Thursday, 27 October 2011

Hack and slash dreams come true.

For the longest time I have loved hack and slash games from the likes of gauntlet 2 on the mega drive to the port of diablo on PlayStation that tuck up a whole memory card would you believe it. Lots of hack and slash games of this style and feel come and go I remember picking up dungeon and dragons heroes to plug that gap between my to favourite games in this genre that is baldur's gate dark alliance 1 and 2 two fantastic games have wowed my gaming experience from the water effect on the first game on PlayStation 2 and the high production value and generally overall tight game play of this series both these two games are a million miles better then the likes of X-MEN LEGENDS or DARK STONE on PlayStation, In my option two of the finest hack and slash rpg ever created, The sad thing about all of this is that its very unlikely there will be a dark alliance 3 with interplay been no more and some other complex legal matters I am without a next gen version of my beloved co-op levelling up treasure hunting spell casting giant rat killer fix! Or am I? not any more am not, I picked up DUNGEON SIEGE III the other day the DUNGEON SIEGE series for me anyways has always been a bit close but no cigar for me but this new game is pretty much spot on for the nearest thing to a next gen dark alliance I have played I really am very pleased with this game and its take on the hack and slash RPG if you are a fan of the dark alliance series and you what a new shiny hack n slashathorn on 360 then this is the game for you, Top marks the story's not as good but it still holds up as the nearest thing to dark alliance 3 we will ever get.

Monday, 24 October 2011

A day in the life of a reseller: Money on the move

It seem like my schemes and pick ups get even more elaborate and complex, Today was a good example to that effect well the whole thing started last night with fiver pounds in blocker buster. So I am looking at the £1 each PS2 Games I pick up fiver pounds worth

Crash bandicoot wrath of cortex (of course)
Ratchet and clank
star wars battlefront 2
GTA san andreous

Out of all these I have kept Killzone the rest of them are now in CEX so that's 4 pounds worth of games and CEX give me £8 back good skills me thinks well it got better...

So I leave CEX and head to Gamestation not really anything Great in there I have seen a few uncommon PS1games but nothing that good in the PS2 but then I spotted harvest moon £2 so I go pay for that.

All is well I maded some money on the PS2 games now I have a game for eBay fantastic, Then on the off chance I do the charity shops round town the last one I come to is the British heart foundation with them copy's of final fantasy X for £3.99 witch is subsequently of no use to me at that price I got in the shop and they have been knocked down to £2.99 so my £6 pound pays for them and am on my way back to cex!

Get in! now £8 in my wallet and two games richer today was a good day, But whats this home time? I don't think so am on a roll I cant stop now I think Hard where to next? cash converters spring bank! Not far from town lots of PS2 games that's my next stop, I get there in good time and start looking the PS2 up and down then I notice a rouge 360 game sat on top of the Wii Games the sticker on the side of the box is saying £5.99 slowly a place my hand upon the Green box and flip it over... its only Marvel ultimate alliance 2 for £5.99

£10 cash cex come on!

So to summarise I spent £5 and ended with

killzone ( A game I wanted to play)

Harvest moon (between 6-12 pounds on Ebay)

And £10

not bad, not bad at all best fiver i have ever spent!

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Pick ups: Profit and Locally rare

Its 5 for £5 at gamstation on retro stuff again, In the hull gamestation their is always lots of PlayStation games in stock, Because I look that the retro section a lot when they get new stuff in I always notice immediately, So today Crusader no remorse jumped out at me I grabbed it of the shelf then Civilization 2 and right next to it Galerians, Street fighter 2 collection, All of these games for the price amazing eBay each £6-£15 each this is a good deal but then upon seeing Spot goes to Hollywood something Else kicked in, With that game in my mind it is ultra rare not on eBay or anywhere Else for that matter just in hull and personally to me I have never seen a copy of Spot goes to Hollywood on PlayStation, I had the game for mega drive so the nostalgia factor is very high plus back in the 90s seeing reviews for the better versions on Saturn and PlayStation making me green eyed and a strong feeling of resentment as I played the 16bit version longing for the next gen. So this one is going in my collection you just don't every seen that game in hull its kind of a local rarity, Most games I find i have no trouble putting on eBay for resale but now and again my heart gets bigger then my head and profit takes a back sit and the Gamer in my comes out... and the rest of that days picks are as followed.

Ronin blade 99p
oddworld Abes Oddity 99p
Crime killer 75p
Cardinal syn £1
Heart of darkness 99p

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

TOP 5: brown trousers moments in gaming

Silent hill 2
The best thing about this bit of the game is that you don't realize that pyramid head is there at first, something in the corner of your eye as you go back to check on Maria and then the chase is on, run bitch run!

Resident evil(remake)
If anyone has played the original resident evil one you will remember in the hallway if you go to the front door and press X you will find yourself watch and short FMV of a zombie dog trying to get you, So playing the remake I wondered if the FMV of the dog was still in the game so i made a beeline for the front door to my distress on the remake two zombie dogs jump out at you in live gameplay what a way to mix it up capcom.

 Silent hill
This is the best jump scare the sound is the worst of it hearing something then returning to see what horror hides within it didn't really matter if it was a cat i still jumped 10 foot in the air when this happened cat in a locker a true classic

Tomb Raider(PS1)
I remember the first time one of these thing came flying towards me in level 12 Sanctuary of scion looks pretty tame compared to today's graphics but back in the day it was defiantly brown trousers time when you saw that clawing at your face!

Resident evil: Code veronica(Dreamcast)
This is the head smash scene in code veronica, not really what happens you see the guy in the lab smash allover the glass, Its the fact that you need to go in that room afterward that gave me the chills.

Saturday, 15 October 2011


Its fantastic when you find something for the right price, Don't get me wrong there are a lot of games kicking about for a pound that would only get you 20p return or lobbed back at your face by the guy in CEX, but theirs always a bargain to be had Games that may not be worth your while placing on eBay will still fetch between 2-4 pounds cash in CEX, So its always worth having there website bookmarked on your phone to check the prices top tip! you heard it here first!

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

crash bandicoot: warth of cortex (Instant profit)

A short update on the games that you can sell to CEX I have been finding a lot of copy's of crash bandicoot 5 this game will fetch you £3 cash and can be found for under £2 everywhere from blockbusters to thrift stores, the cheapest I have ever picked this up for is 25p in a cash generator worth keeping a look out for!

Final fantasy X: a lesson in disappointment

My mad hunt for bargins in a torrent of days more like a crazy video game version of Dickson's real deal some times you really think you have a right score but today my normal stable of selling games to CEX for profit came crashing down as I almost ran at the shelf in British heart foundation to grab the three copy's of final fantasy X that where there I nearly got to the counter to buy all of them when I realised the £3.99 price tag. usually all the ps2 games in this store are £2 each but I think because of the high volume of this game they have had in there the price has gone up, If you where trading in for something it might be worth it theirs still £5 trade in for this game at cex, Alas for me I had to put them back just go's to show nothing is a save bet, I will be updating this blog if any more FFX news comes in this maybe the end of the easy £4.

5 for £10: Winning

Gamestations offers really do come up trumps now and again, the gamecube games that end up on deals like 3 for 10 or now the more current offer 5 for 10 always have more value in them then the price payed, e.g this is my haul from gamestation from the other day. I ended up get the following

mariopary 4                              £6(cex)
mariopary 5                              £7(cex)
crashbanidcoot warth of cortex £3(cex)

Dragon quest 8
Indiana Jones and the staff of kings
(these games where picked up to play not sell)

This works out that i have spent £2 per game, cex give me £16 for the rest of them this happens alot with gamecube games theirs a lot of them that hold there value in places like CEX that you can find on deals elsewhere so if your looking for instant profit with your pick ups always and have look on the gamecube shelf in your local gamestation.

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Charitable awareness: Pick ups prices?

Its seems harder and harder to find a bargain on the small villages around the outskirts of the town I live in, the game left in the picture is street fighter alpha 3 is probably more sort after then it is rare and £15 could be a fair price if the game was sat in game station on the retro shelf,
but in an AGE UK Charity shop for that price?I sometimes feel good about myself when the games I find Games come from a Charity shop,
but really who is going to pay that much for a game in a thrift store. Its not just tat shops that Is having a price hike,
In grainger games they have a cabinet full of over priced games stuff like digimon rumble area at £14 and final fantasy IX for £19 I mean really your a retail store not eBay, I think the only game that was on the money was Zelda twilight princess for £22. With retro stuff on a retail level becoming rarer places like GAME CEX not carrying ps1 and alot of places phasing out ps2 software maybe retro in the future will be slim pickings. 

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

The retro hierarchy: all Type's of games

When i started buying Video games that where rare eBay was in its infancy and only return I would of got for my games was trading them back in to gamestation, Then in about 2001 i was down to my last £3 living in a hostel and working at McDonald's for next to nothing, I found broken sword for ps1 in a cash converters for £2 and tuck it to gamestation they gave me £12 cash for that game this is what give me the drive to find more games like that so below is a helpful scale a guide to help sort out all the shit from the shinola!


Game that You can find in abundance they are very common this includes all sports games at least 2 years out of date and a lot of the best sellers on most consoles end in in this classification here are some good examples across multi platforms.



Games that are not rare but the franchise they belong to is very popular and people will pay upwards of £10+ for this is pretty much most of the Crash/Spyo games. 
Any strong game franchise mostly with a good mascot like odd world Abe's oddity on eBay I have seen it sell for £3 pound and then all the way up to £12 

so worth looking out for them, A modern example of this would be SPYRO DAWN OF THE DRAGON on 360 (CEX)computer exchange give £12 cash for that game and eBay maybe more I can find it in 2nd hand stores for around £5

Games that are harder to find for different reasons some are not about because people like to hold on to them, 
So no one is trading them like SHENMUE 2(xbox) and games like skull monkeys witch makes less money on eBay then you think but still is at least 8-12 pounds on there

Very hard to find mostly only on ebay between 50-100 pound depending on the condition such games like
teambuddies(PS1),conkers bad fur day(N64)  Castlevania SOTN(PS1)MGS3s(PS2)PANZA DRAGOON SAGA(sega saturn) all these game are the score I am looking for around the Charity
shops and 2nd stores!

I have never found anything of this list of ULTRA RARE games like powerfest94 or the gold 1990 Nintendo championship cart and Ultima: Escape from Mt. Drash all of the games that fit in to the label ultra rare you pay upwards of £1.500 for easy. 

But if you know what your looking for maybe your luck will be in next time you go to a car boot sale :-)

Worms is better then COD?

This could be a hard sell for most COD fans its not that  haven't played it and enjoyed the game, The comparison started the other night watching my flat mate playing black ops hearing Ice cube mutter the words enemy care package inbound, all i could think of was incoming!! A clear image of a 16bit wooden crate falling down the screen. this got the ball rolling next I was comparing later versions of worms with COD. 


They both have online multi player, machine guns check, rocket launchers check,nuclear weapons check,Airstikes check, sheep bomb check... well RC XD's are close enough,
By this point they where on par with each other in my mind both games seeming strangely similar in my head then worms started winning can you build a girders in COD? NO and wheres the ninja rope doesn't have that and dragon punches and kamikaze! banana bombs! bungee rope! my word how good was worms you could name your team it had FMV before matches!

In full conclusion to this matter worms is by far the superior game maybe infinity ward need to give team 17 a ring and get some pointers instead of phoning it in with another pissing zombie mission like treyarch!

Final Fantasy X: Lessons on instant profit

This game keeps me ticking over in slow month's. When finding rare games with high price tags on the cheap eludes me I can always rely on finding a few copies of Final Fantasy X.
The wonderful thing about finding a copy of this game is in the pre-owned video games outlet CEX(computer exchange) they will always pay out £4 cash, £5 trade. The highest price I've ever paid for this item is £2 and more recently £1.

Where is it so cheap? Well, the following shops have it priced as £2, standard fair for a PlayStation 2 game.
British Heart Foundation, Cash Generator and Cash Converters. This is doubling your money, not bad at all.

But we are almost at a twilight for big retail stores carrying PS2 stock. Consequently, all summer Blockbuster Video have had their PS2 games on offer for £1 each!
I have found about 7 copy's in just one store.So this game is worth picking up. Heck, Even to play the game as it has average reviews all over the net! IX is better but we'll get to that one soon.