Saturday, 31 March 2012

We could be thrifting... thrifting... yeaaah

Its Days like this that make me think thrifting about for games is worth while, Yesterday my phone had been filled up with new tunes new pod cast I got my eBay money the sun was shining everything in place for a great days mooch.
 Matching out of oxfam, O yes am winning now Suikoden V come on!!!!!
 (Record scratch) Hang on that's Suikoden IV... O yes Suikoden V or IV who cares does seen that everyday £2.50 in the bag.

Yes its seem this is one of the rare occasions where you find the wrong game in box and not really care, £2.50 for any Suikoden games is well worth it. So a Print the front cover off job and then where all good.

Friday, 30 March 2012

5 for 10 part 4: The game warrior

Some times I end up in game shops not really looking I take a short cut thought my local Gamestation most of the time when I have business in the town centre, I was doing just that the other day thinking to myself well maybe some deals to be had with Gamestationa and game going down the pan I will have a quick glance as I pass on by. Passing the retro something immediately cot my eye. Haunting grounds on PS2 £2.99 or 5 for 10  so naturally with them having that in I ended up looked at all the ps2 on the deal that day and ended up knocking it out the park with what I found!

Haunting grounds,Clock tower 3, Psyconauts,FroggerTGQ,CrashNkart.

That's not bad at all thrift done for the day, One store good bye!
wish it was like that everyday.

administration station.

For people who are not into gaming and anyone who didn't pre-order mass effect 3 you might not have noticed that Game and gamestation respectively have plunged into administrations this week. Due to some accounts by E.A that they didn't cough up for. So for the moment some store remain open and as for your Elite bonus card point you cant use anymore the situation for me at least is bitter sweet, GAME on the one side the general consensus seems to be that no one real cares to see them go for along time GAME and Gamestation have been one and the same company so why the hell is everything a higher price in GAME?

This is mostly board out of the fact that GAME has aimed most of its Customer focus on Mothers buying Wii games for there kid that's right lets slap a extra £20 for the unsuspecting Iceland mam coming in to buy little Kieran a kinect console bundle just to get a break from been attack by fruit shoot bottles and crayon's.
On the other side of the coin is Gamestation that may have been slowly turning into game since about 2006 but theirs still been a focus more on the side of Gamers and been the only main outlet for retro since its humble beginnings you could say that many people will miss Gamestation and will defiantly leave a bigger hole in the high street then GAME, For the moment the store remain open for now and here's hoping some one buys them up and it doesn't end up becoming anther ZAVI or Woolworth's.

In full conclusion what all this really means is its going to become a lot harder for me to do what I do, That been finding playing and selling Rare video games because of places like gamestation that sell games at reasonable prices if where not careful the future mite turn out like this.

  Grainger games Blarrrr......

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Mega driving up the price!

You can expect to see some retro titles with £9.99 on them just by the name or the franchise like Golden eye or Zelda Mario loose carts with £9.99 on them because well they mite not be worth that much but in a pawn shop someones gonna pay that price just to not have to wait for eBay or deal with all that guff but when I saw this in cash converters the other day I nearly pissed my pants laughing.

£9.99 for john madden and FIFA 95 are you shitting me!! never mine the GBA for £13 I think game-station sell them for £2 now crazy!

Block busting my balls

Retro stuff in block buster has been 49p for a while now, Last time i was in there I did find some OK stuff.

Futurama fable fableTLC starwars3,Uspiderman,burnout revenge,buzz,lego indy,spidermanFOF,

Not a bad load of stuff to trade/sell so Im good there was more stuff there that i was thinking of going back for just for the trade But when I got there the next day the manager total me, as I was piling up some games to buy, saying that they had all gone up to £1.99 each,  Anyways I passed on them at £1.99 each.
Ended up back in there today and It wasn't £1.99 each it was £1.99 each buy one get one free so effectively £1 a game. and that's fine by me so a pick up what was left.


So lots of the same games turning up I will take that over not finding anything.

Pick ups gone wild

Ive been Finding a mix fortune of games of late, I found some low prices 360 games in game station.

Swiftly across to cex for a trade then I got £11 trade so I bag a copy of Klonoa 2 lunatea's veil on ps2.

 Pretty good trading in, so feeling pretty go about that find I kick it down to Newland ave to see whats what, In the back of my mind knowing I was searching for some N64 carts But for some reason I always find stuff a generations before the items I am looking for so low and behold I found some snes and megadrive stuff.

TOKI ape spit on MD the some snes games, Killer instinct,soccor kid,smashtv,street racer, all £1 each.
Not bad thinking maybe a job lot on the cards for the snes stuff well apart for killer instinct a classic like that should go for more on its own. So Walking back home I think time for a break so I tuck some time out and looked at a wallaby.

This wallaby looks like its into football and milk? Anyways coming out of west park on route to hessle road.

Found a copy  of FFXII for 99p in cash converters not bad, Then up the road to the dog rescue Charity shop didn't find any games but I saw a pug dog maybe I should start a wild life blog.