Monday, 30 July 2012

Mixed bag of nuts

Got some good pick ups this week not the usual stuff and then again so repeat offenders too but on a different format so still a nice spin on the regular pick ups.
 Jumping on a bus on my way to the city centre taking a see it looks like some one eles has been on the thrift.

 First up yes that is crash banicoot 5 again this time on xbox and also suported on the bacwards compatabliy list for xbox 360 no instant cash for this at cex but good ebay fodder and only 99p

 Next up Monkey island 1 and 2 special edition only £1 for this Its £2 cash £3 trade in cex but again this will make good ebay fodder as it is in very good nick aswell as not been that old usaul I say away from p.c games but there got to be some money in this updated classic

 Now this is a nice easy £4 cash in cex I found this in this is the best that shop has to offer me yet £1 paid for this and now its in cex.

 Metal gear 3 snake eater this was in a cash genarator all there ps2 games have gone down from £1.99 to a £1 each so I picked this up.

Ended up having a memory card in the box get in all in for £1 not bad at all.

The last game from this round of thrifting is a puzzle game for`gamboy called tesserae havnt looked this up yet just the fact it was boxed and complete for 99p made me buy it dont find a lot of card boxed game in hull at all so worth picking up

Monday, 23 July 2012

New store same old deals.

That's entertainment  aside from been a hit song from the jam is the new store in Hull for cds/dvd/games it strikes me as a mix of gamestation and CEX where in lays a bunch of stuff for sale that's all on offers like 3 for 5,5 for 10, so I popped in for a look around not expecting any retro, put to my surprise there was a load of ps2 and xbox games at the back so I had a look.
They had 5 copy's of Crash bandicoot wrath of cortex in total two of them where in beat up shape and missing the books but the 3 in the picture above are all complete and in great con no marks on the disc so it would be rude not to £5 for the lot in the bag.

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Wii like to party.

the skirmish started when Sarah and don wanted to get the bus off hessle road witch was the perfect opportunity for me to get a quick thrift in so I drag them round the shops Sarah ended up doing us all on the thrift with her finds lets take a look.

Buzz controllers £1.99


Eye toy Pom Pom party £1.99

Eye toy Hero £1.99 

Checked on eBay and there's definitely some money in these but knowing Sarah she is keeping them and I have been instructed to find her a few Buzz games that's not going to be hard there 10 a penny.

So after a a gander round toy R us and b.m it was operation hack the Wii for this we need supplies

Donny Had already got his wii down with this so just a case of copying the files over to the other wii.


Its wii central at don's house as wii sort this thing out.
The glory that is the letterbomb!
And finally the homebrew browser and where done top skills by Donny! From that point New super mario bros was played and good times where had by all.
You know what they say about people who hack wii.... they say his is a legend.

So this morning with a bit of a hang over I got to grips with the WAD manager.
Then processed to fill my SD card full of Virtual console games and got a load of awesome titles.

Looks like the dreamcast mite ended up getting a bit of dust on the top now the Wii can do this.

And the N64 for the matter...

Pick upsssssssss

A few ok pick ups this last week nothing mind blowing but working out a £1 each or less lets take a look.

Space harrier 2 made the dry spell in older then ps1 games end boxed and complete as well.

Speaking of retro formats a saw this out and about the other day

The firm a so so film for the mid 90's staring tom cruise in a Twin CD box what could this be?

Its a film disc for the Philips CD-I I would of picked this up but the disc was cracked inside shame would of give me a reason to get a CD-I because Ive so been looking for one... 7th guest. 

Ending on another encounter with the Granger games cabinet could they have got this one right for a change?

To be fair to them this is a better price then any ebay listings have seen for someone who wanted to play this.. part of me does but the other part of me want to resell the crap out of it so alas £28 is a little to much for me to pay. close but no cigar

Thursday, 12 July 2012

highway to the thrifty zone!

When things are getting stale in the city I like to take my route B option looking for games a round trip taking in some big thrift locations with lots of charity and pawn shops close to each other.

The route starts at the block busters on Anably Road thats always worth a look in to see what they have the next stop is dove house just down the road from there.

No video game here just Kevin smiths worst film Copout for a £1, and some classic crocodile Dundee 1 & 2 nothing for us here lets move on.
 Right then lets do this thing on my way to Cottingham always end up looking at this sign because at a glance I always think it says chase H.Q... games on the brain much.
 Now then Mr horse seen any video games around here?
incidentally I heard they where writing erotic novels for horses now... 50 shades of hay...

 Finally made it to Cottingham looking at the picture you can see the women just shot pass me grinding away on that horse kinda tells you what type of place this is.

Right then to the charity shops next to boots is where am off first past that pram head that got in my shot she doesn't look happy, looking at me like I am the worlds shittest stalker.

Lucked out again theme hospital on pc, bunch of CD's tat Godzilla 97 blaaaar, lets check next door.

 Dvd's mostly tat where you can see half an Andromeda box set its time to get the hell outta there. t'sssh

This is the local resaler in cottingam all the stuff is like eBay prices and there's stuff you would pick up for maybe a few quid less then there asking, still always worth checking out.

OK sue Ryder shop and oxfam next to each other there's got to be something in these to come on.

Fallout brotherhood of steel £1 great con too no marks on the disc complete I will be having that.

 Last two shops on the street age uk and British red cross next door.

Advent children for £3.99 I think I will pass on that so nothing else worth having.

Its time to get the hell out of dodge and high tail it to newland avenue.
 Cott green? lol


Got here about 4.20.. so not a lot of time to get this done lets hit the shops

 Nothing so far fingers crossed for the next lot.

 Finally found something worth getting in that age uk got me a copy of ace combat distant thunder for £1 again really good con disc was top notch.

 Right load of crap in here and that's the 5th xena box set Ive seen today what a load of LMA and PES. blarrr.
Get in found me some auto modellista for £1 the disc is once again like new and Ive always want to try this game its a cell shaded racing game by capcom so who wouldn't want to try that out.
 So nothing in the shop life for a that's the shop my mate donny found shenmue and morrowind boooo nothing in there today tho

 Ok that's me done a crap ton of shops 3 games in the bag low on cost and in great con so not bad for one days thrifting some days are better but hey some days you don't find anything.