Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Games master... Space master?

It occurred to me the other day that they may be a loose childhood inspiration for Two of my greatest passions in my adult life, The Subjects in question are cosmology and video games..? Not that strange come to think about it, space and video games have gone hand in hand from the dawn of video games to today's current blockbuster sci-fi shooters. Space lent its hand to the early simple graphics as the perfect setting, In the sense that Space is cool and very easy to render giving way to a flood of space themed titles for consoles such as the atari 2600 and intelervision.

 The reason why space is cool? Well to elaborate on my interest on this topic, It's when you find out about something so amazing, the sort of thing that you don't really see visualised anywhere Else but in video games, An example of this is the story of a New planet sciences have discovered this planet obits round a neutron star and is far denser than any other known so far and consists largely of carbon. Because it is so dense, scientists calculate the carbon must be crystalline, so a large part of this strange world will effectively be diamond, A planet made of diamond! you can see how space really does lend its self to the making of some really pleasing aesthetics when it comes to games, with stuff like that floating about up there!

How did these two fascinations grow side by side for so long? Finding out about the universe and video games for a child in the 90's leads me to the one man where these two worlds collide, Maybe the reason a bit of detail on Jupiter's moon Europa is up there with waiting for metal gear HD collection to come out.. that man is Patrick more.
The TV shows Games Master and The sky at night,  simile Watching all throughout the 90's I am pretty sure at one point I fort to my self will this be the space one or the video game one? To great shows that have a strange link to both my interests, Brilliant they where too Games master without a doubt was the best Video game based show on TV back then.

That brings me to my next point!

The 90's was a progressive and exciting time for gaming the the media coverage seem to be a bunch of preachy hated rants coming for the news fronts because some one played mortal kombat, Then you have them few shows that did showcase video games not many I can remember and often on so late only smack heads and deaf people would be awake for.

The Great thing that has come out of the lack of video game content on tv in the 90s is a explosion of Internet shows video game related, This fantastic fallout from a age where video game related context was thin on the ground is now filled with a plethora of independently ran show to suit any ones gaming tastes here are a few of my favourite's out of the vast ether of the Internet.
 And many more... In full conclusion its never been a better time to be a Gamer or a cosmologist Here's hoping they mite bring back games master and get professor Brian Cox to play the games master leading the way for this arbitrary and somewhat pointless observation of a coincidence that my only apply to me, can happen again for the next generation even tho the chances of them needed to watch terrestrial television at 2am in the morning very remote... still bring back games master, The sky at night still on the the air.. am just saying.

West 2 east

I took it upon myself to do a full round tour of hull the other day I started in cottingham to the far west of the city and holderness road in the east via town city centre, The only pick up I got was Simpson's hit and run for 49p that £1 cash in cex, so all that walking about for 51p profit was it worth it.

I say yes it was, My reasoning? Well simply Put over the years I have managed to make thifting entertaining, I have accomplished this feet with more and more tailored media suited to my interested and taste, The firm staple of this audible diet is the pod casts I take with me on the journey, It really does take away the mutinous gaps between not finding any good or rare stuff, The current array of content that accompany's me on my quest for said games are as follows.

So using the time I go hunting for games to get in my pod casts on really does take the edge of them bad days when pick ups are slim, and after going to the ass end of nowhere and back again I ended up finding some games once again in the blockbuster down the road from me... mite just pitch a tent outside that shop here's what I got.

Just goes to show not all the good stuff involves an epic trek you just have to be prolific in visiting them shops that always pay off in the end.

Saturday, 26 November 2011

Gamecube games hit and miss

I dred to think what I miss out on at the blockbuster at the top of my street, It seems everytime I go in there I find something worth buying today they had a crap ton of game cube games the best of the bunch.

Crash bandicoot wrath of cortex 60p
Bomberman 60p cash
Simpsons hit and run £4
Soul calibar £4

Yes for the first time Crash wrath of cortex has let me down on cube its not worth anything maybe I will try my luck on eBay same goes for bomberman, but the other to more then make up for that so not a bad at all game cube games totally worth keeping a look out for.

Friday, 25 November 2011

New Cash Converters same old deals

A brand new cash converters store opened in hull city centre today, It was full of ps2 stock so naturally it was my first port of call this morning, Its crazy to think that the current economic downturn is leading to more types of resale and pawn shops opening ultimately leading to me finding more stuff to sell for profit, So yeah who cares if the bale lifts are at the door or your house is been repossessed aslong as I'm getting a great deal on PS2.

And This is what I got FFX for £2 not bad and a welcome return for final fantasy x not had a copy of this for a while, and we cant let CEX run out am sure there down to about 8 copys in there I will make sure to take this in for my £4 cash in the week Mahhahaha mahahaha yeah you get the idea with that.

Thunder Struck.. IV

Its hard going finding rare profitable games from the 16bit ERA in Hull, Anything on SNES people seem to be aware of like Mario 
star fox donkey Kong so when you do see them the prices are so high even beyond eBay because of the A list title, This is less true about mega drive games there just not that many around in Hull at the moment, For some reason there is a lot of shitty master system games everywhere, 

don't know why maybe people where all hard up in the late 80s early 90s and only had master systems with crap games.

As far as finding rare mega drive game the last score I had was Body count on mega drive in the echo foundation on hessle road, I recall the game went for £27 on eBay, I paid £1 for it, that was months ago and since then nothing good was really in there, Didn't think lighting would strike twice for me.

But thunder did, THUNDER FORCE IV that is! The women was selling a megadrive with a bunch of games Didn't have much cash on me and luckily she let me buy it on its own for £1 not bad at all and its a cracking game too.

Crash bandi-Count

Crash bandicoot wrath of cortex is everywhere at the moment the pictures left are 3 different copy's I have found one for block busters £1 one from cash generator 49p and the last one from cash converters £2, The crazy thing is every time I went to cex to sell my copy of this game on the way there I end up finding another one on the way home, £3 cash £4 trade, I'm down to my last copy now I think this game has overtaken final fantasy X on the instant profit front, cant believe how common this game, its madness.

duel shocking!

Now this is a nice little earner I used to do all the time a few years ago the Duel shock 2 controller for ps2 was always £5 cash in cex so I would always pick then up cheap when I could, So just the other day I was in cottingham checking out the charity shops and came upon too for these bad boys in very good 
nick but I wasn't sure if the price was the same in cex they where £1.50 each so I tuck a punt on them, Got to cex and the cash price is the same after all, Just go's to show how great the official pad was for ps2, just a trail of broken 3rd party crap in its wake and makes my a tidy profit too.

Tuesday, 15 November 2011


There are a lot of 360 games kicking around priced at £5.99 in cash gen/cash con. The two I have picked up this week are tony hawks american wasteland and need for speed most wanted, both games are the last of thier kind and are on the other formats ps2/xbox also both games are the last outing for the classic set up and formula in their respected franchise. the later games changed things up so these two have a retro flare with the next gen aesthetic, this is why I think the resale price on them is so good because they are sort after below is the CEX prices for both games.

Headline news: Awesome pick up's roll continues

Lego Indiana Jones £3
Street fighter anthology (KEEPS)
Naruto ultimate ninja storm 2 £2
Fable The Lost chapters (EBAY)

My luck really isn't going away November has been Great for pick ups, and i have found yet another game on my wish list of games I wanted to own and play street fighter alpha anthology has now been crossed off my list as I will be keeping that to play, the other two are going to cex for instant cash leaving Fable TLC to go on ebay and all of them cost only 99p each.

Friday, 11 November 2011

Return to base:My set up

Its always important to have a good set up for playing your video games so lets take a look at mine, Now being really big on ps2/ps1 its good to have back up playstation that and the fact that the PS2 will always pack in on you and stop playing ps1 games so it is really important to have some ps1's about, i have an old grey one that plays up now and again so i use the little white ps1 for all my gaming and testing which is the better model as it is the most reliable to make sure FMV works on the disc and just more aesthetically pleasing
The ps2 i own works with everything but ps1 games however it is good for watching DVDs with unskippable adverts before the title screen the ps2 allows you skip them so try it out. Then the 360 is my next gen console and is good for gaming on the cheap as all the games seem cheaper on 360 so its a great for me. And of course the VCR comes in handy when going in lots of charity shops as your going to come across a crap ton of VHS tapes so its good to have one kicking around just in case you see a film you may want to pick up and with offers like 10 for 99p who can resist lol, And finally the TV is just a humble 16inch LED freeview 1080p with usb,  and does the job It's HD gaming on the cheap, so there you go that's my set up. I hope to pick up some more consoles but this is the basic set up you need for any Gamer.

Just give me the prize!

The games we look for to resell and put on eBay most of them lack the emotional or nostalgic attachment, sure they will be games you would have played before and games that are really good but there is nothing quite like finding that one game you actually wanted to play again. 
In this case the game in question is shenmue 2 for xbox/xbox360, I felt like playing this game again since my mate carl got a dreamcast a few years ago from ebay, But spending money on eBay isn't in the spirit of the hunt so I held off on the dreamcast hunt hoping for the xbox version to turn up in gamestation.
I was sure I had seen it about but upon looking for the game it was nowhere to been found. Its been along time coming but finally a copy turned up right on my doorstep at the local blockbuster on the £1 deal that has been so fruitful all summer for ps2 games, and now its has put an end to my epic quest to find a copy of shenmue 2 I'm just hoping it ends up  like buses and 3 come along at once!

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Call of booty modern whorefare 3:TOP FIVE GAMES TO BUY PREOWNED IN 3 MONTHS TIME!

Its been a blockbuster of a time in gaming of late, As my flat mate Steve is illustrating  the clear winner in the war of the shooters is COD MW3, Battlefield 3s frostbite engine did look very impressive but due to a very poor unplayable beta on ps3 it pretty much had no chance in comparison with the way COD eases Noobs in, That aside I really couldn't give a toss about console first person shooters they have their place but more of the same crap, you could just get someone to poke you in the eyes and play blacksite on 360 and you could be convinced you were playing a COD game anyway. I'm sorry but fuck COD it not as good as worms, I mean you could rename the Game getting shot in the back online, that would be a more appropriate title, I hope you have saved some of your soul to sell to Valve when half life 2 part 3 comes out!
Anyways with that of my chest he is my-

The elder scrolls v SKYRIM
Uncharted 3 drakes deception
Saints row the third
Batman Arkham city
Dark Soul

Yeah there's probably more games I wanted to pick up but this is my wish list for the moment, with me buying old retro all the time I will never pay full price for a new game that goes double for COD!

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Playstation one heaven.

Crazy how you can fool yourself into thinking luck has anything to do with finding video games on the hunt for the rare gems, These pass few weeks have been great for game hunting I mean just the other day I have picked up the likes of silent hill 3 and jaw unleashed for a £1 each, Plus the amount of PS2 games that you can double your money on the likes of Lego star wars 2 and other franchises, All this been thanks mostly to blockbusters £1 each offer.

PS2 is really good for that quick fix CEX, But for me the real deal has to be when you find that ton of PlayStation originals when there is loads of them you know your about to find something rare and awesome!

Gamestation 5 for 5

Gamstation offer a great range of playstation one games all price up the same £5 for 5 or £1.99 each the great thing about this is it doesn't matter what the game it is just pick what you like and grab some absolute bargains 

They have deals on other formats as well but a this game station is where you should start on a pick ups run no where Else has that much stuff under one roof plus the people who work there nine times out of ten will know what your up to one you go to pay for all the rare stuff you fine mahhahaha!

The rest of hull
The map above is where I live, I have marked off some prime locations the best of these is holdeness road to the far east of the map, the reason being the high amount of Charity shops and resale shops like cash generator and cash converters. 
You can do nearly the who of the city in a day and half so planing a route always helps and having lots of music and pod casts because I walk everywhere, bus or car is cheating!

So now you know where I find the games lets check round up of Playstation games I found in the last two weeks

Dynasty warriors
Poy poy 2
jumping flash
mortal kombat mythologies
agent Armstrong
theme hospital
street fighter collection 2 x2
quake 2
tekken 3
point blank
quake 2
 bug bunny lost in time X2
street fighter ex2 plus
Crime killer
cardinal syn
crusader no remorse
Ronin blade
Spot goes to Hollywood
Oddworld abes oddity
Oddworld abe exoddus
Civilisation 2
Heart of darkness

Grand theft auto
Space jam
Top gun
Ace combat(ps2)
Road rash jail break

So some rare, some sort after and some hit and miss but all in all a fantastic pick ups run just hope my luck stays good. happy hunting!