Monday, 20 February 2012

Pick ups: last of the rare stuff

Used some of my in store credit at CEX today still got a bit left so mite find something Else but as of now CEX is dry of rare games. here's what I got today.

Shin megami tensei Digital devil saga and silent hill 3 not bad going.

Been doing some thrifting of late nothing that great out there at the moment i passed up on time crisis with the gun for £3.99 the other day but them G-CON 45's dont work on LCD tvs and haven't got an old Fat back, did find this unboxed tho.

WILD 9 for PSX its not mega rare and no cash in unboxed ps1 games but you don't see it every day and I kinda wanted to play it again after seeing a youtube video of it the other day so winning 99p to boot!

And lastly Because I have so many RARE games kicking about in my flat at the moment I put them all in one picture just because it looked cool for a second I swear they where glowing and levitating over the table looked like the Sankara stone's from temple of doom!

Yeah that will Give anyone a right Nerd Rod behold the rare games look at them what they doing being all rare awesome and stuff.

Saturday, 18 February 2012


I can remember in my last post saying something about my trade in pile been down to the dregs well not anymore its not £7.87 for all this crap YEAH!
 £23.40 on trade in CEX  not bad at all, the only thing is there's nothing left to buy in my local CEX, So now we play the waiting game mahahaha mahahahaha hahahahaha!

The rare Transfer 3 ICOllection

Once again I find myself scraping the barrel of tat I have lying around my house, Due to the influx of Rare games in my local CEX have had traded in.
So what to trade? gets Harder and Harder to find PS2 stuff worth anything on cash and trade but lets use Queen sing star partly because no one wants to hear another drunken rendition from me.
 Lets check cex to see what are base trade is?
 OK £5 lets take that and add some more games.
Looks like a healthy trade in like check out what we got for them
£10.90 didn't need to take a look around this time I knew what I was getting today

ICO baby! So I think that's it for my Trade run all the other games left on my trade pile are not worth trading or are to beat up to trade in, and so it starts again this is a good why of getting rid of all them games you pick up that your sick of looking at and get something worth while playing or make some cash on.

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

The rare transfer 2 Shin megami trade in!

All the rare stuff been rocked on he shelf's of CEX I think its time for a mass clear out of all the odds and ends I have pick up, But still we need a base Trade to give us a far bit of credit for this i shall use Crysis 2 that I completed last night.
Its time to check cex see what we got.

 Ok well where down £4 for the £6 trade and don't get me started on the No DLC crap will be here all day anyways £6 OK to get us started for what i have in mine £24 is what where shooting for.
So now we need some tat to add to this all load of 49p crap from game station should suffice
 All that Crap will do nicely, At this point I will sum up how much money we have put in to this, but because all of this stuff is old stuff I had and cant really remember at a guess I think most items between 49p and 99p so if they all come in over a £1 we should do OK right lets go Trade all this guff!
£25.60! woohoo, I did have a few games slung back at me and £1 knock off for one scratched disc.
While I'm on the Topic If your job to Check software Surely you should employ that on a visual basis and not thumb the discs with the back of your nail! anyways rant over time to check CEX for some RARE and AWESOME video games yeah!

This Was hard picking Today still got Shadow of the colossus in and ICO the copy of ICO they have is the re release with the hard box not the cardboard one with the Art cards not as Rare Shadow hearts was kicking about but £25 shh pretty big price for that and MSG3s I have a copy of that so £25 is a fair price but what condition its in is a factor so I ended up with.... drum roll...

Shin Megami tensei: Digtal devil saga 2 & Haunting Grounds

I did come close to Buying the hard copy of ICO but Im happy with the ones I picked up not bad at all, May have to look for Games with more Trade value in them next time out Thrifting.

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Completely Rare incomplete.

Sometimes on the odd run out thrifting you score big really big, the other times it comes so close to the edge of winning only to be shot down by the guy who cant find the disc or the other week when i found War hammer shadow of the horned rat in a cash converters only to find that it had Dune's book and disc inside. 
To ended of the tat scale finding big and coming close so I guess this next Item falls in between them too.
When you find a game that's so rare that you will take less then complete just to save it from the wild.

The game to the left is Chase the express on ps1 so/so game complete in good con the game on the right is only the raiden project on ps1! But this is not complete this had the game disc in very good con and the front inlay, the back inlay is Nuclear strike for some reason and no book, Still a game of this rarity can not be passed up for 99p.
So I guess when you at least get the Disc and the cover we shall dub this effect Close but no cigar.

The rare transfer

So what do you do when you cant find anything rare on the cheap you have gone to all the thrift stores and nothings turned up, meanwhile in the retail stores lots of rare gems sit there overprice and unclaimed.

Well first you need some base trade something on the money so for that we will use Tony hawks project 8
I got this game on blockbusters sale for £4.99 Its not great see tony hawks American wasteland if you want a good tony hawks game.

Anyways lets check CEX!

 So break even on cash but hay an extra pound Trade that's why this is base trade something we can add to for that Rare item that's worth while so now we need some more games low on price big on trade... To blockbuster away!

Luck would have it blockbuster Dropped all there games down to 49p like game station and all the ones you see in the picture are all of the games they had that wasn't LMA manger and FIFA.
So I think where ready to go to CEX with 5 games for £2.50 and THP8!
 So as you can see all the PS2 49p stuff comes in well over a £1 an item and with tony hawks the total credit Tally's up to £14.90.
We spent £7.50<£14.90 not bad but that real deal is finding something Rare and awesome with the Credit it time to look round CEX!

Shin Megami Tensei: Lucifer's Call
Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria

Cex had lots of rare stuff in shadow of the colossus, ICO, Digital devil saga 1 and 2, But am happy with the choice i made and technically I have bagged both Games for a cool £7.60 Not bad Just good to show Even when there is nothing rare standing out, Always money in most games.

Saturday, 11 February 2012

Pick ups overload: What a Croc

The pass few week have been up and down nothing great in the wild and on the cheap. Found some interesting stuff on the CEX website for cheap lets take a look at some pick ups.
Alot of stuff I have never see before Under the skin was on CEX website for £1.50 fun little game, play as an alien on earth on a mission to getting on peoples tits, It also has a level parodying resident evil 3. the other one I have never seen out in the wild was saint seya the hades that plays like a Dragon ball z game. the rest for the most part to cheap to pass up.

Later in the week I got a 5 for 10 at gamestation that wasn't bad and  a copy of king of fighters that had the disc for SNK vs capcom inside bonus.

Now that's a right Croc of shit! Someone in scope half knows what there doing but Croc on ps1 is far from Rare £4.99 who are they kidding! I was picking up 360 games down the road for £2.99 each got me so mad the only thing to cheer me up after seeing this was Sarah in a bear hat!!!