Wednesday, 25 April 2012

critical condition

Stuff we love stuff don't we, lets go buy loads of things that are cool and awesome... Wait a minute all the stuff Ive got is now old and rubbish and I want loads of new things, 
Think I will take the manual out of the game box and bung it on the side with all my bills from bright house and look at all the old discs lets take them out the box and rub them up on a passing hedgehog. Yeah lets burn all these copy's of pes 2009 how dare you be slightly out dated.

What I am driving at is the amount of utter crap I come across in my day to day hunt for video games.
I don't know if this is localize to my area but there so much stuff that Shops are hocking that Is So beat up and sometimes your think fine 50p £1 mite be OK for a gamble but nah where talking Full retail price and you will walk away if a disc about on par with the picture of Smack down 2007 on the left there. that some one has trashed so they don't have to look at it every again.

In this sea of old smack down and tiger wood you do fine some good stuff now and again but its all the stuff that I end up passing up because of the poor con that brings my piss to a boil.

 Rare or uncommon when you see a game stand out only to be shot down when the disc looks like Swiss cheese or its Just had a Holiday in a brio factory. Then you get stuff that's beaten up and all wrong makes you wonder how the hell the item in question got some messed up like the this.
  50 cent bulletproof for ps2 for 49p?
Nah its a beat up copy of  COD modern warfare 2 PS3 and the books missing well if you have a ps3 and want a cheap and beat up copy of COD then that's a winner If it works... 

  ...And COD wasn't shit.

picking up where I left off.

Dry has the months have gotten around hull I have waded in the dregs of fifa and splinter cell to find a few hidden gems under a see of crap and dvds you get free with the sun.
So i crossed art of fighting of the list astroboy,resident evil dead aim,neogeobattle,mercs 2 all £2 and under.

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Games on the brain.

If you like video games the way I do no one game can quench the thrust for very long, Sometimes a game will come along and make you forget about any other game for a while but then soon I will need something new. I am always scheming trading swapping and returning games so I can try as many out as possible. I think it doesn't matter if a games good or not it has to captivated something with the player some of the games I have seen to the ended compared with games I have given up on and traded in e.g 
I completed CONAN on 360 yet I will get board with MAJIN AND THE FORGOTTEN KINGDOM and trade it in without a giving it a chance. I have never finished a campaign on any GEARS OF WAR yet I played RISE OF THE ARGONAUTS to the end. Sometimes the game is outright not my cup of tea then other times its just a matter of trade or cash value if am not in the mood to play something at the moment chances are that in a years time it will be cheaper then what you could trade or sell it for today. I think it is all down to my moon and the charm of a Game fitting in with said moon. That's why I always have a mental list of games to look out for always some loose reason for wanting them the list could go on and on, But for now lets look at the current overview of my mental list as it changes all the time.

 Killer instinct Gold
 I have had a N64 with no games sitting around for a while now it has two pads and this would be a fitting use for the console plus I have been listening to killer cuts too the sound track to the first game.

Sacred 2 fallen angel

Diablo 3 was a game I was really looking forward to so I started playing Diablo 2 again but I was looking for a similar venture on console and this looks to plug that gap, Lesser production value then diablo but what looks like a fun cheesy take on the hack n slash sell all your stuff type of game.

 Art of fighting anthology
There alot of SNK fighters on ps2 worth picking up this one I cant find anywhere and to top it of its and the rare side to so its worth some cash but mostly I would like to have a go on all the art of fighting games 
on one disc.

Resident evil N64
Yes all the game crammed on to one cart with all the modes and the extra file this is always overpriced on ebay then other versions of the game that just makes me want it more.

  Metal gear solid HD Collection 
So many time now I have this game in my hand looking at the £25 price take thinking shall I blow all my thrifting money on this bad boy and I pass it up and I will carry on passing it up until the price is right after all they still just ps2 games.
 So that's at the front of my brain for the moment and hopefully the pick ups will.. well pick back up has been a bit Barron of late around Hull, So until big thirft live on Monday we shall see.