Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Video game evolution: The block

Its fair to say video games have there inherent trends, from picking up bits of food for health to jumping on things to kill them, The main theme I see going on throughout the ages of video games is what once started as a byproduct of the limitations of the technology at the time that has now become a staple aesthetic and visual style.

I am talking about the humble block the lone pixel on the early home system, Thinking about the graphics on consoles such as the Atari 2600 that was the one of the first machine I ever owned and the certain charm that what you saw on the screen was composed of blocks that would halfway make up what the image was supposed to be.

There is no mistaking that's Indiana Jones and the art of the covenant on the picture above even with just a few blocks in place it was still a great achievement to portrait characters and items from movies with the processing power available in the late 70s early 80s.

As the graphics improve and characters in games become many more blocks to the point where they somewhat rounded the Block ended up becoming the centre peace for game-play and pave the way for resonating such iconic imagery in popular culture.

Of course the way things evolute in the 80s had some interesting Branch's to it. The vectrex with its vector graphic was impressive at the time and has a retro charm of its own with its shape lines and 3D effect.

By now the block had Redefining its role and application and firmly placing its self in the minds and hearts of a generation with such classic puzzle games of the likes of Tetris and Klax blocks are always in the forefront of what the player wants as a power up or as the objected to destroy.  

Its been a long time since video games have had a square look to them since the mid 90's games have had a more realistic quality to them but the blocks styling stay strong even in really life the shape and sight is apparent.

In recent years we have seen somewhat of a resurgent of the block its has shaken of its picks up back seat status and ended up the games main character again as well as model puzzle games bring it back too.

 <Blocks that matter
 Boom blocks>

In some cases the blocks have become the entire game its self that brings us full circle with the fantastic MINECRAFT where the world and everything in it is a block going from everything in a video games having to look like blocks to people wanting everything to look like blocks.

This gives way for the fact that video games should be considered works of art in modern times, Art is where aesthetic considerations are paramount  and with games not having to look like block anymore but choosing this style makes them art in my option needless to say its never been so hip to be square.

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Its been a while since ive blogged about some thrift

Its been a near a month since my last update you would think it has been quiet around hull for the games, That's not really the case I have had a steady run of half decent games coming in lets take a look.

 Fables always a good solid game to pick up for its backwards compatibility and its easy to shift on eBay.
What I Don't get with old xbox games is why the influx of question I get on eBay about running them on 360. Is it so hard to grasp the fact that you need an update of xbox live to play the old xbox games and if you dont get that, Why don't you just Google it instead of asking a guy selling games on ebay for the low down.
 Zone of the enders second runner sort after game not as rare as it used to be because of the HD realese on ps3/360 but stilll on people seem to want.

FFX black label... Yeah again

Ive had a few copy's of Hercules in the past and it always seem to do OK better then most Disney games on ps1

Again with simpsons hit and run Very good for any easy sell on Gamecube/Ps2 £4-8 Never Had this on xbox I dont think.


Classic game dark alliance Had this on ps2 the other month works on 360 got to get it! 
And Resident evil dead aim at the £1 each or less

£2.99 for me top whack for any ps2 game is £1.99 and idealy shoud be 99p 

£2.99 on all this lot too a wii game and a cube game there would of been snapped up I dont know £2.99 rubs me up the wrong way to close to a fiver I guess.

pass up on these £7.99 each for resident evil 4 and 0 shame would have had them to play on.

Why am I in grainger again because some times they mess up but .hack been on the shelf and not in the glass case gave me some false hope grabbed it and yeah £15 not gunna happen.

Cool £1.99 fair one, Was looking to play this so get in will have that just for keeps.

Son of a bitch! GTAsa that game shows up everywhere.

Not bad run I guess does piss me off when you see stuff in the wild and ends up been overpriced but that the game hunting go's sometimes.