Wednesday, 26 September 2012

emulize and realize


Nothing really great out in the wild this week Just silent hill 3 for £1.99 and that comic book guy book of pop culture was 20p so I got that just because it was Simpsons and 20p someone mite pay a £1 for it plus postage. some times I do look at non video game stuff in shops like this but never really anything that interests me.

There has been lots of stuff about all £1.99 each keep seeing Down hill domination that's a game that used to get £5-£8 on ebay its a good game just saturated now seems to be everywhere and never with the book

So when things are quiet on the rare stuff I have been trying out a few of the heavy hitters I have been searching for.

Been using Pcsx2 Its not a bad emulator at all on some games its gets some slow down I wouldn't suggest using it if you have less the 2gb of ram Aside from that I have had a lot of games running smooth and playable one of them been odin sphere  a side scrolling beat'em up with RPG stylings, This game is £18 to £30 on most buy it now's on eBay as for bids usually finishing at the £20 mark If i ever saw this out in the wild I would lunge at it!

Saturday, 22 September 2012

thrifters guide to the galaxy

It can been a drab and depressing exercise going out and about around the city of hull looking for some retro gems in a sea of junk. So I have compiled a guide to help tackle this as well as some handy tips.

1. bring a backpack.
no getting away from this one, You have to rock two straps, always bring a bag and no CEX string pull bags don't want to look like you just sold all your worldly possessions for drugs, Get your self a proper rucksack.

2. Have change.

The last thing you want to do is start waving £20 notes about at the women in British heart foundation this will blow the mind of any voluntary worker, So keep it on the money and get some coinage before hand perhaps 4 drolls for £1 at cooplands best way to break into a note and snacks for the day out on the thrift.

3. be prolific

Just because you have been in a shop load that week doesn't mean it should go unchecked, If you have a chance to check a shop then do so its always better to walk in and see the same old crap for the 3rd time that week then ending up missing out.
Most of the time its someone you know that ends up with the prize and can rub it in all week.

4. be entertained 

Most of the time game hunting your just making your way from one lot of shops to the next and only spending up to 5mins in each shop sometimes you end up walking in and then back out again. So half the time you just walking about or busing it, So get some tunes ready I go for music,radio, pod-casts to keep me sane when am looking around Hull for games. 
I get the pod-casts most of them off jackalope radio 105

5. Try not to get carried away.

Sometime your on a roll you find a few good Items then all of a sudden your buying fifa 2004 on n-gage for £5, Then you have times when you end up not finding anything and start to kid yourself that something half good is mega rare and needs buying. No don't do it, Know when to walk away and leave the tat on the shelf.

Of course there's no end of advice in the field of thrifting for games, Put simple don't put all your money in tat always buy black label games and try and make a deal when its possible pous!

Saturday, 15 September 2012

Thrift in time and space.

I love fighting games one of my favourite genres in video games of that club of fighting games there is one game I hold in higher regard In my option a game close to gaming perfection and one of the best fighters of all time, That game is Mortat Kombat trilogy. 
If you don't agree with me or for some reason you think that street fighter and killer instinct or any other 2D fighter can even hold a candle up to this game you just don't get it and I do get it... For 50p nice.

Got on the thrift early today and look at that view looks like a good day for some game hunting wouldn't you say...

Then I turn around and look the other way, 
Someone had snap me out of the eye pleasing scene some what by slapping a fanny rag to a lamppost classy hull.

None the less let us not let it dampen are spirits with flexi wings, I saw this down holderness road today eternal darkness £4.99.

Got a load of master system games in all £2-3 each non of them had the books and they where not in the best of condition so I passed up on them.

There was lots of games on the shelf today in all the shops nothing really worth it in most of them but at least they are a good mixed not all sports games.

Like this game 7 blades Its sort of rare but nobody wants it never sells for much I think cex give 80p for it to the untrained eye this sort of art work makes it  look like its worth some coin.

In grainger games and I've caught them slipping, Resident evil 4 for £5  CEX give £7 cash, just paid the man and got my easy £2 profit it all adds up.

Saw Yoda chilling in prospect centre he told me the thrift was strong, I ask him if I would find anymore games? he was all like
"Difficult to see. Always in motion is the future"

Also saw a grandstand scramble unit in cash converters it was £20 so no way but still how cool is that thing I want it.

And that all the stuff I ended up with today Arx fataus is a rpg like elder scrolls Ive been wanting to try that out 59p Two copy's of rayman £1 and 50p and yeah that copy of FFX was still sat in British heart foundation so I rescued it for £1.99

Then about 50 yards down the same street in cash converters they where trying to hock FFX for £4.99 when I picked it up I lol'ed in the shop, people where looking and everything, felt like directing them read my blog so I don't look like a mad man laughing at random games I pick up off the shelf.

And finally I've been playing a lot of old RTS of late and since then I have been seeing them all over the place that lot up there where all next to each other in the shop t'sssh classic titles tho nothing I would pay money for but there still in a shop down newland ave in hull if anyone wants them.

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Cash up on the down

Some good pick ups this week I got 3 for £5 in cash generator on crash bandicoot 5x2 and tekken 5, cex cash went up on these week £3 a piece on crash and £4 for tekken gonna ebay tekken I think I can get more outta that online.

99p for fable, starwars bf2 £1.99, and resi 4, £1 same old really been awhile since ive got out really rare nothing really breaking £10 on the resale. 

So I guess am getting more picky but ffxii was missing the disc would of had that as for ffx wasn't that bad shape and still get around £5 eBay like but I put it back I don't know guess am sick off seeing the damn thing let some else ago you never know someone might really want to play it.

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Strategy guides, games and Comic chaos.

Few good pick ups this last week some strategy guides for both zelda games on DS, neo contra and resident evil 4 that was only 59p bargain at that.


Fahrenheit and fable for xbox £1.99 buy one get one free, both games work on 360 so always a good lot to pick up

Fahrenheit plays like heavy ran by the same team, as for fable still a great game number 2 mite be the best out of the lot and fable 3 a let down.

Lacking the knowledge about comic books a felt like I mite be missing out in scope in town with all these old comics kicking about.

I see people getting big buck for comics on shows like pawn stars and comic book men but I wouldn't know what am looking for unless it was like amazing fantasy or action comics 1 or something hope no one seen out worth loads on the pile in the picture.