Wednesday, 28 November 2012

the rare transfer VIII: Crapola clear out

The trade pile has hit critical mass, so its time once again to haul ass to cex. Just looking at the games that mounted up over about a month it made me think i might have to calm down buying ninja gadien and fable WTF?

So after £1 knocked of for San Andreas being scratched and one copy of ninja gadien lobbed back at me, Don't think there was anything wrong with the disc, just cex sick of seeing it. 
I ended up with a respectable amount of trade credit.

Right on the money 50p more then I need for what I had in mind, Was on the website the night before and saw some nice stuff was looking at the PS2 for a while trying to find the game I was after. 
I was going to give up and settle on monster hunter and maybe used what was left for something cheap on PS3, then I found the game I was looking for, think its something about all the black font on the white background down the side of PS2 games makes it all blur into each other end up going a bit video game blind.

Bosh! The silent hill collection on ps2. This is a pretty rare title as well as it becoming more desirable because of the crappy job they did on the HD collection for PS3/360 It has all the PS2 versions 2,3 and the room.     

Monday, 26 November 2012

Weighing up the pros and consoles

Always becomes a time in the life of a generation of consoles where they all come down in price sufficiently that people can afford to have all what that generation has to offer side by side under the TV. I am reminded of a time in 2004 when I first ended up having a ps2 gamecube and xbox back to back on my desk, Well its come round again with the addition of a ps3 to my stash of consoles.
I was pretty late to the party with PS3 and owning one for a few weeks I can see why fan boy's and Internet trolls go on about console wars all the time there is good and bad on both sides.

XBOX 360

I have being rocking a 20gb xbox 360 for years always on and off xbox live, one of the reason I wanted a ps3 because of mircosoft making it auto renew your subscription to xbox live always forgot to cancel it (they don't make that easy) and then ended up overdraw with my bank because Microsoft wanted £6 for a month of live i didn't want. 
that aside some really good points Installing games is optional and the disc drive on the model I had was very quiet so no hassle. Xbox live is full of great games that don't take up space the whole time I had this console I was having a great time downloading games I wanted and never ran out of space. 
USB's can be used as extra space for games, on the downside the games on xbox market place are very pricey and its done in points not cash, the price of some games on the system is the same as a 3 months subsription to the playstation plus that gives you 23 full retail games free with it.


I have had to atempts to get things rolling with PS3 I first ended up with a cheaper fat 40gb model, Thinking if 20gb was ok on xbox then happy days I will have the cheaper one, 
then I got home and installed metal gear 4 and heavy rain, Then I had no space left, 
ok it had not being formated for a bit, after signing up for 3 months of playstation plus and getting loads of games free I had nowhere to save them, So yeah hard drive size is paramount with ps3 that and patiences, I ended up with a 320gb a lot more, 
the games on ps3's store are way cheaper then xbox and the playstation plus service offer is awesome compaired with xbox live they rarly give away anything for free, and the fact that playstation offers free online play out the box, 
the downside is the disc drive is loud if your playing a game that doesnt bank a lot of stuff to the hard drive and reads the disc all the time then turn your TV up, I guess thats just bluray but damn games like COD make your PS3 not shut up. 
The controllers great makes me feel like I am playing next gen stuff with a PS1 controller still in my hand that pad is future proof, well untell you need a trigger button, yes the 360 pad seems more cut out for some games.


Yeah everyone knows what the wii's about and if you think its playing wii sport or checking your weight loss then get a grip, get an SD card hack it and plays some NEO-GEO or something.

Because this is a late look at the 3 consoles it seem it doesnt matter what pros and cons they all have if you want cheap and versertile go for a wii, if you want cheap but comparble get a 360 and if you want to wait 2 hours for stuff to install but get loads of stuff free ps3 but thats just the point most people are one console shy of the full set now days anyways everyone has a wii kicking about even my parants have one,  and a main console ps3 or 360.

in full concussion they are all a bit shit so if you combied them all togeather they mite be a good console in there somewear.



Return of the Thrift.. once again

Does Christmas really get rammed down are throats so early every year?
Yes it does, I think its more down to how much money you happen to have together when you notice all the shops start with the xmas music and trimmings.
Short on scratch when this happens and get the "its still November" rage, This helps in kidding yourself you still have plenty of time left to sort something out.

Anyways its still November so calm down lol

Lets not waste money and presents and good will just yet, There's games to buy.

God of war 2 99p, Metal Gear Solid substance 99p ace combat 99p
red dead revolver £1.99 and a spectrum compilation disc 99p

Some really tidy condition with all of them, Red dead I saw cheaper in a cash converters but the one I found in scope was miles better like new, its worth the extra 99p especially if you are listing the item on eBay can make all the difference. The cash on ebay for this lot looks like around £5 on each item give or take a £1.

And rounded it off with some pretty good finds in Blockbuster buy one get one free.

Resident evil outbreak, Spongebob lights,camra,pants,Fable,GTAsa

Resi and GTA I am thinking of using for Trade later in the week I have being looking on CEX and seen some nice stuff in thier on the ps2 section and the Trade pile is looking like it mite have some good credit vaule. feel a rare transfer coming on.



Monday, 19 November 2012

Credit where its due.

Found a few thing this week one real good find and the rest squeezing the most out of the CEX credit I had left from the last time I traded in.

Musashi: Samurai Legend top con and complete, Checking on ebay its about £10 in this give or take, only a few buy it now listing on ebay.

Just having a look at what is in CEX to get for eBay fodder had a few credit notes kicking about and pooled them together and not a bad pair of games for the price.

Jade cocoon 2 and breath of fire dragon Quarter.

Jade cocoon 2 isn't a bad RPG I do think the PS1 original is the better game, Will do nicely for topping up my good feedback.

Breath of fire Dragon Quarter is the black sheep of the franchise but the breath of fire franchise is strong enough to have this sell, 
Its not total turkey just a bit frustrating.

Thursday, 15 November 2012

There's Thrift in the streets, just waiting for someone to scoop it up

After all that madness I did manage to pick some stuff up lets check what I got.

Fallout GOTY For £1.99 crazy bargain.

Not sure if I will CEX this or try my luck on ebay yet think there is more money to be had on eBay will see.

The next item is a gameboy camera £3.99 for it, about a pound over the odds for this item but still I picked up the game boy printer the other day so bundling this up with that will do fine.

That's it for today would have check out a few more shops but I didn't want to chance it just in case British heart foundation kicked me out the shop for seeing my youtube channel or some crap like that, its like a jungle out there.

When E.A came to town, Grainger gate.

When I started this blog It was never my intention to piss anyone off and although I do shoot the shit about shops in and around hull it is all pie in the sky and not really intended to be taken too seriously. 
Having said that when people are coming up to you and telling you to get out of their shop it comes as a bit of a reality check.

I find it very unprofessional a manger of a retail store would address an unsuspecting customer and make accusations without any justification or sound evidence they may be the person who could be responsible for writing something which has featured their store and then proceed to tell me to stop taking photos? 

(There is no sign telling me that I can not take photos)
Then continue to inform me they have read my blog and advise me  how morally reprehensible they think it all is, Then try to and ban me from the store, (Verbally) And without confirmation i am the person whom they think they are addressing.
The store in question is Grainger games in hull.

I happen to be an advocate of free speech and what I choose to write about is not for the scrutiny of the management of one store.
All be it I have not had much nice to say about Grainger, That said I have never being talking on a personal level about the staff or the service in the store, All my criticisms are about the discrepancy's in prices in comparison to other stores and ebay. This in turn is aimed at the company as a whole not just my local store, to be fair I have a point and it is not slander if it's true, For example-

  August                                                                             November

As for what I do and the reason I do it, This has become somewhat of a hobby for me and blogging about it is now a further extension of that hobby, but more to the point this it is actually something I do to survive. Having a job with hours that are up and down, some weeks I get next to no hours at all so selling video games is how I make ends meet.
How can spending money in Charity shops to be seen as a bad thing? When i am giving money to charity for the items i purchase which other wise may not sell due to the niche that is retro gaming. I don't think so, The  fact is  i feel an entrepreneurial sentiment and drive to make money the way I know how and that is not going to stop no matter how many people I may piss off on the way. 

As for shops banning me I may have to get a beard like the ones from life of Brian to go game hunting, Looks like I may be becoming the panto villain of Hull city centre.
I don't think they give out asbo's for shopping. Not yet anyway.

Saturday, 10 November 2012

PS one time

Walking home from my mates flat on chanterland ave the other day supporting a killer hang over, I ended up in the dove house down there and found a right stash of PS1 games.

GTA2 with that early front cover design before they changed the logo, black label RAYMAN, Hogs of war/worms double pack ,
Yu-Gi-oh! forbidden memories, and digimon rumble arena.

What a great lot of games to find all at once they was a few others in there not so great and beat up books missing all the items above are complete and like new.

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

GAME over

The gamestation in Hull city centre has become a GAME This last week If you where to ask any of the staff what the deal with that is they would give you the default speel about them being the same company anyways so who cares, Well I for one Im not going to swallow that bullshit, even tho gamestation and game are the same company the two shops have very different IP's and to live in a town without Gamestation that was focus on gamers to have to deal with the dumbed down mam targeted cheeky £5 extra on top of the prices crap game shovels up, This is not happening nation wide Just Hulls store and maybe a few others, Think I may be hamming up GAME to be the bad game well lets take a look a few days after GAME renamed my local store and its started.

I was looking for a P.C pad for my emulation and I saw that they had loads of GAME branded stuff in new, I was looking around and the GAME branded P.C pads priced up at a Piss taking £19.99 anyways I spotted one that was still gamestation branded the same pad for £9.99 that will have to do, Then when I got to the tills the guy scanned it in  and It come up at £4.98, Can you imagine if someone had of pick up the GAME P.C pad and paid £15 more for the same Thing its sickness me to think what will become of the store.

Retro's Going by the wayside the PS2 that's in there has being crammed on one shelf to make way for a fucking smart phones talk about selling out who the fuck it going into a game shop to buy a pissing phone! fuck that noise.

Places like grainger and cex in hull must be laughing now I mean who the hell is going to put up with this, They have always made out the two shops where one and the same company but anyone with have a brain stayed well clear of GAME if they didnt want ripping off, this picture sums it up nicely above the broken UMD on the floor, Outdated,Overpriced and rubbish.

No brakes!

Thinking about getting some thrift on like I have no brakes but when your on a roll I guess stopping is not a option, Taking a walk to work at the crack of noon in west park feeling pretty good, heading for cex to trade some stuff in for Halo anniversary, seems like a good pick I played that game to death in my flat down hessle road back in 2002 so Its like the 10th anniversary of that to me so off to get me some nostalgia.

Traded in cod mw2 and forza and a few ps2 games I had kicking about got £16.40 trade so done deal got the game I wanted and got raid of some crap

 Still had loads of time before I was at work so hit up a few shops in town was in the big cash converters and saw this on the shelf Rayman 3 with the cover someones printed it out and put RAYMOND 3 hahah retards.

Speaking of retarded £9.99 for GTAsa on ps2 are you crazy people check your prices really don't just make it up as you go along.

Ended up finding some stuff in that cash converters after scrutinise the rest of the stock I picked up Nightmare creatures.

Sonic & knuckles cart only £1.99 pretty good find Its mad to  think how many sonic and knuckles boxes have been trashed over the year would be ace to find this boxed but they will used crappy cardboard.

After work I got off the bus near block buster and had a look in because I was passing Just one day since my last visit, I saw a really beat up copy of final fantasy XII and tomb raider anniversary But the guy couldn't find FFXII so I passed on both of them, Its then I was eyeing up the GBA game £1.99 each buy one get one free I got the guy to fish me to games out.

      Zelda four swords and Zelda minish cap GBA 
£1 each come on!!

Taking care of thriftness

Taking My route from anlaby road to cottingham then newland ave then home we always start at blockbuster nothing in today but that shop has such a large turn over of retro that any chance you get to have a look in must be taken.

A Few shops down the road and we end up in cottingham once more heading to the shops sometimes when your out and about around the hull area you can not help but notice some urban haven of photogenic scenery you just have to stop and take a pic.

Cottingham had a few interesting items kicking about ended up with a copy of dead rising 2 sealed up for £3 and fallout collection for P.C for £1.99

Its that rubbish shop again in cott everything is overprice and non of it is sort after or rare its just a big bag mehhh!
Down Newland ave I passed up on star wars masters of tesas kasi and soul calibur 2 sealed, I would had that but £3.99 is a bit much for a very common game on the most common format maybe the cube version and who is not playing this game and keeping it sealed up crazy

So the sun go's down on a good days thrifting let take a look at today's pick ups.

Dead rising 2 sealed, risk ps1, piglets big game, fallout collection,hyper street fight 2.

all in all not a bad rap paid £1 each apart from fallout £1.99 and dead rising £2.99

After that walk it was time to kick back and watch loads of free fireworks go of from the epic view upstairs.

Monday, 5 November 2012

All original x boxed and complete

Guy Fawkes night in Hull is fun for the adults and kids then the adults clear off back to the pub and let the kids burn all the toxic bits of old T.Vs and Furniture laying about as is tradition.

I have being out and about as the whole city tries to recreate the blitz, Not really hitting it hard all my stuff this week as come from block buster on different days, One thing I have to say about people in Shops that sell games if I have one more person as I pass them the games a politely say "just them please" for them to come out with a cunty "NO!" then laugh it off like they where joking I am going to jump over the counter and file you in the pre-owned, Seriously This as happen to me 3 times this week, If your going to work in a shop you can drop the attitude.

Rant over lets take a look what I got this week.

Ninja gaiden,Halo 2,Crimson skies,sybrira 2,
Super monkey ball deluxe,Oddworld much's oddysee.

It was buy one get one free on all of them so £1 a piece that's great I picked them up not sure if they where all backwards compatible but It turns out that they all work get in, Nothing mega rare and for the money I guess they will all go around £3-£5 on eBay so at £1 each its a good gambit and the factor of them working on 360 its a no hassle  retro fix combined with the sort after franchises not a bad set of games to put your money into.