the rings franchise I shoot right to CEX to Conjuror up some store credit.