Thursday, 31 May 2012

Pick ups 1.2.6

after all the rubbish a waded thought last week managed to find me pssome good stuff a few different formats aswell amean for Hull its always Xbox ps2 ps1 pc and a few gamecube games now and again never really get DS games out in the wild so good to see a few of them 99p each.
Zone of the enders is in the back their already talked about that so the run down is.
 Croc,stars wars battlefront 2,god of war,mad maestro,pirates of the Caribbean dead mans chest, and stars wars lethal alliance

most of them 99p apart from mad maestro that was 49p But yeah happy with that lot better the the crap last weeks had up for grabs anyways thrift ahoy!


well its been warm in hull woohoo! But in this summer heat it seems the thrift has dried up everywhere I have hit up this week nothing But tat lets run though some visual aids.

This is a clear picture of whats the case in so many charity shops round hull at the moment total load of tat sports game pro evo 1 seems to be in every shop its turning into a walk in walk out kind of deal don't even need a second glance.

Then sometimes you think your lucks in and theirs bound to be something worth having in a load of stuff like this, But no same old crap just more of it and why is they an Iron in with the computer stuff?

Then It just started to take the piss, this load of tat is reaching a dangerous level of crappyness look Tunnel B1 and Olympic soccer have started to manifest them self's, The two games I have in mind when people say tat, The pricing is getting out of hand two I saw sonic adventure 2 on cube for £11.99 if the shops are gonna get a clue at least look it up on the internet worst week so far but that how it goes, sometimes thrift bytes.

Thursday, 24 May 2012

The rare Transfer 4 Press start to Kontinue.

So the trade pile has had time to  mount up once again I had a small bit of luck in block buster the other day still £1.99 on ps2 games and still buy one get one free so picked up these.

Lego batman and King of fighters 00-01 not bad so I dumped them on the trade pile I would like to say the picture is illustrative of this process but alas I am just a tard and had my phone upside down. to the trade pile.

All the classic trade fodder is here in this pile GTA FFX Lego Its likes a slice of ps2 pie. Lets check the trade up on this lot.

£6 paid out for all of these games and £12.20 trade in thats pretty good going now its time to look for something Rare and awesome with my instore credit Lets take a look whats in CEX.

That's a fine collection of FFX and Crash bandicoot I swear some of them still had £1 and 99p stickers from scope and blockbuster on the box mahahahaha the good old days when that stuff was worth cash anyways moving on we still need a rare game to buy.

Jackpot! well it was a top up between zone of the enders the 2nd runner and shadow of the colossus cardboard sleeve but the box was in less the good con so I tuck a punt on this one Plus this has been on my mental list of games to acquire for a while and with it been the Special edition so it is the same version featured on the HD collection makes up for all the times I have grabbed the first zone of the enders of the shelf thinking it was this bad boy winning.

Monday, 21 May 2012

across the spectrum... box

Coming home from work on a Sunday night is really depressing for a thrifty game hunting kind of guy, Well all the shops are shut and not even the supermarkets all open to take the edge of and look at some current gen stuff. So after walking pass all the shops not been able to have a look, When my Girlfriends neighbors where asking me to look over a miscellaneous box of retro tat I jumped at the chance And paid a total of £15 for the whole box lets take a look.

Now I do need to find a few hook ups here and there on these so it was a bit of a gamble but essentially this what I ended up with.

A Sega saturn, A Sega master system with sonic 1 & 2, 
A super game boy adaper, A nintendo entertentment system, 
A Dreamcast keyboard,

Its Like the gadget show competition but with retro tat instead of cool stuff.

Also included with all this lot was a crap ton of spectrum games that I have made a list of all of them to check on ebay a fair few of them I had as a kid including Knightmare based on the TV one of my worst game of all time. The whole box was a trip down memory lane that may of happened to be worth the price of admission.

So I will update on the specy games if anything interesting turns up hopefully, 

I will leave you with this final thought don't you just wish once when you find a extra disc in a game box that it was something half decent.


Thrift and conquer retaliation

So spared on and trying to shake of the lapsed approach I have had to game hunting of late, I hit all the major locals the other day and wasn't disappointed  with what I found and mix bag of nut but all of them winners.

Spidermam(MD), GT4, FFX,FFXII,
metriod 2(GB),FFVIIAC,GTAsa,
all of them where £1 each

And as for the black label Final Fantasy VII mint con £5 payed but the discs and book and even the case was in such great shape I would have paid more best copy I have every had my hands on. 

shenmue swipe

Shout out for Donny for finding shenmue for £2 the other day, I was really pleased for him (Grits teeth) this has found me having to eat my words some what I will quote myself.

"Ideally I would like shenmue 1, But who is finding that on dreamcast anytime soon in hull"

Monday, 14 May 2012

Metal year older.

So my route to work the day before my birthday found me in a cash converters near work. just in for a quick browse, I was looking in the cabinet it seemed like there was nothing to be had, I span round to high tale it out of there and this was sat on the top the ps1 games,

Now I have found Metal Gear Solid a fair few times before but £1.49 is a great price but the condition I found this is is unreal.

Prefect case Prefect book and Like new disc this game doesn't even look like its been played on it might as well been sealed up absolutely pristine

The next day my actual birthday I got a message of Paul Eiding!

Paul Eiding for people not in the know is a legendary voice actor that give the voice to lots of well loved characters the likes of Perceptor of transformers, hojo from Final fantasy, Grampa max from ben 10 and a whole host of other voice work in video games Including Roy campbell from metal gear solid, He the guy responsible for the Snake? Snake.. snake!!! when you die.

So this happy Coincidence coming together on my birthday was pretty sweet! I mean I could of ended up with any game that day But some how if I had bag a copy of oblivion I don't think Patrick Stewart would of been sending me a line on Facebook. Paul Eiding what a legend! 


Friday, 11 May 2012

birthday bash

The great thing about making a lists of game you want is your friends can treat it like an amazon wish list, thanks to my mate carl killer instinct gold can be crossed off top guy! Now I can get my ass kicked by people spamming orchid anytime I please.

Happy trails

Thrifting about round hull is always a rat race so a cross over is bound to happen sooner or late, And the other day it did just that has I found a stash of final fantasy and resident evil fellow thrifter Donny walks in less then a minute of me being in the game shop SPARKS.

Its turns out Donny had been hot on my heels all day and ended up picking up some of the stuff I had opened up earlier in cash generator. lets take a look at his finds.

Not bad, So I found Resident evil 2x2 and resident evil 3 and FFX FFX XII for a pound each this really good £1 for any of them all week long, But how much would you pay in a real games shop lets take a look.

£12 for resident evil in Grainger games Just goes to show how much of a deal I got on the resident evils. Grainger its overpriced on a lot of retro stuff sometimes you get a deal on Next gen stock but as for the retro you would be better of checking around and eBay first.

As for everywhere Else really thin on the ground just the same old stuff I will say all the common ps1 stuff above most of them where really good nick some of them like new would of got some for the cases but could not bare anther copy of war zone or tomb raider kicking about I use most of these as coasters with spares.

Look at all the atari 2600 games did some one Just fall into a minecraft cave full of them or what, Don't see that every day was going to look into them for cash but not having a 2600 to test them out on and play I passed them up looking at the photo tho I mite check if the command and conqueror 64 is still there, Also if you need to get your fishing rod stuff on looks like cash converters will sort you out Fish reels next to Atari/n64 games?

And this is the last thing I found C-12 ps1 really good con disc is like new and 49p cant say no in that con, Donny found a mint copy of morrowind elderscroll 3 and my girlfriend Sarah bagged a Sega Saturn off her neighbours for £15 whats going on everyone is out thrifting me... well tell next time we head into the wild to cheer myself up for missing out I made the ultimate console the other night behold the... 

SEGA DreamSat 360 of the dead!