Thursday, 28 June 2012

The rare transfer VI: Revenge of the thrift

Ive have been looking to trade in my old white 20gb 360 for some time now and having looked on the CEX website I think now was the time but how do you ended up with a deal if they are only giving peanuts?
 First things first you need to take into account when trading a console to CEX is they will scrutinize everything. With the one I traded there where factor to suggests that they will know some cash or trade of the price on the website.

I.E 3rd party pad, lose panel on the back the hard drive, Plus remember to take you original AV connection in they discount more for only having an HDMI cable.

They ended up not taking the hard drive and knocking money of for the pad but after all the £27 cash... or £44 trade so the trade was a no brainer.

Now to claw some money back £27 cash yeah I rekcon I can find more the £27 worth of games to sell.

Damn straight finally bagged one of the Shadow hearts games i was eyeing up looks like someone was hiding that bad boy so the run down.

Shadow hearts covenant, shin migami tensei digital devil saga,final fantasy VII Dirge of Cerberus,shadow of the colossus

That a nice lot of game shadow hearts and shadow of the colossus can go for over £20 on a good day on there own the rest are a bouns!

Monday, 25 June 2012

Pick ups! compare you to a thrift on holderness road on the grey

There is a way a game that has been totally saturated in the 2nd hand games market can become profitable again a lot of games that where rare and sort after loose there value for one reason or anther some get reissued on services like xbox live and psn network and then people end up finding a warehouse full of copy's of a game from some store or business that shutdown that floods the preowned market and eBay that brings the price down.

But if you can find an item Sealed in its factory default you can always ask for a premium a sealed up game is the only true definition of a "LIKE NEW" and is very sort after by collectors so on my travels today a naturally jump at the chance rekindle the love I had for this once very profitable game.

That right FINAL FANTASY X I ended up paying £1 each for them Because all the ps2 where now a pound. The on on the right is in very good con unseals the one on the left is factory sealed. Looks like they where originally from HMV I found them down holderness road in a British heart foundation.

In a different BHF I found this Brahma force, Ive never seen this before but for the looks of it not really that rare but worth the gamble for 99p.

 and this is what gamestation had to other Rogue galaxy for £4.99 got a bit off that using my Elite card so happy days the disc isnt bad but its a long way from been sealed more like "GOOD CON" but it is indeed RARE.

Nothing else really about but I would like to make a habit of this finding sealed games lark.

The rare Transfer V: Trade and save.

Knowing that CEX is once again choc full of Rare goodness I Finally have a good lot of games to trade up on my pile of tat I started with the two copy's of Lego star wars left over from a 5 for 10 deal I got a couple of weeks ago so Just need to top it up with some more cheap tat.
 That will do it, I topped it up with a copy of COD4 that I had picked up a few weeks back because my xbox live has ran out and I don't wanna pay for it back.

So got myself to cex and traded up got about £18 traded in for all the stuff not bad, was looking for the to shadow hearts game Looking to get at least one of them But some chump must of snapped them up, So I was thinking I had looked out on finding something rare, I was wrong.

Shin megami tensei digital devil saga 2 and lucifers call... Again who is trading this stuff in its crazy so yeah happy with that they did have digital devil saga 1 in there aswell but it was £10 and is less rare then the second one so dont know how there worked that out.

Thursday, 14 June 2012

5 for 10 part V: Overstock

Back a few months ago when game/gamestation was going down the pan, You remember when all the games went down to £1.98 for a few days, Well there all back up to £14.99 now but in that small space of time they managed to shut down a fair few stores across the county subsequently my local gamestation still open has been receiving all the stock left over from said store.

I Was passing though the other day and saw some guy grab some ps2 games on the 5 for 10 deal I was secretly scoping what he was picking up I caught a glimpse Lego star wars 2 was there... bastards! and baldur's gate 2 Double bastard!! then I saw the rest like socom and football manager, So It seem he was just lucky with what he picked not my competitions fair one.

That  was at about 4.20ish in the afternoon and because I didn't have time to go look at all the ps2 that day I got up mega early to get to gamestation where talking 10.40 at least. usually I always say you got to get up pretty early in the afternoon but today I was ready to get my thrift on!

 Total score I may of let a few slip by me but Star Ocean that's a winner O yes plus resident evil outbreak 1 and 2 and 2 copy's for lego starwars 2 for a bit of cash or trade back from cex just to make up the deal nice.

Then I rounded that up with a couple of rare-ish ps1 titles.
 Vigilante 8 2, 49p and batman of the future for 99p britsh heart foundation and vigilante was from cash generator.

I used my trade pile of game the other day to pick up COD4MW For something to play online... sorry I mean get shot in the back online, But I almost wish I had sat on the credit note now looking at whats in cex take a look at these kicking about in hull's cex.
 Gonna try and drum up some trade to get one of them I have a start with them 2 copy's of lego starwars I have but yeah If I do trade for them its got to be worth my while don't want to go mad maybe a few £1 games that get me some go trade back Guess there gonna be in CEX for a while anyways no one is paying £20-£25 in hull for a ps2 game...

Friday, 8 June 2012

Hour of power

Being that my job in-tales one week I can do one shift and have the hold week to look for games or then like this week be in all week and have no time for that I still managed to bag my self some good stuff on my Hour break wooohooo.

 Tak 2,lego star wars,GT4,
God of war,pacmanworld2.futurama.saintseiya,ninja gaiden,

Some buy one get one free action at blockbuster GT4 was 99p and theres a 5 for 10 deal there two, Pac man world 2 is a pretty good find you dont see that every day the best of the 5 for 10 tho Is a real beut!

COME ON!!!! yeah dark cloud I have found this a few time and I have had my hand on the second one dark chronicle a few times two its a good game and it isn't a cheap game to boot happy with that.

Just gos to show you don't need to hit every shop and spend all day doing it sometimes its worth popping in on a break or Just passing by to think I nearly didn't bother going into game-station that day prolific its the only way